Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384

Chapter 1284

Lynette did not believe what Toby said because she witnessed everything with her own eyes.

Seven years ago, she was the only woman by Toby’s side besides Rose and Jean.

Rose was his grandmother, and Jean was his mother. She was the only one who was not related to
him but could stay by his side. She was very proud of it too. Moreover, those women in the social circle
who liked Toby envied her, and she felt even more triumphant because of this.

In fact, she bragged that she was Toby’s future wife, and the ladies in the social circle accepted her
boasting as fact. So, she was the most respected person in the circle.

Until one day, Tina’s arrival came out of nowhere and crashed all her perceptions and dreams. That
day, Toby personally brought Tina to her and told her that she was his lover.
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When that happened, she felt that the world was crumbling before her. Impossible! She grew up with
Toby, but she had never seen any woman in his life! So, where is this lover from?!

Furthermore, she knew Tina since they were in the same social circle, but she had never heard that
Tina was even in contact with Toby. Based on the Gray Family’s status back then, Tina didn’t even
have the chance to meet Toby, let alone know him. So, how could she suddenly become Toby’s lover?

Lynette suspected that there must be something amiss here, and there was something afoot. However,
the way Toby looked at Tina was so genuine and loving, and it didn’t look fake at all. From then on, she
believed that Toby indeed had feelings for Tina. Although they had never known each other before,

they probably fell in love at first sight.

Despite her reluctance to accept this fact, she had no choice but to do so, as she was inferior to that
terrifying woman.

Yet now, Toby told her that he had never loved Tina and that it was Sonia he loved. What was going on
here? Although it was true that Lynette held a deep affection for him, she wasn’t that blind. On the
contrary, she couldn’t help but feel wholly bewildered as she questioned her intelligence.

Toby had no intention of explaining anything to clarify her confused state. Instead, he merely continued
faintly, “The thing between Tina and me is just a misunderstanding. No one should take it seriously.
Sonia is the one and only woman for me.”

He caressed Sonia’s face affectionately and proclaimed, “As for the details… Well, that’s our business.
All you have to know is that Sonia is the only one I love, so the so-called threats and blackmail are
sheer nonsense. You claimed that all the harm you did to Sonia was for my good, but from my point of
view, you were hurting the person I love to satisfy your selfish desire. So, do you think I’ll let you off the

Blood drained from Lynette’s face in the face of his threat. Her knees went weak, and she staggered
back uneasily. She stared blankly ahead and stammered, “I-Impossible… Impossible…”

Toby genuinely cared for Sonia and would avenge Sonia, so there was no doubt he would punish her
for all the deeds she had done under the banner of love. However, it was because she was the
mastermind who instigated all those negative comments against Sonia on the Internet with baseless
scandals. She did all those things to tarnish Sonia’s reputation and cause them to break up.

He loved Sonia and would not break up with her, so Lynette’s actions were akin to poking the sleeping
dragon. Moreover, he caught her red-handed as she tried to push Sonia. Her actions only enraged him
further and made him despise her.

Because of this, he would certainly make her pay for everything she did.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she became. Finally, a sheen of cold sweat appeared
on her forehead as she begged, “Toby…”

“Stop calling me with that tone! It’s disgusting!” Toby snapped in irritation.

Sonia nodded along, feeling equally disgusted as well. Lynette was an adult now, yet she spoke with a
childlike demeanor. Not only did it sound far from adorable, but it made them feel awful.

Lynette was horrified when she noticed Toby’s grimace as he glared at her. She couldn’t apprehend
how things had gotten to such a stage. She knew that Toby did not love her, but he did not hate her
either. Yet now, it looked as if he only felt utter revulsion and disgust for her.

If Toby loathed her, could she still win his heart?

At this moment, Lynette began to doubt the possibility and did not feel confident about her chances.
But soon, she suppressed the doubt and lack of confidence.

No, I can do it! I can win his heart and make him like me! I believe in myself! I will succeed as long as I

At the thought of this, Lynette regained her composure. She clenched her fists and was about to say
something when she heard a few footsteps behind her and reflexively turned to look back.

She saw Tom arriving with two bodyguards, and her heart skipped a beat as she came to an epiphany.
But then, her expression changed radically, and she turned her head back in disbelief. “Toby, did you
call your men to arrest me?”

“You came out of the suite and attempted to hurt my lover. Do you think I’ll let you get off scot-free?”
Toby glared at her coldly. She should count her blessings that he did not break her neck right there and

Earlier, he was worried when Sonia didn’t come to the rest area after a long time, so he headed out to
look for her. Fortunately, he was right to trust his hunch because as soon as he came over, he
happened to witness Lynette extending her arms toward Sonia and trying to push her.

What if he had been late? What if he hadn’t stopped her in time, and Lynette had managed to push
Sonia? What would have happened to Sonia, then? Disfigurement? She might have even lost her life

No matter the outcome, it was not something he wanted to see, nor something he could accept.

Thus, Lynette had completely infuriated him by attempting such a malicious move. Plus, her actions
could even be considered attempted murder. He certainly would not let Lynette off the hook just
because she failed to murder Sonia this time. Should he wait for her success next time? Dream on!

“You should be glad that this happened at someone else’s party. I don’t want to make a fuss and
disrupt the party, so I wouldn’t do anything to you for the time being. Otherwise, I’d make you pay right

there and then. Guys, take her back to the suit and keep her under strict watch. After the party is over,
get rid of her along with those two chicks,” Toby ordered Tom in an austere tone.

Tom nodded and urged the bodyguards to apprehend Lynette.

Lynette was confused and bewildered by the sudden turntables. She couldn’t even be bothered by the
bodyguards who grabbed her arms. After a long while, she opened her mouth and stammered, “T-The
two chicks… Who are they?” Is he talking about those two idiots?

When Sonia noticed Lynette’s constantly dodging gaze, she curled her red lips into a smirk. “Yup, it’s
the two you’re thinking of, Miss Lore.”

Lynette’s eyes widened in disbelief. What the hell?! Is it really them?! Did Toby catch those two idiots?

No wonder she didn’t get any replies from them after she arrived at the hotel and asked them about the
progress of their operation.

At first, she thought that those two idiots were too busy replying to her as they flirted around with the
men at the party. Only now did she realize that they had been caught since the start. Judging from
Sonia’s words, she assumed they already knew those two idiots had been in contact with her for quite
some time.

Did they betray me? Did they tell Toby everything I did?! If so, I will definitely have to face Toby’s wrath!

After all, she now knew that he was with Sonia because he loved her instead of being threatened.
Therefore, she wouldn’t be graced with a mere slap of the wrist. She couldn’t even imagine the
consequences that she would be forced to face after this party was over!

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