Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387

Chapter 1287

Harry’s eyes widened in utter disbelief. They deserved it?! Did Tom just say that?!

It was as if Tom could not notice Harry’s rage and his resentful glare. He curled his lips into a mocking
smirk and continued, “Well, initially, you wouldn’t have ended up in such a state. Actually, Mr. Fuller and
Miss Reed gave you a chance, but you never cherished it. After all, you are his mentor. He would
forgive you for the sake of your relationship. Also, Miss Reed would forgive you, too, because you are
Mr. Fuller’s mentor. It’s just a shame that none of you appreciated the chance you were given.”
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Tom spread his arms helplessly. “Mr. Fuller has been enabling you all these years, causing you to
become greedy, vicious, and arrogant. You all become so cocky and bossy. Mr. Fuller would clean up
your mess without hesitation and wouldn’t warn you no matter what you did. So, this time, after what
Lynette did, instead of punishing her for her mistakes, taking the initiative to explain the truth of the
matter, or apologizing to Miss Reed, you sent those idiots to make things worse. No one can help you
after all the mess you’ve made!”

He clicked his tongue and shook his head. “To tell you the truth, according to Mr. Fuller’s unconditional
feelings for Miss Reed, he would have immediately punished Miss Lynette and your family after he
knew what Miss Lynette did, but he didn’t. Why? It’s for the sake of the mentor-mentee relationship
between the both of you, so he gave you a chance to repent your sins. You should have apologized to
Miss Reed or done whatever you could to make up for Miss Lynette’s mistakes. Third, you should have
handled the matter better. You should have punished Miss Lynette, told her that she should stop being
delusional, and cease her ill intentions toward Miss Reed. Finally, she should have sincerely
apologized to Miss Reed. Perhaps Mr. Fuller would not have done anything to you if you had done all
those things. But did you? No, you did nothing. So, you have no one to blame but yourself.”

Lynette was dismayed by Tom’s merciless tongue-lashing.

Should I have stopped being delusional? I should not have ill intentions toward Sonia?! I love Toby!
Was it wrong for me to fight for the man I love?!

Also, it is ridiculous for them to think that I have ill intentions toward Sonia! I did what I did to remove
any competition for Toby’s heart. Even at this moment, Lynette did not feel that she was in the wrong.
On the contrary, she raised her chin proudly, wholly unrepentant.

Well, she wasn’t the only one since even Harry was also unconvinced by Tom’s remarks as he hotly
retorted, “We did apologize to Sonia. We—”

“You call that an apology?” Tom interjected without a single shred of hesitation. “You went to Miss Reed
without bearing gifts and even behaved so arrogantly. There would have been very few conflicts in this
world if you called such an act an apology, and Miss Reed would have long forgiven you.”

Tom’s sarcastic remarks rendered Tom speechless.

Tom added with a cold sneer, “Mr. Fuller has not stated cutting ties with you during this time because
he is giving you a chance. As long as you apologize to Miss Reed, he will instantly cancel any plans on
releasing the statement. Miss Reed knows Mr. Fuller very well, so she had never forced him to release
such a thing. I told you, didn’t I? Miss Reed had also given you a chance for the sake of Mr. Fuller. Why
else do you think that she never once discussed with Mr. Fuller regarding the statement? Judging from
how much Mr. Fuller loves her, she can demand him to do whatever she wants him to do, and he would
do anything in his power to satisfy her. Yet, she had never once taken advantage of this. Despite her

benevolence toward you, you took this as a reason to look down on her. Well, that’s too bad, isn’t it?”

Tom had seen cocky and arrogant people before, but these people had an excellent instinct for playing
it safe and protecting themselves. These people often got into trouble and provoked some people they
shouldn’t. Still, when they realized their mistakes, they would immediately turn humble and apologize
as sincerely as possible, hoping the other party would grant them mercy.

However, this was the first time he saw such idiotic people like the Lores. Even after they had made
such grave mistakes, which irritated Toby, they never once showed a single note of self-awareness.
Although they knew that Toby planned to cut ties with them, they did not try to fix the problem right at
the source and beg for Toby’s and Sonia’s forgiveness. Instead, they continued to take Toby’s and
Sonia’s tolerance for granted.

“By the way, there’s something I forgot to say,” Tom smirked as he looked at Harry, who had difficulty
breathing. “Actually, Mr. Fuller did not plan to release the statement at the end of the banquet today, but
you guys just had to dig your own grave and once again test his limit. So, he decided against it. After
all, it will only be a waste of effort to forgive someone so stupid and stubborn. You guys think that Mr.
Fuller reconciled with Miss Reed because she had some blackmail and threatened him to be with her!
Oh gosh, how foolish of you. You even asked two idiots to destroy his door.”

At this point, Tom couldn’t even hide the amusement and ridicule spreading across his face. He had
never seen some people eagerly digging their graves until now.

After Harry listened to Tom’s barbed words, he could feel his face draining of all color. He knew that he
had a nasty expression, but he didn’t see the point in masking it as a well of complicated feelings
surged inside him. Of course, he felt embarrassed, but not because of what they had done. He still
thought that they didn’t do anything wrong. In his opinion, it was all on Toby.

Toby was his mentee, so he should tolerate them unconditionally and forgive them no matter what they

Moreover, they did all this for their own good! They wanted to help him because they thought that he
was under duress.

It never crossed their minds that Toby and Sonia loved each other! How could this be?!

Harry’s facial muscles trembled, and he looked wholly befuddled. “Did you say that Toby loved that

Tom rolled his eyes in disgust. Damn, of all the things, this old coot only cares about Mr. Fuller’s and
Miss Reed’s relationship instead of all the sh*tty things they did tonight!

“Yes! Why else would Mr. Fuller be with Miss Reed?” Tom snorted.

Harry knew that Tom would not lie to him, and he had no reason to lie about this matter. However, he
still couldn’t bring himself to believe it. His mind was buzzing, and he muttered in a daze, “No way… No,
Toby can’t love that woman.”

“Why not?” Tom grimaced in irritation. “Why can’t Mr. Fuller love Miss Reed?”

Harry huffed in dismay. He looked at Lynette, and the meaning in his gaze was apparent. Isn’t that
obvious?! My darling granddaughter is the best!

Toby should fall in love with Lynette instead of Sonia! Sonia is nothing compared to her!

Not only Harry but Lynette also had an inexplicably confident attitude about this. She felt that Toby
should love her instead of Sonia.

Unfortunately, the fact was exactly the opposite, which was why they were in a state of total disbelief.
Nevertheless, their thoughts on the matter were very apparent as it was right on their faces, which
made it impossible for Tom to dismiss them.

He genuinely thought the Lores were a truly ridiculous bunch, and his expression turned colder. “Well,
Mr. Fuller planned to release the statement after the banquet tonight, but Miss Lynette couldn’t behave
herself! She attempted to push Miss Reed and kill her, and Mr. Fuller saw everything with his own two
eyes. He was completely pissed and disgusted with all of you, so he released the statement earlier.
The statement is now out there for all to see, and everyone knows he has cut ties with you. Mr. Lore, I
think you should be able to guess what you and your family will face next, right?”

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