Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388

Chapter 1288

After Tom dropped the bomb on Harry and Lynette, he swept his mocking gaze across them and
donned a gloating smirk as he watched the radical changes in their expressions. Then, he closed the
suite door and went out with the two bodyguards.

“Guard this room, and don’t let anyone get in or out of it, including the waiters. If they want anything,
ask the other teammates to prepare it, and make sure the item is sent in by one of us,” Tom sternly
instructed the two bodyguards.

The two bodyguards knew that Toby severely punished their seniors because they allowed the waiter in
earlier, so they knew how essential and crucial their task was. Thus, they did not dare to slack off even
the slightest. Otherwise, they would face severe punishment, just like their poor seniors.

“Got it, Mr. Brown. Don’t worry. We won’t let you and Mr. Fuller down,” the two bodyguards assured

Tom graced them with a pleased nod, turned around, and left. He still had matters to report to Toby. Ah,
the work of the secretary never ends.

Meanwhile, in the suite, Harry and Lynette gradually came to their senses after Tom’s departure.
Finally, Harry glared at Lynette in dismay. “Did you push Sonia?”

“No, Grandpa!” Lynette shook her head violently. “I didn’t push her.”

“Why did Tom say those things if you didn’t push her?” Harry did not believe her words.

He raised her, so how could he not know her like the back of his hand? He knew that she was a
scheming and ruthless liar.

He enabled her in the past because he thought that by behaving like this, she could protect herself,
achieve her goals, and benefit the family. Hence, he never thought there was anything wrong with her
acting like this. However, now he had a change of heart.

Due to her nasty behavior, she successfully forced him and the family to a dead end. Therefore, he
didn’t think it was right for her to do such things. In fact, he was frustrated that she had fibbed to him.

Lynette could tell that he was angry judging from the undisguised sullen expression on Harry’s face,
and her heart skipped a beat. Despite her fearless demeanor, she was genuinely afraid of Toby and

It was just that Harry had always donned the genial grandparent persona when it came to her and
rarely glared at her with such a scary look. So, she had always been carefree and bold whenever she
was with Harry.

But she felt jittery and uneasy once she saw that Harry was upset because of her. “Grandpa…” she
mumbled timidly and swallowed her saliva nervously.

Harry snapped indignantly, “Didn’t you say you were meeting Toby and would execute our plan for
tonight when you left the room? So, why did you have to go and mess with that woman again? We said
that our only target tonight was Toby, not that chick. So, just ignore her and don’t do anything silly. Now,
look at what you’ve done! Not only were you unable to persuade Toby, but you even went to push that

woman! Just look at the mess you’ve made!”

They did not have their phones with them. Thus, when they were locked inside the room, Tom
searched their bodies and confiscated their phones, so they could not contact anyone or surf the
Internet to see what was happening.

Although Harry rarely surfed the Internet, he knew how the Internet worked. After all, networking was
one of their business ventures.

Tom said that Fuller Group had released a statement denouncing the Lore Family and cutting off all ties
with them. Harry bet that the news must have spread like wildfire on the Internet, yet they could not do
anything to stop it or initiate measures to curb the damages that this blow would deal since they were
locked in the room without their phones. Although he couldn’t see it happen in real time, he could very
well imagine what kind of trouble was heading toward them at full speed.

Their purpose of coming to the banquet tonight to fix the relationship with Toby failed miserably. To
make matters worse, their situation only worsened before the night was over.

At this moment, Harry felt dejected and dismayed. His life had always been smooth and tranquil for
decades. But as he grew older, challenges came his way from various directions. He could not
understand how things had turned out this way.

Lynette couldn’t read Harry’s mind, but she knew that her grandfather and family were in trouble
because of her. Thus, her resentment for Sonia grew, and she also despised Toby for her misfortune.

She felt that it was all because of Sonia that she had arrived at this miserable point, yet Toby still chose
to take Sonia’s side.

“Grandpa, I didn’t mean it. When I went out, I planned to spike Toby’s drink so I could have sex with
him. As long as that happened, he couldn’t dump me, and he would have to marry me. But I didn’t have
the chance to spike his drink. He came prepared. He sat in a corner and would not allow anyone to
approach him. He even drank the liquor he prepared himself and refused to drink anything that the
waiter brought him, so I couldn’t spike his drink. I couldn’t even get close to him. He might be able to
recognize me instantly and catch me, so I had to retreat and think of other ways. It was then that I
thought of making a move on Sonia.”
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When Lynette spoke her side of the story, her face gradually filled with resentment. “I figured that since
I couldn’t get close to Toby, I’d let Sonia do it. She had blackmailed Toby, and he would never reject her
approach, so all I had to do was trick her into spiking his drink. After that, I would send her away and
have sex with him. Even if he tried to investigate the whole matter when the dust settled, he would only
find out that Sonia was the one who spiked his drink. He might hate her even more or even eliminate
her, regardless of her threats. By then, I would be the innocent victim. Perhaps Toby would even feel
guilty toward me because I had been implicated.”

Finally, she looked at Harry and pouted pitifully. “Once my plans come to fruition, Toby would not only
reconcile with our family but also be with me and make up for his mistakes.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good plan, alright.” Harry narrowed his eyes and grumbled in disdain, “But
you failed.”

Lynette gritted her teeth as she hissed, “It was all because of that deceitful b*tch! I couldn’t find a
chance to make a move, and she even had the cheek to insult me! I was so pissed at that time that I
couldn’t think straight, so I thought of killing her. Her death would be a good thing even if I couldn’t have
sex with Toby tonight. At the very least, Toby would no longer be threatened by her. He might be

grateful for what I did, and I could win his heart in one fell swoop. But he came out of nowhere and
stopped me when I wanted to make my move. He even told me that he got back together with Sonia,
not because she threatened him but because he was in love with her. But, most importantly, can you
guess what else Toby said?!”

Lynette got so worked up and tugged at Harry’s sleeves. “He said that he always had feelings for
Sonia. He never loved Tina at all. Sonia was the only one he loved all along!”

“What did you say?! He never loved Tina?” Harry was dumbstruck. “Impossible. What happened
between him and Tina back then?!”

“I don’t know.” She shook her head in confusion. “Toby didn’t tell me why, but that’s not important.
What’s important is that Toby got back together with Sonia because he loves her. There’s no threat or
blackmail behind this. This is why he is so angry with me and why he’s attacking our family.”

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