Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389

Chapter 1289

“In that case, why didn’t you control your temper then?” Harry rebuked.

Lynette pouted aggrievedly. “It never dawned upon me that Toby loved that woman. I simply thought
that they…” She stomped her foot in frustration. “He would not treat me like this no matter what I did if
he didn’t love her. None of us expected that Toby actually loved her. That b*tch was so arrogant and
cocky. I was so pissed.”

Harry sighed dejectedly as he replied, “Yeah, none of us expected that Toby actually loved that woman.
This is our biggest mistake. Now, these things you have done have made Toby utterly disappointed in
us. He despises us now. We’ve made the worst move possible tonight.”

They shouldn’t have come tonight. They should have held back and waited.

Just like Tom said, Toby didn’t plan to release the statement today, but Lynette sent her two
subordinates and made Toby upset. It was only after the incident today did he decide to release the
news after the banquet.

To make matters worse, Lynette messed up again, which changed Toby’s mind yet again, and he
decided to release the statement now.

Therefore, they made the wrong move by executing those two ill-thought-out plans tonight.

They should have held back and done nothing for now. At least, they would have a slight chance to get
back on their feet. Alas, they were forced to a dead end.

“Grandpa, what should we do now?” Lynette was anxious and panicked the longer she dwelled upon
their failure. Although she wasn’t experienced in the business world, she knew what would happen to
her family once Toby released his statement.

It wouldn’t take very long before their company went bankrupt, and she would lose her status as the
dignified Miss Lore. Once that happened, she would lose everything.

She did not want any of these to happen, so she couldn’t help but regret her impulsiveness.

Harry didn’t say anything and merely rewarded her with a sullen glare. There was none of the usual
affection in his eyes as they were now filled with indifference and loathing.

He was a realistic man. Before Lynette brought trouble to him and their family, he could pamper her
and spoil her rotten.

After all, unlike the foolish and laughable Grayson, Lynette was as intelligent and cunning as he was.
Thus, he favored her more than all his other children and grandchildren.

However, his adoration was conditional. He would unconditionally protect her and spoil her as long as
she listened to him and brought benefits to the family. But once she failed to do so and brought trouble
instead, he would immediately discard her.

After all, he would not take a fancy to a useless pawn.

Lynette could feel Harry’s noticeable change of attitude toward her. Her heart sank, and she muttered

uneasily, “G-Grandpa…”

Harry did not say anything in return. Instead, he stared at her gloomily for a while before retracting his
gaze and slumping back in his chair. He lowered his head slightly and pondered about something.

Meanwhile, Lynette became more frightened and agitated despite Harry’s lack of reprimand.

Harry’s scolding indicated that he still held high hopes for her, but when he did nothing, it indicated that
he was ready to give up on her and began to weigh the last remaining value he could gain from her.

Of course, Toby and Sonia had no idea that Harry and Lynette were about to turn against each other.

After Toby cautiously applied ointment on Sonia’s arm, he kept the ointment away and advised, “Next
time, when you meet these people again, call me immediately or call for help. Don’t handle it yourself,
or you’ll get hurt again.”

Sonia giggled in amusement when she saw his scrunched-up brows and listened to his advice. “Alright,
I got it, Mr. Butler. You’ve been saying the same thing repeatedly. Stop it, will you? I’ve never thought
that you would be one to nag.”

“I’m not nagging.” He pursed his lips and replied seriously, “I’m reminding you so that you know what to
do next time when you land in the same situation as this one.”

She wrapped her arms around his and consoled him, “Alright, I know, and I remember every word you
say. I won’t face the situation alone again. Are you happy now?”

She even held up three fingers and swore a vow. Toby could only mess up her hair as he smiled at her


“Mr. Fuller.” Tom suddenly knocked on the open door of the lounge and stood outside, waiting for
Toby’s permission to enter.

Sonia immediately released Toby’s arm and sat properly next to him. She felt pretty embarrassed to act
so intimately with him when there was an audience.

Nonetheless, Toby did not feel the same way. He had always loved flaunting his affection toward her in
public. So, he was a little upset when Sonia withdrew away from him.

He was even more displeased with Tom, who came over just when the atmosphere was pleasant. It
was because of his arrival that she moved away from him.

Toby pursed his thin lips, glared at Tom discontentedly, and snapped grumpily, “What is it?”

Tom naturally heard the displeasure in Toby’s tone, but he didn’t know what was going on, and he stood
awkwardly in the doorway. What the heck? What did I do? I didn’t upset him, did I?

Sonia covered her lips and giggled when she darted her gaze between the grumpy Toby and
bewildered Tom. “It’s okay, Tom. Come in.”

“Okay, Miss Reed.” Tom walked in and smiled at Sonia gratefully, albeit a little confused. Then, he
stood about three meters before Toby and spruced up. “Mr. Fuller, I have the news about the Acrees
you asked me to keep an eye on.”

Sonia sat upright and inquired, “Are they here?” She was highly concerned about this matter.

Toby narrowed his eyes and stared at Tom, who shook his head. “No, they did not come to the

“Oh?” Toby raised his eyebrows. Sonia was equally surprised. “No? They didn’t come?”

“They didn’t.”

“Why not?” She blurted in disbelief. “They tried so desperately to get in touch with Toby and wanted to
marry off their daughter to him. They even bent over backward to get the invitation to tonight’s banquet
to meet him to achieve their goal. So, why didn’t they come? How could they miss such a good
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Toby looked in askance at her. “You make me sound like I’m a piece of meat that everyone wants to get
their hands on.”

Sonia giggled as she retorted, “To those people, you are a piece of meat, a fine-quality one, to boot.
They can get all the benefits they want after getting their greedy little paws on you.”

Tom nodded in agreement while Toby shook his head with a resigned smile. Oh, what can I do? As
long as she’s happy.

“Miss Reed, actually, they didn’t want to squander this chance. It was not in their cards to miss the
banquet. According to my investigation, they had prepared to come to the banquet and even bribed
some staff, but something happened to them on their way here, so they couldn’t come,” Tom reported

“Oh? Something happened to them?” Sonia was intrigued. “What a coincidence. What happened that
stopped them from coming?”

“No, it’s not a coincidence.” Tom shook his head. “Someone ruined their plan on purpose. On their way
here, the Acrees got into a car accident. Their car collided with another vehicle, and the accident
destroyed both beyond recognition.”

His remarks shocked everyone in the room. Toby frowned as he tried to wrap his head around this
accident and who stood to gain the most out of this. Whereas Sonia was so aghast, she jerked to her
feet and exclaimed, “What?! A car accident?!”

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