Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 139

Chapter 139

Chapter 139

Zane wasn’t angry, but he simply laughed as he sipped his beer while walking toward the sofa and
turned on the TV. Not long after, several people got up and came downstairs, except for Sonia. Tina
watched as they greeted each other but ignored her and Toby. It was clear that they were deliberately
sidelining her and Toby!

“President Lane, isn’t President Reed up yet?” At this time, Rebecca suddenly asked. When Toby heard
it, his eyes flickered slightly, but they soon returned to normal.

“No, she was tired from cooking last night, so let her sleep a little longer.” Charles opened a bottle of
beer as he answered. Thus, Rebecca nodded and didn’t ask any more questions. Soon, the cook came
over and informed everyone that breakfast was ready. Hence, they left the living room to the dining room

At this point, Sonia hadn’t come down yet. So, Charles looked at his watch and stood up from his chair.
“You guys eat first; I’ll go upstairs to wake my darling up.”

“Go on, go on.” Zane waved his hand, signaling him to go quickly.

Seeing this, Tyler muttered with a dissatisfied face, “Why should he go and wake her up?”

Zane heard him say this and laughed. “He is Sonia’s boyfriend, so why not?”

“Hmph, what makes him worthy of being Sonia’s boyfriend?” Tyler said with a darkened face.



At that, Zane hooked up the corner of his mouth. “If he does not deserve it, do you deserve it? Look at
you being a child and yet want a woman already.”

Embarrassed, Tyler flushed and stood up, saying loudly, “When have I ever said that?!”

“You don’t? Then why do you have an opinion about who Sonia is with?” Zane propped up his head and
looked at Tyler with a smirk.

*1-I just don’t think they are suitable to be together.” Tyler’s eyes shifted.

At the next table, Toby held his coffee cup and lowered his eyes. Well, he’s not wrong. As early as when
Charles and Sonia just got together, he had thought they were not suitable.

After Tina saw the man’s movements and guessed what he was thinking, she bit her lip. Despite the fire
of jealousy surging in her heart, she smiled and said, “Tyler, you’re wrong. They grew up together as
childhood friends, so they know each other best and are most suitable to be together.”

“But why do I hear that the majority of childhood friends are not suitable to be together because they
know each other too well?” Tyler retorted back impatiently.

Tina frowned for a moment and soon smiled again. “It’s true, but it’s not absolute.”

“Anyway, I just don’t think they’re suitable.”

Tyler poked the sandwich on his plate with his fork and grunted, “Just like you and my brother don’t suit
each other.”

Tina froze, obviously not expecting him to suddenly turn the tables on her. At this moment, she hated him
in her heart. On the other hand, Zane and Rebecca laughed aloud because Tina’s expression was too
funny, and they couldn’t help it.

“Toby…” Tina aggrievedly looked at the man beside her.

The man rubbed his eyebrows, then unhappily scolded Tyler. “All right, just eat up. No matter if Sonia
and Charles are suitable or not, this is their business, so you don’t need to care.”

Hearing that, Tyler pursed his mouth and fell silent.

On the third floor, Charles came to the door of Sonia’s room, then raised his hand and knocked on the
door. “Darling, are you up?”

In the room, Sonia’s eyebrows twitched, and the next moment, she opened her eyes. She looked at the
clean white ceiling and touched the quilt on her body, her mind a little confused. She remembered that
she had fallen asleep downstairs last night, but how did she wake up in her room? How the hell did I get

“Darling?” The knocking outside the door continued.

Interrupted in her thoughts, Sonia patted her cheeks and sat up. “What’s up?”

Hearing her response, Charles stopped opening the door and said aloud, “Breakfast is ready. I came to
get you for breakfast.”

“I got it. You go down first, and I’ll come later,” Sonia replied lazily.

Charles nodded. “That’s fine then, but hurry up as breakfast will get cold later.”

“Mm,” Sonia answered. Then, Charles turned around and walked away. After Sonia heard the footsteps
fade away, she lifted the blankets and got out of bed. Next, she went to the floor-to ceiling windows and
pulled the curtains open. The dazzling white light shone in, so Sonia couldn’t help but raise her hand to
block it in front of her eyes and squint. It was only after a while that she slowly reopened her eyes. Now,
it was no longer raining outside, and the sun was shining. She opened the floor-to-ceiling window,
smelled the air that had a faint scent of grass after the rain, and finally smiled happily. Stretching her
back, she went to the bathroom to wash up.

“Hmm?” While she was washing herself, she suddenly saw a small red mark on her neck from the mirror.
The color was quite dark, so it was hard to ignore. Sonia couldn’t help but raise her hand

to touch it, and when she didn’t feel the bump from a typical mosquito bite, her face sank.


She was not an untouched girl, and the marks were exactly like the ones he left all over her neck and
body the last time. So, she was pretty sure that the marks on her neck were hickeys.

Thinking of this, Sonia instantly thought of someone: Toby Fuller.

She had fallen asleep on the first floor last night, and he was with her at that time. So, he should have
sent her back to her room, and thus the marks on her neck were also very likely his doing. Thinking of
this, Sonia had her red lips pursed up tightly. She felt extremely complicated; there was anger and also
other emotions.

After a while, she patted her cheeks irritably, spit out the content in her mouth, rinsed her mouth
hurriedly, and went back to her room to change her clothes and put on makeup. She covered the marks
on her neck with a thick layer of foundation.

I need to make sure no one sees this! Alright, I guess this should work.

After the preparatory work, she opened the door to head downstairs.

“Darling, you’re finally here.” When Charles saw Sonia coming, he hurriedly pulled out the chair beside

Zane, Tyler, and Rebecca also nodded along. Sonia smiled at them with embarrassment and said, “Sorry
for making you guys wait.”

“Okay, okay, sit down and eat.” Charles patted the chair beside him.

Sitting down, Sonia picked up the cutlery and started to eat. During this time, she cast her eyes towards
Toby several times, as if she wanted to see what was going on with him. But Toby’s expression was as
cold as ever, so she couldn’t see through anything either.

After the meal, Zane suddenly stood up and clapped his hands. “Everyone, how about we go climb a
mountain later? I heard that there is a viewing platform on the mountain, and the view from there is

“Toby, let’s go.” Tina hugged the arm of the man beside her and looked at him expectantly.

Toby couldn’t bear to see her disappointment and so nodded in agreement.

“Good, now we have two people who have signed up. Anyone else wants to tag along?” Zane looked at
Sonia and the others.

“Darling, are you going?” Charles asked Sonia with a sideways glance, while Toby also glanced at her.

“What about you?” Sonia asked instead of answering.
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Charles said smilingly, “I’ll go if you go, and I’ll stay here with you if you don’t want to go.”

“Then let’s go. Anyway, we’ve come this far, so it’s a pity not to go,” said Sonia after thinking about

1. it.

When Toby heard that Sonia would also go, he felt pleased in his heart but did not show it. Then, Tyler
also hurriedly raised his hand. “Since Sonia is going, then I will also go.”

Finally, Rebecca scratched her hair and said in a lazy tone, “If you all go, there’s no point for me.

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