Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393

Chapter 1293

Similarly, Lynette could not accept the accusation.

When she heard Toby describing their family as selfish and manipulative, she immediately exploded in
anger, jumping up and down as she pointed a finger at him. “Toby, what do you mean? Our family is
nothing like what you described! Your words are too hurtful. Not only that, my grandpa is your mentor.
How could you deem him unqualified? You—”

“Am I wrong?” He stared icily at her and cut her off, “Isn’t the Lore Family exactly like how I described?”

“I…I…” Her rage tapered off when she looked into his unemotional eyes, and she started stammering.
She had trouble stringing words together.

Despite that, he did not let this slide. “As for your grandpa, he is indeed unqualified to be my mentor.
After all, I chose Professor Randall over him in the past. Had it not been for that accident, and my
urgent need for a supervisor for deeper research, I would not have picked your grandpa as my mentor.”

Harry was seething when he heard that.

At first, he was already incensed when he was branded as an unqualified mentor by Toby. His entire
career was being brushed off by Toby’s words.

When he heard the mention of Professor Randall, his expression crumbled. Guilt, disquiet, and
nervousness flashed across his face.

Meanwhile, Toby had been quietly observing the old man, and he looked grim when he saw the range
of Harry’s emotional display. Indeed, he had brought up Professor Randall’s name on purpose. Earlier,
he had a feeling that Professor Randall’s death was not an accident—Harry Lore might have been
involved in it, especially since he would be the greatest beneficiary of Professor Randall’s passing.

Toby also dispatched secret investigations on any potential foul play by Harry in Professor Randall’s
death. Unfortunately, most clues and traces of the incident were gone after many years. It was a
difficult mission to get to the bottom of it, which explained Tom’s lack of updates for a while.

Just now, Toby deliberately dropped Professor Randall’s name to observe Harry’s response.

If Harry was calm, it would suggest that he had nothing to do with Professor Randall’s death, which
could truly be an accident.

If the opposite happened, it would indicate that Harry might have something to do with Professor
Randall’s death.

Now, the link between Professor Randall’s death and Harry’s involvement had been established. Why
else would Harry appear guilty and nervous at the mention of Professor Randall’s name? Harry must
have suffered from a guilty conscience.

Toby secretly put himself down, feeling that he had not done enough for Professor Randall, whose
advice he sought the most during his college days. Their bond was as strong as a family. Therefore,
Toby was greatly impacted by his professor’s death.

He had once decided to drop the matter if Professor Randall’s death was an accident. However, if it

was murder, he would avenge his beloved professor. Alas, he had accepted the police’s report without
questioning—it ruled the death as an accident.

Many years later, when he revisited the circumstances and details surrounding Professor Randall’s
death, he found many inconsistencies.

Now that he had confirmed Harry’s involvement, he decided to avenge Professor Randall amid his
anger and hatred. Again, Professor Randall was his first choice, not Harry Lore. Given that he had
enjoyed a father-and-son-like relationship with Professor Randall, he could not sit back and do nothing
about the professor’s death.

Most importantly, he was tortured by the guilt of selecting Professor Randall’s murderer as his

Toby was overcome by a wave of remorse. He clenched his fist tight until his veins were bulging. Along
with guilt, he suffered from regrets. He regretted being swept away by his degree studies to the point
that he had no time to investigate the details behind Professor Randall’s death. He also regretted his
lack of research into Harry’s background and character before hastily making his supervisor pick.

Had he investigated the details behind Professor Randall’s death and looked closer into Harry’s
character, he would not have become Harry’s student, and he would have already avenged Professor
Randall. Not only that, the Lore Family would not have had the chance to hurt his Little Leaf.

All these missteps stemmed from his oversight in the past.

Because of his carelessness, Professor Randall suffered from a wronged death for years. As for him,
he unknowingly chose the enemy as his supervisor. On top of that, he even provided support for Harry,

helping the Lore Family to flourish and prosper.

Even if he had done the above out of his ignorance of the truth, he indirectly became the accomplice of
Professor Randall’s murderer.

Ah, Professor Randall must have resented me in the afterlife.

At the thought, his breathing became heavy, and his eyes burned with hatred. Still, Harry and Lynette
did not notice the changes in him because he was looking at the ground.
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Speechless at Toby’s interrogation, Lynette angrily took a seat and looked to the side, stubbornly
ignoring him without an idea about the seriousness of the matter. Unlike her, Harry knew the
implications of Toby’s accusation and felt uneasy. What does Toby mean? Why would he suddenly
bring up that Randall guy? No way! Is he suspecting me? No, that is unlikely because he did not
mention Professor Randall for years and never suspected the details behind the death. It would not
make sense for him to suddenly be skeptical about it.

Harry concluded that Toby must have casually mentioned Professor Randall during his heated rebuttal
against Lynette. He came up with explanations and finally soothed his restless mind.

Still, to prevent complications, he pretended that he did not hear any mention of Professor Randall, and
he avoided mentioning the name. He forced a smile at Toby. “Toby, I know you are resentful of me for
causing friction in your relationship with Sonia. You must blame me for not giving my best in teaching
her and forcing her to carry out certain actions. I—”

“Mr. Lore, did you really think that I was only blaming you for that?” Toby interrupted his speech. Harry’s
expression froze as he was gripped by the bad hunch from earlier.

What was that? Is he doubtful of Randall’s death?

Toby looked pensive at Harry’s changing emotions. He stood up but did not elaborate. “My original plan
was to wait until the end of the event to discuss the direction of our future partnership. But now that
Lynette had sneaked out to harm my other half, I suddenly realized that it is futile to discuss with
certain bull-headed people. If so, there is no point in having the discussion. I have issued a statement
to clarify our relationship. Also, I have canceled and withdrawn all partnerships with the Lore Family, as
well as the attached benefits. I wish you the best moving forward.”

“What?” Harry lost his cool and stood up. “You canceled our partnership?” He had a wild look of

At first, he thought that Toby had only issued a statement, but the partnership was safe. To his dismay,
Toby canceled everything, including the benefits that came with the collaboration, such as a free event
venue and free-of-charge factories.

If that were true, where would he settle his staff and store the company equipment?

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