Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396

Chapter 1296

The words earned the approval of the rest of the parents, as they nodded profusely.

Yet, the two women who were lying on the floor full of pain felt nothing but sadness inside.

Although they were their parents, they could act so cruelly and abandon them, placing the family before

They admitted that they were foolish and were used by others to commit harm, but in the end, they
were still their daughters.

How could they abandon us so easily like this? Are they still human?

Even though they could not accept this, the two women knew that their parents still cared about them.
It was just that they did not care that much.

Often, familial relations were nothing for the wealthy, as when compared, which was more of value, the
entire family or a daughter?

If just by abandoning a daughter, they could ensure the continuation of their riches for decades or even
centuries to come, why not?

Besides, it was not as if they could not bear another child for the family. Besides their daughters, they
also had other children. What they cared about particularly was a male offspring.

If they had a son, then a daughter would be even more insignificant. So what if they abandoned these

Hmph, how laughable.

As the two women lay on the floor, tears fell from their faces with an infinite amount of hatred surging
from within.

They hated their family and their parents. Most of all, they hated Lynette.

They would not do anything to their families or parents, for they were raised by them for over twenty
years and their families did not let them down either.

Yet, it was a different case for Lynette since they would not let her go this easily.

After being landed in this position, if they did not take their revenge, then they would be letting
themselves down.

Exchanging glances, they swore to make Lynette pay.

At the entrance, their parents still did not know of their daughter’s hatred, as they were still talking to
Toby’s bodyguards, hoping that they would pass the word on that he could do anything to their
daughters in hopes of not touching their families.

The bodyguards, who saw that they would quickly abandon their daughters to save themselves, had a
flash of disdain in their gazes, as they stated, “Don’t worry. I will pass your word on. But the final

decision remains with President Fuller, which has nothing to do with us. You all can go back now.”

“Go back?” They were stunned.

Nodding, the bodyguard then pointed at the two women lying on the floor. “Bring them away too.”

“Of course, of course,” they responded quickly.

Not knowing how Toby was going to deal with them, both families were worried sick over the potential

Yet, the thought of being able to go back made them slightly relieved.

After all, if they could go back, why would they want to be locked up willingly here?

Besides, after going back, they could contact their relatives and friends to discuss how to lessen Toby’s
anger to preserve their bloodline.

So, after getting the bodyguard’s permission, they quickly carried their daughters and left in a hurry.

After they left, the bodyguard immediately took his phone out and reported the proceedings to Tom.

Tom, who heard all this, told everything to Toby.

Toby had just finished showering and was dressed in a loose bathroom while standing in front of the

He was on the top floor of the building, which was a full two hundred meters from the ground. Lowering
his head slightly, he could take in the whole skyline of the city. The scenery was spectacular.

Standing in front of the window, Toby was drying his hair with a towel in one hand while the other was
holding a phone with Tom on the line.

After Tom finished conveying everything, Toby did not have much of a reaction, as he only replied,
“Don’t need to pay them too much attention. Just carry on with my instructions as before. As for those
two women, you don’t have to tell them to go abroad. If you do that, then who’s going to set traps for

Tom understood Toby’s intention.

Ah. So, the president wants to use them against each other. When it comes to schemes, President
Toby really is the king.

“Understood, President.”

Nodding, Toby replied, “Rest up for now.”

They then ended the call.

Putting his phone down, Toby did not go back to his room right after, as he remained in front of the
window and looked at the night view with his gaze flickering between light and dark. Nobody knew what
was on his mind. He stood there until his hair dried. Only then did he throw his towel onto the couch
and walk back to the room, where he hugged the woman who was in a deep slumber and slept.

The next day, it was already nine in the morning when Sonia woke up.

The unfamiliar environment, room, and bed shocked her, as she sat up and flipped the blanket over to
look at her own body.

Noticing the distinct loose bathrobe that was not hers, she felt her heart sink, as an ominous feeling
crept up from behind her.

Yet, after a close inspection of her body, she found no sore spots, which made her relieved.

Okay, I don’t think anything happened to me. But where is this?

Pushing the blanket aside, Sonia got out of bed and wore the fluffy slippers by the bedside. Stepping
on the blush cashmere carpet, she looked around the room with a heavy expression.

The room was massive, as she estimated it to be around a hundred square meters, which excluded the
toilet and wardrobe. This was just the space for the bedroom.

Yet, nothing was placed in the room, saved for the bed and two bedside tables. With nothing else
adorning the room, it seemed very cold and empty.

This made her think that her voice might echo back if she spoke in here.

Okay. So, where am I? And why am I here? Where are my clothes, bag, and phone?

Anxiously, Sonia started to look for her personal effects around the room.

In the end, she did not find them, yet she did find something on the bedside table. It was a glass of
water and a paper note under it.

Moving the glass away in a hurry, she picked the note up, and the familiar writing on it eased her
nervous heart.

It turned out that this place was none other than one of Toby’s houses.

She was not kidnapped and confined in this space. Rather, Toby thought that Bayside Residence was
too far away, so he decided to spend the night here. It was because this place was nearer to the hotel.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Sonia sat back down on the bed and smiled at the note. “You sure gave me a

Rubbing her eyes, she put the note back on the bedside table before stretching and walking toward the
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Toby stated on the note that he needed to meet with a very important client from overseas that
morning, so he had to leave early. But, before leaving, he had prepared breakfast for her, which was
kept warm in the kitchen, so he wrote a note to remind her to eat it after she woke up.

Besides that, he had prepared the clothes she needed that were placed on the living room’s couch
alongside her bag and phone.

His attentiveness warmed her inside.

Walking to the living room, she noticed that it looked the same as the bedroom. Excluding a few

essential electronics, it was pretty much barren with nothing much in terms of decor.

As expected, this matched his past styling, as one could feel the coldness of this place.

Rubbing her arms, Sonia looked toward the couch to find that a few bags of clothes and her bag were
laid on top of it.

Sonia walked over and looked into the bags, inspecting the clothes, but she did not take them out. After
taking a swift look, she took her bag and fished her phone out from within, checking to see if there were
any missed calls or messages.

After all, it was already nine, and she was not in her office yet. Maybe someone had something urgent
that needed her?

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