Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399

Chapter 1299

Lynette said she did it for Toby, thus she should take the blame alone if she was at fault. She would
never drag her family into it, but Toby had gone too far this time.

She even mentioned how the announcement blew her grandfather off, resulting in his hospitalization.
Toby further proved his cold-blooded side by not visiting him nor paying his greetings.

Her cries hit the netizens right at their soft spot, gaining her their support. Toby now became the target
of criticism because Lynette intended to help him, albeit not grasping the whole situation and doing it in
the wrong way. Still, it was callous of him how he decided to treat the Lore Family when she was
helping him out, not to mention that her grandfather was once his mentor.

There were even comments about him being infatuated with Sonia. If he treated his tutor’s family in
such a way just for a woman, how would his action speak about the credibility of his company?

Would he be responsible for the products catered to the public when he did not show mercy to the Lore

The website was flooded with comments at the drop of a hat. The majority took Lynette’s side and
reprimanded Toby, while the minority chose to keep quiet.

After all, there had been plot twists before this and they did not want to jump to a conclusion, especially
when Toby had yet to elucidate his stance. Lynette’s side story alone was not enough to say anything.

Needless to say, the rational outsiders filled only the minor part. Most of them believed in whoever shed

more tears; their emotions prevailed over their judgments.

Sonia pitied the foolish netizens instead of getting angry, for they could not discern the truth. Thus,
what was the use of being mad at the fools?

She shook her head and stopped paying attention to those impulsive comments and Lynette’s crocodile

She knew why Lynette started a live broadcast: to coerce Toby by leveraging the public’s sympathy.
With the help of the public’s sympathy and pity, Lynette assumed that he would let the Lore Family off
the hook once he could not put up with the oppression.

Ha… Naive.

In fact, Toby was never the one to give in to threats and he despised whoever threatened him. Lynette’s
action would not bring her closer to her objectives but would add more reasons for him to hate both her
and the Lore Family.

Besides, would she succeed if the netizens boycotted the Fuller Group?

Forget about the company’s nonparticipation in the food industry as well as the necessities
manufacturing, which were industries that could easily be boycotted, the company mainly indulged in
the heavy industry; real estate; tourism; technology, and other fractions involved in the running of
society’s daily life.

Unless one decided to live with nature and never lay foot in civilization, it was compulsory to buy those

necessities. Therefore, boycotting the Fuller Group was out of the question.

Despite their empty words on the Internet, the netizens knew that such an alternative was a mere futile
protest. They were just letting off some steam at the spur of the moment.

Lynette was the only person thinking that it would be a success.

Sonia sneered while shaking her head. She then gave Toby a call to ask how he was going to settle the

However, he might be busy with something else as he did not pick up the call. A helpless Sonia ended
the call and decided to either attempt another call later or wait for him to return the call instead.

Needless to say, she had to get a change and prep for work, which was utmost urgent at the moment.
She lifted a few bags of clothes back to her room.

It was 10.00AM when she was all ready, including getting her makeup done. Grabbing her bag and the
trash, which was left from her breakfast, Sonia left Toby’s residence and headed to Paradigm.

By the time she arrived at work, it was 10.55AM, which was five minutes before the meeting. She
heaved a sigh of relief. Thank God I’m not late.

She alighted from the elevator, at which Rita was waiting for her. “Chairman Reed, you’re here.”

Sonia returned a smile. “Yup. Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Rita shook her head. “It’s my duty. Here are the documents for the meeting.”

She handed over the documents to Sonia, who flipped them open to take a glance at them before
closing them up again. “Okay. I’ll be on my way to the meeting. Please leave my bag at my office.
Thank you.”

“Alright, Chairman Reed.”

Sonia strode to the meeting room with the files in hand, leaving her bag to Rita’s care. It was not a
significant meeting, but it was still important since it involved the company’s strategic direction.

As the meeting went on, Asher kept glancing at Sonia menacingly like a venomous snake. It could
easily give one chill from head to toe.

Even if Sonia was used to his sinister gaze on her, she could not shake off the uncomfortableness this
time. The ominous aura from him loomed stronger than ever as if it was overflowing.

She cast her gaze onto the floor, knowing that he was definitely up to something. He would not stare at
her like that unless he was planning to set her up.

As an afterthought, she straightened her back and put her guard up in case she fell for his trap.
Strangely enough, he neither said anything nor did anything throughout the whole meeting.
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Even after the meeting was over, he left the room straightaway with total ignorance toward her.

Words failed Sonia, for she had kept herself on her toes for nothing. Deeming Asher as a ticking
timebomb, she was fully prepared to counter his advances and yet, he did nothing at all.

It was her monologue over nothing, but it was better than getting hurt. A wave of relief showered
Sonia’s tense body as she curled inward on her seat. Once she became relaxed, her body felt sore and
tired after the long stiff.

Still, she kept vigilant deep down in her heart. She just couldn’t ignore the way Asher looked at her
during the meeting; it was vivid in her head.

Similar to a venomous snake, Asher always lurked in the bushes, biding his time to pounce on his prey.

So, his gaze was not that of a look toward a pill; he had something up his sleeves for sure. It was just
that it was not the time for him to set it into motion yet.

That would not mean that he would give up on his plans, so she could not let her guard down just yet.

While she was absorbed in her musing, someone knocked on the door and broke her reverie. She
looked back to see Rita standing by the door.

“Chairman Reed, your phone was ringing when I was in your office to leave the documents. I’ve
brought it over for you. It’s President Fuller.” Rita entered the room to proffer the phone to Sonia. “I told
him that you were in the middle of a meeting and that you’ll call him back after that.”

“Okay. Thanks.” Sonia took her phone while smiling.

Rita, who was expected to leave right away, suddenly bit her lower lip in a dilemma. Sensing something
was off, Sonia put down her phone and asked concernedly, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

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