Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400

Chapter 1300

“I think I saw Miss Daphne by the street when I was on my way to our partner’s company to pass over
the documents,” Rita recounted.

“Who? Miss Daphne?” Sonia was shocked.

“Yes.” Rita nodded.

Sonia’s expression turned somber. “Rita, you gotta be kidding me. Why would Miss Daphne be here?
Isn’t she pursuing her studies abroad? She shouldn’t be in the country. You must be mistaken.”

Rita bit her lower lip. “I thought I was seeing things too, but it’s impossible the more I think about it. I
worked with her for such a long time; I know her very well, so I am sure about it. I didn’t see it wrongly.
It was Miss Daphne. I called her number and she didn’t pick it up, so I called the company where she’s
supposed to be working. And guess what, Chairman Reed?”

“She’s not with them?” Sonia narrowed her eyes.

“Yes. They said they’ve recruited some fresh blood this year, but none of them is from our country. Miss
Daphne lied; she isn’t pursuing her studies abroad. That’s why I’m certain that the person I saw was

“How could this be?” Sonia’s brows crinkled.

Rita shook her head. “Beats me. No one knows why Miss Daphne would make up such a lie.”

Sonia went silent for a moment. “Which street was it?”

Rita told Sonia the place she bumped into Daphne, after which Sonia nodded. “Got it. I know that
you’re worried about her and so you’re telling me this. Don’t worry. Leave it to me. I’ll find out what
she’s up to.”

“I believe in you, Chairman Reed.” Rita bowed slightly before leaving the room.

After Rita left, Sonia kneaded her temples and dialed Toby’s number. She decided to put Daphne’s
matter in the back of her head for now.

Everyone was selfish; although Daphne was her friend, her boyfriend’s issue weighed more importance
to her. Besides, it would not be too late for her to look into Daphne’s matter after the call.

The call was soon answered as the man’s mellifluous voice rang into her ear. “Done with your

“Yep.” She smiled.

On the other hand, Toby reclined in his chair with one hand holding the phone and the other twirling an
expensive pen. One could see how relaxed he was from his posture.

“Did you call me about what’s happening on the Internet?” He could see through her right away.

She smiled. “I knew that I can never hide it from you. Right, it’s about that. Everyone’s saying how cruel

and cold-blooded you are. The ungrateful, young lad who doesn’t let his teacher off the hook. Aren’t
you gonna speak up for yourself?”

Toby’s gaze landed on the monitor before him as the corner of his lips curled into a sneer. He was
aware of what was happening on the Internet.

“There’s no need to explain to those idiots. Why not lay out the proofs and shut them up?” The tip of his
pen lightly knocked on the cold surface of the desk.

Sonia smiled. “Yeah, you’re right. So, are you going to expose what the Lore Family has done on the
Internet? Including Professor Randall’s matter?”

Toby replied implicitly, “If they’ve done it, they should’ve prepared themselves for the day when the lid is
taken off. As for Professor Randall’s matter, it is confirmed that Mr. Lore took part in it, but I won’t
expose it yet since there’s no irrefutable evidence.”

She nodded and added, “But people might think that you’ve gone too far. It’s true. Lynette set me up
last night, but I’m fine for now. Some netizens might keep clinging to this part and blaming you for being
cruel when I’m all safe and sound.”

A glint flashed across Toby’s eyes. “Just let those fools be. We don’t have to consider them. After all,
I’m not revealing those for the fools. It’s for the clever and rational people.”

His words tickled her funny bones. “You have a point. So, are you—”

“President Fuller.” Before she could finish her words, Tom knocked on the door and called Toby.

Toby looked at Tom. “What is it?”

Knowing that it was not a question for her, Sonia smiled. “Tom must be looking for you for something.
Go on. I gotta prep for a meeting anyways. I clinched a deal with the mall’s management last night and
we’ll be signing the contract at two in the afternoon. Gotta go now. Bye!”

It had been a long time since they shared a conversation, yet the call was going to end when they
barely spoke to each other. Frankly speaking, Toby was quite displeased.

However, he was aware that Sonia was a career woman and that she did not wish to take up much of
his time in such a situation. Hence, she chose to end the conversion.

Fine. We can talk at home later.

Toby bid goodbye before the call ended. Setting his phone aside, he stared icily at Tom, who was
entering his office. There was a momentary pause in Tom’s steps.

What’s going on? President Fuller doesn’t seem happy to see me. Have I done something wrong?

Right when he was all jittery with the speculations running in his head, Toby piped up coldly, “What is

Smothering the doubts in him, Tom regained his composure and adjusted his spectacles. “President
Fuller, we found an important clue regarding the Acrees’ accident.”

“The Acrees?” Toby’s eyes narrowed. “Didn’t I tell you to stop with whatever has nothing to do with us?
Is no one listening to my orders anymore?”

Tom hurriedly shook his head. “It’s not like that, President Fuller. I did ask our men to stop right after
you gave your orders yesterday. However, we found a SIM card when we retreated. They looked into it
out of curiosity only to find out that it belongs to the driver who was taking revenge on the Acree Family.
Most importantly, he has Lynette’s number. He received some messages from her too.”
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“Lynette?” Toby was flabbergasted.

Quickly, Tom handed over the document. “Yes. It is Lynette Lore. Last night, we assumed that the car
accident was not as simple as a result of the driver’s revenge. We know that there’s another party
involved, but we didn’t launch an investigation because it’s none of our business. But based on our
latest finding, the other party is none other than Lynette. Here’s the contact history and message
content between the both of them. Please take a look at it.”

Toby perused the paper which listed a total of ten contacts. Each of them lasted for about five minutes

SIM cards did not leave records of a phone call; they could only know the number of contacts dialed
and the time the calls were made, but not the content. Still, there was storage for messages.

Toby read the content and the wrinkle between his brows deepened. As Tom had reported, Lynette was
the other party involved.

The funny thing was—they thought that it would be someone who had bad blood with the Acree Family,
hence the help given to the driver to take revenge on the family.

Yet, reality proved them wrong. Lynette did not hold a grudge against that family; she was doing it for
the mere reason to stop the Acrees from attending the party.

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