Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405

Chapter 1305

They’re here to look for Lynette indeed! Grayson’s head exploded for an instant. He quickly replied in a
loud voice, “No, my daughter isn’t here. If you’re looking for her, please leave this place as soon as
possible and go somewhere else instead. This is my father’s ward, and there’s nobody else here
besides my father and me. Just get out of here.” As he spoke, he attempted to close the door.

However, how could the two policemen be sent away so easily? One of them quickly put his foot in the
door, preventing Grayson from closing it.
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The policeman who had spoken just now looked at Grayson with a half-smile. “Mr. Lore, we visited your
place before coming here, and one of your maids told us that you and your family are taking care of Old
Mr. Lore in the hospital. Also, we just asked the nurses in charge of the wards on this floor, and they
said they didn’t see Miss Lore leave after her arrival. In other words, Miss Lore is still here. So, Mr.
Lore, please cooperate with us and get her to come out. Otherwise, we’ll take it that you’re obstructing
us from carrying out our duty, and we can also take you away according to the law.”

They can take me away as well? Grayson’s face froze for a moment.

Seizing the opportunity, the two policemen immediately shoved him aside and entered the ward.

Only when his shoulder bumped against the wall did Grayson come to his senses. His countenance
changed, and he hurriedly turned around and entered the ward after them, saying, “What do you
mean? Is this how you guys carry out your duty as policemen? Do you know what your behavior is
called? This is called illegal intrusion! How dare you—”

The two policemen paid no heed to his words at all.

The policeman who had spoken previously nodded to the other policeman, who immediately turned
around, spread his arms, and blocked Grayson’s way, keeping him from coming forward to stop them.

Of course, Grayson wasn’t willing to be stopped like this. He struggled several times, but how could he,
weakened long ago by years of hard drinking and debauchery, fight against the policeman who
exercised daily? Subsequently, he was soon marched out of the ward by the policeman, who decided
to also take him to the police station for questioning. This guy has repeatedly prevented us from looking
for Lynette Lore, so it’s obvious that he also knows what she did. This puts him under suspicion of
shielding Lynette Lore, so it’s best to take him back as well.

With Grayson taken away, silence instantly descended upon the ward.

The policeman staying in the ward first took a look around, but there were no signs of Lynette in the
ward other than the old man lying on his sickbed and Amelia, who was lying on the couch. At the sight
of this, he knitted his brows in agitation. Is Lynette Lore really not here? But all the information shows
that she indeed came here and never left. Even Grayson Lore’s reaction earlier indicates that Lynette
Lore is here. So, is she hiding somewhere in the ward right now?

Just when he was pondering whether to search the ward for her, the door to the restroom opened, and
Lynette came out of it while shaking her wet hands with a sullen expression.

When the policeman saw her, his eyes lit up and a smile lifted the corners of his mouth. Seems like I
don’t have to look for her. She’s come out by herself.

Lynette also noticed that Grayson was no longer in the ward. Instead, there was a stranger. At first, she
wanted to ask who the stranger was, but her face turned pale the next second when she saw the police
uniform that he was wearing. Although she still didn’t think she had committed murder, she nonetheless
felt inexplicably guilty and scared when she saw a policeman. She clenched her teeth, wanting to seize
the initiative by chasing the policeman away, thinking that he’d probably just entered the wrong place
and that she’d probably be fine after chasing him away. “You—”

However, no sooner had she uttered the first syllable than the policeman produced the evidence and
looked at her frostily, saying, “Hi, Miss Lore. We found you suspicious of the Acree Family’s car
accident last night, so please come with us.”

Lynette’s pupils shrank, and she stepped back unconsciously. “What nonsense are you talking about?
Who is under suspicion? What does the Acree Family’s car accident have to do with me? I’m not going
with you. Please go back by yourself, or I’ll file complaints against you. Don’t think you can do anything
just because you’re the police. Get out of here or I’ll make you feel sorry for it!”

The policeman wasn’t surprised by Lynette’s response. After all, he’d seen much of this; almost every
suspect reacted this way when they saw policemen like them. Therefore, he laughed instead, saying,
“Miss Lore, it’s not up to you or me whether the car accident has something to do with you. It depends
on the evidence. Our evidence now proves that you have a lot to do with this, so please go with us, or
you’ll have to face serious consequences for resisting arrest.”

However, Lynette didn’t seem to hear the words ‘resisting arrest.’ She growled emotionally, “I said get
the hell out of here! I didn’t do anything, so you guys have no right to make me go with you! Get your
*ss out of here now!” She pointed at the door.

The policeman’s face hardened. Having run out of patience, he instantly removed the handcuffs from

his waist. “Miss Lore, we’d asked you twice, but you refused to cooperate with us both times. Since
that’s the case, don’t blame us for being rough with you. I came this time with an arrest warrant issued
from above, so I have the right to put the cuffs on you. Now if you’ll excuse me,” he said. With that, he
struck swiftly and arrested Lynette at once. After pinning her against the wall with her hands behind her
back, he proceeded to put handcuffs on her.

Unable to move one bit, Lynette panicked all over, especially when she felt the ice-cold handcuffs on
her wrists. Scared out of her wits, she kept struggling and screaming, “Let me go! Remove the
handcuffs! I didn’t kill anyone, and you guys have no right to put handcuffs on me! Let me go!
Aaaaaah!” Her extraordinarily shrill screams brought a pained look to the policeman’s face, and he
quickly released one hand free to cover one of his ears.

It had to be said that Lynette’s screams sounded terrifying, so much so that even the unconscious
Amelia was awakened by them. When she opened her eyes to see her daughter held by a man, she
quickly grabbed her purse and was about to hit the policeman with it. “Let go of my daughter! Who are
you? How dare you make moves on my daughter here?”

Sensing the flow of air behind him, the policeman swiftly released Lynette and dodged aside.

Amelia nearly fell when she failed to hit the policeman. Luckily, the wall was right in front of her; she
barely steadied herself by placing her hand on the wall for support.

The policeman warned her expressionlessly, “I’m a policeman, Mrs. Lore. Do you know you just
attacked a policeman? I can arrest you right away for that.”

A policeman? Amelia was startled for a moment. So, he’s not a hoodlum or something. The next
instant, however, her countenance changed at the sight of the handcuffs on Lynette’s wrists. “Y-You’re

here to arrest Lynette?”

The policeman straightened his police uniform. “Miss Lore is under suspicion for a car accident, so we
have to take her back for questioning,” he said while attempting to grab Lynette.

Amelia hurriedly stepped in front of her daughter. “What nonsense are you talking about? My daughter
has never done such a thing. You can’t take her away!”

Lynette stood tearfully behind her. She looked extremely pitiful, with no trace of her previous arrogance
toward her parents. “Please save me, Mom! I didn’t kill anyone, and I’m not the one who killed them!
You can’t let them take me away!”

Amelia looked back and patted her on the shoulder. She said with a determined look in her eyes, “Don’t
worry, Lynette, I’ll protect you. I won’t let them take you away.”

Moved by her words, Lynette nodded. “Uh-huh.”

Amelia then turned back to look at the policeman opposite her with the same determined look in her
eyes. “I’ll never let you guys take my daughter away.” Having been a coward throughout her life, she
finally stood up for her daughter at this very moment. Unfortunately, it was a wasted effort.

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