Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413

Chapter 1313

That was entirely possible!

“Let me check,” Sonia said as she touched the cloth.

Much to her surprise, the cloth was still wet and did not dry even a little.

It meant that its air permeability was exceptional.

“Use mine instead,” Sonia stated as she handed her handkerchief to him, intending to take the cloth in
his hand away.

The man, however, was unwilling to do this. He held onto the cloth even tighter than before and denied
her any chance of grabbing it.

That rendered her anxious and angry at the same time. “Toby Fuller, please stop thinking about me
now that things have already come to this. Take a look at how bad your cough is right now!”

He was coughing so violently that his face had turned pale.

If this continued, she feared that he might cough up blood, as it always happened in the movies.

What should she do if their men weren’t there to save them if that happened?

She wasn’t a doctor and had no idea how to handle such a situation!

On the other hand, Toby raised his gaze and offered Sonia a feeble smile. “It’s okay. It’s better if I
cough alone than if we both cough.”

“That won’t do. I am fine now; we’ll talk about other things later. You are the one who is affected now,
so you should take this and cover your nose and mouth! Toby Fuller, do you hear me?” Sonia yelled
while insisting on moving his hand away.

She wanted to remove his hand from his mouth and nose and replace it with her handkerchief.

However, before she could do that, the man started coughing worse than before. It was as she feared
—Toby started coughing up blood.

Sonia’s eyes narrowed and she experienced a headrush when she saw the blood on the ground.
“Blood…” she murmured tremblingly. She couldn’t understand why such a thing occurred. Why is there
blood? He was merely coughing a couple of times earlier! Though the coughs were bad, they weren’t
severe enough to cause blood to be coughed up! In the movies, people who typically cough up blood
are those who have advanced lung cancer or have seriously damaged organs. But Toby has none of
those! How did it become so bad that he vomited blood when he was only choking on smoke?

Sonia was utterly terrified and panicked at this point. “Why are you spitting blood, Toby? Please don’t
scare me!”

Seeing Sonia’s anxious expression and tearful face, Toby slightly moved his lips, wanting to reassure
her that he was all right. However, as soon as he opened his mouth, another mouthful of blood poured
out instead of consoling words.

He was experiencing such intense pain in his heart that his entire body was shivering. At the same
time, he also felt so chilly that he was having trouble breathing.

Sonia shrieked in terror once more at the sight of the blood. Why is he vomiting blood again? “Toby,
what’s wrong with you? Please don’t frighten me…”

In a completely panicked state, she quickly hugged his unbalanced body while trying to pinch various
acupuncture points on his body.

She was utterly clueless as to why he had vomited blood.

The only thing she could do now was to perform a simple first-aid procedure.
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Though she was aware that this first-aid technique probably wouldn’t help Toby in his current condition,
she decided that it was better than doing nothing.

He, on the other hand, lay in Sonia’s arms as he blinked feebly.

He didn’t anticipate being in such a situation himself either, but he was aware of the precise cause of
this. The heavy smoke traveled to his lungs from between his mouth and nose, then to his heart.

The lungs and the heart were connected. His heart had already been hurt after his fall from the cliff and
hitting the water previously.

Though the water’s surface was supple and falling into it from a great height wouldn’t cause death, the
surface would harden because of the tremendous surface pressure the instant a person or an object

struck it from a great height.

This was why many divers had bruises on their bodies and looked as if they had been beaten up. It
was exactly because of that episode that Toby’s heart was damaged once more.

Tim once said that Toby’s heart was incapable of being defiled by any pollution and was not in a
condition to experience even the slightest damage to it anymore.

However, the smoke he had just ingested contained a variety of chemical compounds. All of those were
the kind of contaminants that he could not allow to taint his heart. As a result of this, his damaged heart
was overburdened and started to exhibit symptoms.

Toby initially believed that the worst thing to happen was that his heart would hurt but unexpectedly, he
started coughing up blood.

It seemed that this time, in addition to Sonia being extremely terrified, Toby was also unable to keep his
heart problem a secret from her any longer.

A bitter smile appeared on his face. Then, he raised his hand to caress Sonia’s face, attempting to
calm her down and remind her to cover her nose and mouth first.

Otherwise, she would suffer as well.

However, despite his best efforts, the excruciating pain in his heart was tormenting him to the point
where he could no longer do anything. Such pain was something that people would prefer death over it.

It was only then that they could be relieved of their misery.

Hence, before his hand could touch Sonia’s face, the pain in his heart deprived him of any energy in his
limbs, and his hand simply fell to the ground.

Toby was in Sonia’s arms and he began coughing so violently that he ran out of breath. His eyes were
also blurred, and he could no longer see clearly.

Sonia started crying as the sight of him in such a fragile state worried her. “Toby, wake up! Don’t sleep!
Do you hear me? You cannot fall asleep!”

She was utterly terrified that if he went unconscious, he would never be able to open his eyes again,
much like the way the movies frequently depicted.

If he was merely being choked by the smoke, she wouldn’t be so terrified, but he vomited blood!

“Please, Toby, don’t shut your eyes. Open your eyes and look at me! Please!” Sonia repeatedly shook
his body helplessly.

Toby heard her pleas and felt her fear too. He truly wished to listen to her and open his eyes, but his
eyelids were too heavy for him to do so.

He knew he had to let her down this time.

If Lady Luck did not smile at him, this would be the end of his life, but if by some stroke of luck, he
managed to survive, he hoped that she would not be upset with him. After all, he did not deliberately
refuse to open his eyes and look at her.

Toby eventually passed out while still in Sonia’s arms. If not for his sporadic cough, Sonia would have
thought that he had passed away.

Although he was still alive, she was concerned about his condition because she was unsure of how
long he could last.

She could even feel that he was really in a bad shape.

With Toby in her arms, she shouted in despair, “Please, is anyone there?! Please help us!”

How she wished someone was outside at this very moment to save her and Toby.

At the same time, she regretted being here and her decision to let Toby come with her.

If he didn’t follow her, she would be the only one trapped if a fire broke out, not him.

It was growing darker around them. The smoke was also getting thicker and Sonia, who had not been
covering her nose and mouth for a while, inhaled a lot of smoke as well and began coughing. The
coughs were increasingly hurting her lungs.

However, she paid no attention to her predicament and proceeded to tightly cover Toby’s mouth and
nose with her handkerchief so that Toby, who was already in a horrible state, might inhale less smoke.

And the price she paid was that she inhaled increasingly more smoke while her coughing was getting
severe. Her eyes were also affected as tears flowed endlessly until her vision clouded and her head
started spinning.

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