Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415

Chapter 1315

And this music is so familiar! Where exactly is it coming from?

Sonia’s mind was so foggy that she couldn’t recall that the music was Toby’s ringtone.

It wasn’t until after the phone rang for quite a while that she finally remembered.

Oh! It’s the phone!

Someone is calling Toby!

She anxiously moved her body to look for Toby’s phone.

Her vision was already unclear as though a thin membrane was covering her eyes. Hence, she could
only use her hearing to locate the phone.

Luckily, she managed to find the phone and answered it. “Hello?”

She had breathed in so much smoke that her voice was utterly hoarse, yet Tom on the other end of the
line could still recognize her voice. “Miss Reed, it’s you! You are all still alive! That’s great!”

He was so happy that tears began to fall.

Throughout his entire journey here, he was genuinely concerned that something would happen to both
Sonia and Toby.

Especially when he arrived and saw the raging fire, he was so terrified that he felt as though his soul
was leaving him.

Now that he heard Sonia’s voice, he finally felt relieved.

They are alive! That’s good enough!

“Tom?” Sonia took a moment to recognize Tom’s voice and when she did, she became agitated. “Tom,
is that you?”

“Yes, Miss Reed. It’s me!” Tom answered while nodding his head.

Sonia was nearly in tears from happiness. “Quick, Tom, come and get us now! Open the factory door.
Toby has passed out and he even threw up blood just now, so please be fast!”

Tom could hear Sonia’s desperation and pleas in her voice.

She sincerely hoped that someone would hurry to open the door and take Toby to the hospital.

Any delay would cost Toby his life.

When Tom heard that Toby had fainted and even vomited blood, his countenance changed as he
dashed to the firefighters while shouting, “Someone fainted in the factory! Save them now!”

The firefighters were already prying open the door. When they heard that someone had fainted, they

quickly sped up and severed the door lock with their machine.

In no time, the door was open. Tom wanted to rush inside to save those trapped within, but the
firefighters stopped him since he did not have the tools nor the knowledge necessary to do so. The
remainder of the team then hurried inside to look for those who were trapped.

Meanwhile, Sonia knew that Tom was outside when she heard the door being forced open and let out a
feeble smile before finally passing out in relief.

At that moment, she knew both Toby and she wouldn’t die.

She had been monitoring Toby’s condition. He was still breathing, albeit weakly.

But she believed he would be fine.

They had successfully gone through so many difficult situations, and she believed that he wouldn’t be
defeated this time as well.

Sirens wailed loudly as the ambulance sped down the road toward First World Hospital.

Tim had earlier received Tom’s call about the incident and had arranged for the emergency room to be
available. He was also waiting for the ambulance at the hospital entrance and quickly hurried up when
the ambulance arrived.

Sonia alighted from the ambulance first. Tim approached her to see how she was doing, but Tom
stopped him. “Please check President Fuller’s condition first, Dr. Lancaster. Miss Reed’s condition isn’t
that complicated. She has inhaled too much smoke and just needs to clear her lungs. President Fuller’s

condition is way more serious. He vomited blood and the doctor in the ambulance said it has something
to do with his heart, so please give President Fuller a check-up first!” Tom gripped Tim’s sleeves tightly
and pleaded with reddened eyes.

“What?” Tim wanted to shake off Tom’s hands since he was a stickler for hygiene. However, as soon as
he heard Tom’s words, he was stunned for a while before hastily moving forward to check Toby’s

Toby was already put on a drip. The medical equipment in the ambulance was limited, so they could
only utilize the drip to temporarily stabilize his condition.

His condition did not get any better.

Truth was, Tim wasn’t concerned about Toby’s condition. The only person he cared about was Sonia.

However, Toby was, after all, Sonia’s lover. If anything happened to him, Sonia wouldn’t be happy

Hence, to prevent her from becoming sorrowful in the future, Tim could only leave her aside to check
on Toby first.

But of course, before he did that, he sent her to the emergency room and had already asked other
doctors to check on her.

He then walked over to Toby’s stretcher and examined the man. Tim’s face turned grave when he
checked him over.

That didn’t go unnoticed. Tom’s heart sank when he saw Tim’s grim expression and he asked, “Dr.
Lancaster, how is President Fuller?”

Tim ignored him and immediately climbed on the stretcher. Kneeling across Toby’s body, he began
performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the man. While he was doing so, he repeatedly yelled,
“Get the resuscitation room ready!

It was more concerning to be sent to the resuscitation room than the emergency room.

Those sent to the emergency room were in critical condition and could still be saved, whereas those
sent to the resuscitation room could very well die.

As such, when Tom heard that, he felt his mind turn blank and he almost collapsed to the floor.

Fortunately, throughout his many years with Toby, Tom encountered all sorts of different situations and
was able to regain his composure and quickly followed behind.

News of President Fuller’s situation can never be leaked. I have to stop any speculations or otherwise,
the media will make a big thing out of it. There are so many different groups in the company, each
harboring their own evil intentions, and once they learn about it, they will undoubtedly create trouble.

News of President Fuller’s situation can never be leaked. I have to stop any speculations or otherwise,
the media will make a big thing out of it. There are so many different groups in the company, each
harboring their own evil intentions, and once they learn about it, they will undoubtedly create trouble.

Not to mention, our rivals in the market will make things difficult for us.

As President Fuller’s right-hand man, I have to get these settled before he recovers.

First, I have to calm down, Tom thought to himself. I can’t collapse just because President Fuller is in a
bad shape.

Who else can handle these situations if I pass out?

While keeping up with the emergency rescue team, Tom continued to make phone calls. Within
minutes, he had already made multiple phone calls about the incident.
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A few necessary arrangements had been made by him when Toby was sent into the resuscitation

Not only the public, Old Mrs. Fuller and Jean cannot know about President Fuller’s condition too.

Old Mrs. Fuller is already frail. What if she becomes too agitated and passes away after knowing it?

Jean too. Though she cares about President Fuller, she is a blabbermouth. It will be troublesome if she
leaks the news.

I better keep this from them both.

With his phone clutched tightly in his hand, Tom paced outside the resuscitation room, anxiously
waiting for updates about Toby’s condition.

At this point, a firefighter captain and a police inspector walked toward him.

Seeing them, Tom took a deep breath to calm himself before walking to them and said, “Hello.”

The two officers took a glance at the resuscitation room with the red light on and asked, “How is your

“He just went in. I don’t know about the actual situation yet,” Tom shook his head and dejectedly

“How about the other person, Miss Reed?”

“She’ll be all right. She simply needs the dust in her lungs to be cleansed.”

The two officers nodded when they heard that. “We are glad to hear that.”

Then, the firefighter captain continued, “We are here to let you know that the fire has been put out, but
the factory’s exterior is completely damaged. The equipment is safe inside thanks to the largely metallic
walls, but the electrical circuits and water pipelines need to be replaced.”

This was the best outcome they could hope for.

They had put out numerous fires previously, but this was the first time that so many assets could be
saved from a fire of this intensity.

“Noted. Thank you,” Tom responded and shook the captain’s hand.

Then, he looked at the inspector.

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