Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416

Chapter 1316

The inspector reached his hand out, shook Tom’s, and said, “Hello, Tom. I am here to brief you about
the preliminary investigation of the fire.”

“Please go ahead,” Tom responded with a nod.

“Our experts’ team examined the area and concluded that it was arson. Thirty-plus gasoline barrels,
over a dozen separate footprints, the tire prints of two different lorries, as well as those of one private
vehicle, have all been discovered nearby. This leads us to believe that these individuals, under the
direction of the mastermind who was driving the private car, were the ones who doused the factory in
gasoline and lit it ablaze.

Tom was pleased to hear such an investigation result.

After all, the police force had already done their best in deducing the total number of arsonists and the
fact that there was a mastermind behind them.

“I understand, but what I want to know now is when the police will be able to identify the mastermind. I
will give the police force three days. If there is no result after three days, I will report to your superior
and ask them to form a special task force to look into this matter. Inspector, I am sure you are aware
that the Fuller Group is capable enough to do this,” Tom stated seriously as he looked at the inspector.

His words rendered the inspector a little awkward. After all, this fell under their jurisdiction. With Tom
warning them that he would send someone else to investigate if they were unable to produce any
results, he was failing to show them enough respect and trust.

Hence, they had to accomplish something for Tom this time by any means necessary.

“Don’t worry, Tom. Three days are more than enough. The tire prints and gasoline barrels are the key
to identifying those offenders. We will pass the barrels to the Identification Bureau for them to scan any
fingerprints on them. If they can’t find any, we will then look into where the barrels were purchased.
Once we find the seller, it won’t take long for us to identify the purchaser. The same holds for the tire
prints. Though the lorries are quite difficult to locate, the private vehicle is different. Our preliminary
investigation suggests that the car is a Rolls-Royce. Although it is not of the highest grade, it still costs
a few million and only a few people in Seafield can afford it. As long as we thoroughly verify all the
purchasers within the country, the mastermind will be revealed. Rest assured that we will present you
and President Fuller with a satisfying outcome.”

After hearing what the inspector said, Tom finally adopted a nicer demeanor and said apologetically,
“Inspector, I apologize for my inappropriate attitude toward you earlier. Given my superior’s current
state, I desperately want to find the mastermind, hence the agitated attitude. Please bear with me and
don’t take it to heart.”

The inspector’s annoyance faded away after he heard Tom’s apology. “It’s fine. We understand how
you’re feeling now. Don’t worry; we will surely get the mastermind in three days.”

“I’ll leave it to you, then,” Tom said as he bowed to them. Then, as if he suddenly thought of something,
he said, “Oh, and one more thing—please don’t leak this matter out.”

“Don’t worry, Tom. We would’ve kept this incident under wraps even without you reminding us to do so.
After all, we won’t reveal anything before we get the matter fully investigated. Making it public serves

no purpose for our investigation.”
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“That’s good.”

Tom then sent the both of them to the elevator before turning around and returning to the outside of the
resuscitation room, waiting for Toby to be released.

And of course, he kept himself occupied too. While waiting, he made all the necessary arrangements to
conceal the incident.

Fortunately, Sonia’s factory was built in a quiet place in a rural area and had not begun its operations
yet. Hence, there were no witnesses as no one was around.

Someone from the museum nearby might have seen the smoke, but this was something he could settle
by making several calls.

Whatever happened, he could not allow the fire, and the fact that Sonia and Toby were hurt in it, to be
known to the public.

Otherwise, all sorts of issues would crop up.

When he finished contacting the person from Paradigm, who was the last on his list to contact, he
finally felt relieved. Putting his phone down, he raised his head and looked at the door of the
resuscitation room.

He had no idea when Toby would be released, but from Tim’s solemn expression earlier, it appeared

that the resuscitation process would take some time.

Hence, Tom decided to head to the emergency section first.

President Fuller loves Miss Reed with all his heart and soul. Thus, I must take note of Miss Reed’s
condition as well.

Or else, I will be in big trouble if President Fuller asks me about Miss Reed when he wakes up later.

With this in his mind, Tom rubbed his temples before tiredly rushing to the emergency department.

It was already past 9.00PM but he had not eaten yet. He had been running around all day, so he was
very hungry and worn out.

But even so, he was unable to relax and have a meal. He was in no mood for those when Toby and
Sonia were both still in serious condition.

Luckily for Tom, the moment he came to the emergency department, the door to the room opened.

Seeing that, Tom immediately grabbed the elbow of one of the nurses who came out and asked, “Hi,
how’s the condition of the patient inside?”

Pulling her arm away from his grasp, she commented, “Don’t worry. The patient inside is fine. She had
a respiratory infection and lung blockage as a result of inhaling too much carbon dioxide and other
chemicals. We have cleared her lungs and respiratory tract, so she is fine now. She will recover after a
few days of rest. However, her eyes were affected quite badly and she will need to undergo special
treatment. Even if she recovers from the treatment, her vision will still be impaired and she will need to

wear special glasses or have a cornea transplant.”

Tom was taken aback. “That’s very serious!”

Tom was taken aback. “That’s very serious!”

A cornea transplant?

“Yes.” The nurse nodded and added, “The usual response when our eyes are being exposed to strong
smoke is to close them. However, the condition of this woman’s eyes shows that she had opened her
eyes throughout the entire incident.”

Tom remained silent and he felt melancholic upon hearing that.

It’s not because she wasn’t afraid. It was surely because of President Fuller.

President Fuller must have passed out in Miss Reed’s arms. She was afraid that she could not monitor
his situation if she closed her eyes, hence she forced her eyes open for the entire time despite feeling

This couple…

“I see.” Tom looked at the emergency room behind the nurse and asked, “She will be sent to the ward
later, right?”

The nurse nodded in response. “Yes. She is already out of danger and we will send her to the regular
ward later.”

“All right. I’ll complete the admission procedure, then,” Tom said before turning around and leaving the
emergency room.

He then arranged for two first-class wards for Sonia and Toby. Soon after, Sonia was brought in.

Tom stayed with her for a while and decided to hire a woman helper to look after Sonia. After all, it
wasn’t appropriate for a man like him to look after her.

After doing everything he could and making sure that Sonia would be fine after recuperating, he left the
ward in relief and went back to the area outside the resuscitation room.

Finally, after more than an hour of waiting, the red light above the door dimmed.

When Tom noticed that, he swiftly stood up. Fists tightly clenched, he intently fixed his eyes on the

The door was then opened. Dressed in a set of green surgical scrubs, Tim was the first to exit the

“Dr. Lancaster!” Tom immediately called out to him.

Tim halted his steps and removed his mask. Without waiting for Tom to ask, he reported Toby’s
condition. “President Fuller has been saved and is out of danger for the time being.”

Instead of feeling relieved, Tom furrowed his brows even more when he heard that. “Out of danger for
the time being? Do you mean that President Fuller is not completely out of danger yet?”

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