Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417

Chapter 1317

“That’s correct.” Tim pushed his glasses up gracefully with his slim middle finger, looking like a
pretentious man.

To be exact, he would be a pretentious scum if he donned a suit.

Meanwhile, Tom stumbled two steps forward as if he had taken a tremendous blow. “How could this
be?” he questioned with glassy eyes.

“Why not?” Tim crossed his arms and said calmly, “Toby’s heart has already been damaged due to the
previous incident. Before this incident, he could still live normally for a year or two until the delivery of a
replacement heart, provided he avoided all forms of stimulation and intense exercise. However, the
smoke stimulated his heart and he breathed in many of the smoke’s toxic components. As a result, the
heart’s damage worsened. If you hadn’t gotten him to the hospital in time, he’d be in the morgue
instead of being temporarily rescued.”

Tom clutched his hair in dismay as his eyes turned red. “What will become of President Fuller?”

“He’ll most likely be bedridden or in a wheelchair. Nonetheless, he is susceptible to cardiac arrest and
death on the spot, and the possibilities are not slim.”

Tom flushed as he heard that. “In other words, if President Fuller did not have the heart replacement
operation, he would never be able to stand up again and may die at any time.”

Tim nodded at that. “That’s correct. I did say Toby’s safety is only temporary.”

As a result, despite being a man, Tom started crying.

Tim was appalled by Tom’s reaction. “Stop sobbing! Toby is not yet dead. Instead of crying, you should
inquire about the carrier of his predetermined heart. Kill the carrier and airlift the heart over if possible.
Then, I’ll replace Toby’s heart right away. Your president will recover after that. That’s it. He’ll be
admitted to the intensive care unit for observation for a few days. After that, if nothing abnormal occurs,
I will consider allowing him to remain in the general ward. Alright, then. I’ll take your leave. I need to
check on Sonia.”

He ignored Tom and departed after speaking.

Tom didn’t mind that Tim was leaving because he was still thinking about what Tim had just said.

The man proposed killing the heart’s carrier and transporting it to Toby for a heart transplant. Despite
the remarks being frightening and cruel, Tom had no choice but to consider the suggestion.

Before the incident, Tom would have thought Tim’s suggestion was too severe and he would have
refused to support it.

Even if the carrier could not be cured, he had the right to life as long as he was not dead.

Furthermore, whereas Toby had two years left, the carrier only had half a year. Toby could wait for the
carrier to die before taking his heart, allowing the carrier to rest in peace.

However, Tom had now changed his mind. The carrier could live for three or four months, but Toby

could not. So, the carrier must…

Tom clenched his hands into fists. Please don’t call me cruel. I don’t want President Fuller to die.

Humans were selfish by nature. Tom admired Toby and considered him to be his best buddy.
Furthermore, Toby bestowed glory and fortune on Tom. No matter what happened, Tom would never let
Toby die.

As a result, Tom was forced to sacrifice the carrier.

He closed his eyes tightly as he reflected on what he had to do. When he opened his eyes again, his
gaze was icy and determined.

He then took out his cell phone and dialed an international number.

The phone was answered swiftly. “Mr. Brown,” the callee answered.

“How is the carrier doing?” Tom lowered his eyes, and it was hard to see his expression.

The person on the other end responded, “Same old. He is only awake for a short period each day.”

“Did the doctor say how long he can live?” Tom inquired.

“Three months,” the person answered after some contemplation.

“I see.” Tom nodded and prompted, “Is the carrier awake now?”

“He is. He just finished eating and is talking to his family.”

“All right,” Tom said hoarsely before falling silent.

After a brief pause, he gritted his teeth and stated his intentions. “When the carrier’s family departs,
speak with the carrier. We desperately need his heart right now.”

The person on the other end of the line turned pale with horror when he heard that. “What? Do you
mean you want the carrier…”

“Yes.” Tom nodded and muttered, “It so happens that his country is pro-euthanasia.”

“I know, but—”

“There’s nothing to be concerned about. He doesn’t have much time left. He only has three months, so
there’s not much difference between living and dying. I understand this is against international law, but
something has happened to President Fuller,” Tom stated.

The callee was also an employee for Toby assigned to keep an eye on the carrier to ensure that the
carrier’s heart was not injured.

As such, the callee became concerned when he learned that Toby had been involved in an incident.
“What’s the matter with President Fuller?”
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“His heart has been affected by external forces, but he is now being resuscitated. However, President
Fuller will not last long and may perish anytime. Do you get what I’m saying? If I could, I wouldn’t be so
cruel, but when President Fuller’s life is in jeopardy, I’d rather sacrifice others for him.” Tom grimaced

and clenched his teeth.

The callee understood and could relate to Tom. He would have made the same decision if it had been
his choice. After all, he was also Toby’s employee. “Got it. I’ll take care of it.”

The callee understood and could relate to Tom. He would have made the same decision if it had been
his choice. After all, he was also Toby’s employee. “Got it. I’ll take care of it.”

Tom hummed and stated, “Of course, we will not be too harsh on the carrier. We must provide him with
adequate compensation. We will do everything in our power to grant his wish so that he can leave
without regret.”

“Okay, I’ll forward it on. Don’t worry, Mr. Brown. Consider it done.”

As soon as the callee finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Tom also put the phone down and clutched it. Then, he lowered his eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry…”

It was the first time he had done something like this, so his conscience was troubled.

However, Tom had no regrets.

He only hoped Toby wouldn’t blame him for taking the liberty.

Tom sighed and rubbed his face before concentrating on waiting for Toby to emerge and following him
to the ICU.

About an hour later, Tom received a response from abroad. The carrier agreed to the request.

That was unquestionably wonderful news.

Tom finally smiled for the first time this evening.

The response was that the carrier would choose euthanasia after two days because he wanted to say
farewell to his family.

In addition, the carrier’s compensation option was straightforward—it was money. He desired a
substantial sum of money for his family. He hoped his family would live comfortably after his death and
not worry about money ever again.

They were impoverished and frequently worried about their financial status. The carrier’s wife was
clueless and his children were little. He had no idea if his family would survive if he died.

As such, he wanted to leave a substantial sum of money to his family before his death to ensure they
would not worry about funds in the future.

That wasn’t asking too much. It was reasonable in this case.

Hence, Tom consented to the proposal without hesitation. He also gave them a house in addition to

“Two days.” Tom sighed. “President Fuller will survive after that.”

Tom peered through the ICU’s glass wall at Toby, who was hooked up to a ventilator. He could finally

relax because the stress was gone.

As he relaxed, hunger and exhaustion hit him simultaneously, causing him to go limp and
embarrassingly collapse to the ground in a heap.

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