Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418

Chapter 1318

On the other hand, Asher had been secretly following the factory fire’s subsequent development since
his departure.

I want to know what happened to Toby and Sonia and whether they are injured or have died as I
hoped! It would be preferable if they died, but I’ll be happy if they are hurt too. Of course, it would be
best to burn them beyond recognition.

Asher sat in front of a computer with a glass of red wine, pondering calmly while frequently refreshing
the browser to read about the fire’s consequences.

However, no matter how hard he looked, there was no news of a fire on the Internet.

He couldn’t know how Toby and Sonia were without the news and this irritated him.

Logically speaking, that should not happen.

It was the information age. As a result, everything would be quickly uploaded on the Internet and made

It was unfathomable that the factory fire incident had not been widely publicized even after such a long
time, given how serious it was. The media would surely have written articles on it.

Of course, Asher was no dummy. He instantly realized that someone had intervened to put out the fire
and suppress the information.

As such, there was no news on the Internet.

The Fuller Group was the only entity capable of doing it. Nobody else had the authority to keep the
news from leaking.

At that thought, Asher furiously banged the wine glass on the table.

Without the news and not knowing Toby and Sonia’s situation, it was akin to Asher being blind and not
knowing what to do next.

However, it was not the end of the world.

Asher took out his phone and called his men, asking them to go to the big hospitals and see whether
they had admitted a couple rescued from a fire.

He could still figure out the couple’s situation as long as he knew that.

After issuing the command, Asher made phone calls to others he knew, asking if they had heard about
the fire that night.

Of course, when he asked, he skillfully avoided mentioning the incident at the Paradigm Factory.
Instead, he inquired whether there was a fire anywhere that night.

However, Asher received only a negative response.

It was clear from this that the Fuller Group had rigorously prohibited the news from escaping, so much
so that even the inner circle was unaware of it.

Of course, he also knew why the Fuller Group had hidden the news.

Asher intended to spread the news online to cause the company difficulties.

However, he was fully aware that he would be caught red-handed if he did this. He would be
apprehended by the Internet police very quickly.

After all, only the person who started the fire would know and broadcast the news online after the
company had taken such measures.

So, all he could do was helplessly watch while the Fuller Group blocked the news. He was unable to
accept it.

Asher’s mood plummeted after getting the news from the prior phone conversation.

They had previously asked if any of the larger hospitals had admitted patients rescued from the fire
tonight, and the answer was yes.

After all, there would be fires breaking out all over the place, including Seafield.

However, the places that his guys enquired about were not the factory. The people who sought medical
attention were either a family of three or elderly men, and none of them matched Toby and Sonia’s

It was the same as having no news at all.

At that point, Asher turned gloomy and he raised his head to drink the entire cup of wine in one gulp,
knowing that it was impossible to know Toby and Sonia’s situation that night.

Well, I’ll work it out tomorrow, Asher thought with displeasure.

However, before he could inquire about Toby’s and Sonia’s status, he was arrested the next day at the
entrance of Paradigm Co. by the police.

It surprised everyone in Paradigm and the paparazzi that waited outside regardless of the weather.

The word that the president of Paradigm Co. had been arrested quickly spread like wildfire and it
became much more popular than Lynette’s murder case.

“What’s the problem? Another wealthy individual detained? Rich folks are frequently arrested these

“I’m not sure. What is the reason for this person’s arrest? Is this another murder?”
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“It’s not impossible. These wealthy individuals are ruthless. Just wait and see. The cops will publish a
statement soon and we’ll know why by then.”

While the netizens were discussing it, Paradigm Co.’s personnel scanned their social media. When the
corporation’s leaders saw it, they didn’t say anything because they were also intrigued.

However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t determine why Asher was taken away.

Rita was the only one who knew.

The night before, Rita had gotten a call from Tom. He informed her that the factory had been set on fire.
She was stunned at the time. She later discovered that Sonia had passed out in the fire. Rita was
utterly frightened and wanted to see Sonia right away.

However, Tom stopped her. He stated that Sonia would be unable to work at Paradigm for some time.
To avoid informing the public about the incident, as well as the news of Toby and Sonia being injured in
the fire, he required Rita to explain to the company that Sonia had gone on an important business trip
and was not in Seafield.

Rita was Sonia’s secretary. Therefore, her words had weight and credibility among the employees.

Rita was Sonia’s secretary. Therefore, her words had weight and credibility among the employees.

Rita realized that if everyone knew what had happened to the chairperson, the company would panic
and something horrible would happen.

As such, she obeyed Tom and forced herself to calm down to keep the company stable. She then
appeared at the office early in the morning to inform everyone that Sonia had gone on a business trip.

The employees didn’t give it much thought.

However, before Rita could relax, she learned that Asher had been arrested.

Asher’s arrest immediately made her realize the truth about the fire last night.

“You b*stard!” Rita angrily cursed before picking up her luggage and leaving the office for Bayside

Tom suggested that once Rita had stabilized the business, she should pack some clothes and daily
essentials for Sonia and send them to the hospital.

After all, Sonia was expected to be in the hospital for an extended period.

Rita moved swiftly and arrived at the hospital two hours later.

Tom was waiting for her at the elevator.

“Mr. Brown, is Miss Reed okay?” she inquired as she approached.

“Miss Reed is fine. However, her eyes were harmed. She may require surgery in the future. Don’t
worry, though. She will fully recover from the surgery, “Tom responded.

Rita nodded as they entered the elevator and she exhaled a sigh of relief. “That’s great. Except for her
eyes, she is fortunate to have escaped the fire uninjured. I can’t have asked for more. Where has
President Fuller gone? How is he doing?”

Tom moved his lips. He was in a bad mood and didn’t say anything.

Rita’s heart skipped a beat when she realized Toby’s wounds might be catastrophic.

However, Rita had no idea how horrible it was.

As such, she didn’t ask any more questions because doing so would make her sad.

She handed Tom one of the two bags. “This is President Fuller’s stuff, Mr. Brown.”

“I appreciate it.” Tom nodded and accepted it.

He couldn’t leave the hospital, so he asked Rita to bring the items over.

Rita waved her hand and said, “It’s nothing.”

The elevator arrived with a ding.

After they exited the elevator, Tom pointed to a ward in front of them. “Miss Reed is in that ward. You
are welcome to visit her. She most likely hasn’t awakened yet. I’ll be with President Fuller for now.”

With that, he turned and walked in the opposite direction.

Rita took a deep breath as she peered up at the signboard in that direction.

He’s going to the ICU!

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