Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420

Chapter 1320

That’s fantastic! Toby is not dead. He is still alive and well!

Sonia was trembling with joy.

After witnessing her in that state, Rita did not think she was insane. She reasoned this was because
Sonia was happy.

When Sonia eventually calmed down, Rita handed her a tissue. “Miss Reed, please wipe your tears.
Don’t cry anymore since it’s harmful to your eyes.”

“Okay.” Sonia took a deep breath and used the tissue to wipe away the tears that had spilled beneath
the gauze. “Since Toby is not dead, why did you talk in that tone earlier?” she asked again.

“Well, President Fuller is still alive, but he is currently in the ICU,” Rita replied as she touched the tip of
her nose.

“ICU?” Sonia’s voice abruptly raised.

“Yes.” Rita gave a nod.

“What became of him? What happened? Tell me, please,” Sonia hastily inquired.

However, Rita shook her head. “I have no idea what happened to President Fuller since Mr. Brown did
not tell me.”

“Where has Mr. Brown gone?” Sonia inquired once more.

“He’s in the company of President Fuller.”

“Please give me your cell phone. No, you call Mr. Brown and tell him to come over. I need to know
what’s going on with Toby. I won’t be at ease as long as I stay oblivious about his condition.” Sonia
gave the order.

Then, she realized it was too slow, so she threw the blanket away from herself. “No, I’ll have to find him
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However, as she did so, she experienced acute dizziness. She fell back on the bed in an instant.

As a result, Rita hurriedly stated, “Please, Miss Reed, calm down. You haven’t eaten anything since
yesterday. The doctor cleaned your lung and airway, so your body is still recovering. As a result, you’re
unable to travel. You should get some rest. I’ll contact Mr. Brown.”

Sonia also realized her body was weak, so she stopped pushing herself. “You call him, then,” she said
while waving her hand.

“Okay. I’ll do it right now.” Rita then took out her cell phone and dialed Tom’s number.

When he found out Sonia was awake, he promised to visit her soon. Then, he inquired about her
situation and calmly hung up the phone.

“Miss Reed, Mr. Brown will be here shortly.”

“Okay.” Sonia nodded.

Rita took a seat next to her. “Miss Reed, the person who ignited the fire has been apprehended by the

Sonia sharply raised her head when she heard that. “What did you say? Was the perpetrator

“That’s right,” Rita answered as she nodded.

“Who was it?” Sonia clenched her teeth, hating the perpetrator with a vengeance.

Toby would not be suffering if it weren’t for that perpetrator!

“It’s President Dafoe,” Rita said as her gaze fixed on Sonia.

“Is that Asher Dafoe?” Sonia was taken aback when she heard this.


“That’s him!”

Sonia tightened her fist as her cheeks heated with rage. “Yes, I should’ve considered that sooner.
Asher gave me a spiteful look during our meeting yesterday. I expected him to set a trap for me during
the meeting, but he didn’t do anything until the end, so I laid down my guard!”

At that moment, she regretted, blamed herself, and felt guilty at the same time. All kinds of emotions
tried to overwhelm her. The perpetrator was going after me, not Toby. That means I dragged Toby

She was heartbroken and despised Asher. “Is he in police custody?” She fisted her hand.

“Yes,” Rita responded with a nod.

“How come the cops found him so soon this time?” Sonia inquired once more.

At that, Rita shook her head. “I’m not sure about that, but Mr. Brown should. You can ask him later.”

Sonia grunted, indicating that she understood.

Rita continued, “Miss Reed, President Dafoe was arrested at the company’s entry. Thus, this has an
impact on our business. Do you want to make a statement?”

Sonia nodded. “Assume Asher Dafoe got drunk and set fire to a factory. Don’t reveal the particular
reason, or it would be tricky.”

If the public learned that Asher intended to burn Sonia to death because he was unhappy with her, it
would have a terrible impact on Paradigm.

The public image of Paradigm’s executive would deteriorate, and people would loathe Paradigm,
particularly the government. It was not appropriate for the company.

“Don’t be concerned, Miss Reed. I see what you’re saying. Mr. Brown suppressed the news last night
because he was afraid the public would find out about you and President Fuller’s injuries. The general
public is still unaware of what had occurred,” Rita stated as she picked up her phone.

“That’s great,” Sonia whispered.

Soon, Paradigm’s statement was distributed.

Netizens following the story were surprised to learn that Asher had been drinking and burned down a

“Hey, are rich people this insane?”

“He set fire to a factory at random. Well, he played with fire and burned himself.”

Asher was being mocked on the internet.

Naturally, some people suspected things were not as simple as they appeared. They were persuaded
that there was something they were unaware of.

Connor, too, had a feeling something was awry. “Look into that,” he told his assistant in another private

Connor, too, had a feeling something was awry. “Look into that,” he told his assistant in another private

After responding, Xander made a phone call. He responded after completing the call, “I’ve requested

someone to look into it. There should be some news soon.”

“Okay.” Connor sat on the bed and bent his leg to place his hand on his knee. He tapped his leg with a
commanding expression. “How is Anya doing?”

“She hasn’t woken up since she was beaten,” Xander dismissively said when asked about her.

Anya was liked by Boss, who considered her his daughter, so I assumed she would be wise. However,
she is useless. Everything Boss spent on her was a waste of money.

Connor grunted, indicating that he understood. Then, with dark eyes, he continued, “This woman lied to
me about the Lore Family, especially Lynette, being a decent pawn. I didn’t expect the Lores to be
useless, and they collapsed before I could accomplish anything. Lynette was so ridiculous that she got
arrested right away. To think I trusted her and put together several plans, but they all fell through. I
would have snapped her neck if she hadn’t still been useful.”

“There’s no rush. You can still break her neck when you achieve your goal,” said Xander.

Connor chuckled at that. “That’s true.”

Tom soon arrived at Sonia’s unit in First World Hospital with Tim.

Hearing the footsteps, she knew they had arrived and instantly attempted to inquire about Toby.

On the other hand, Tim interrupted her. “There’s no need to be hasty. Let me first check on your injury.”
As he said that, he checked on Sonia despite her impatience.

“Miss Reed, please cooperate with the examination. President Fuller won’t be concerned about you
when he awakens and sees you have healed.”

Sonia ceased resisting as soon as those words were spoken. That’s correct. Toby’s character dictates
he will fuss over me after he wakes up despite his injury. I need to rest so he won’t be too distracted to
worry about me.

As a result, she obediently lay down. The examination went considerably more smoothly in an instant.

After the examination, Tim nodded in approval. “Not bad. Except for the eyes, you will recover fully in
two days.”

Everyone was relieved when they heard that.

The nurse inquired what Sonia could eat to determine what she could buy for her. After the nurse left,
Sonia finally asked, “Mr. Brown, how is Toby?”

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