Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1421

Chapter 1421

Chapter 1321

Sonia was eager to know what was going on with Toby. Why did he vomit blood and end up in the
intensive care unit? What was his sickness?

She did not imagine Toby would vomit blood simply from inhaling chemical components in the smoke.
There must be other explanations!

Tom parted his lips, unsure how to respond to her curious glance. After all, Toby had already forbidden
Tom from telling her the truth.

“Mr. Brown!” Sonia grew concerned when she noticed his silence.

Tim came over at this point and pushed Tom aside. “That’s enough. I’ll explain. This person is under
orders from Toby and will not tell you. I’ll inform you of whatever you require.”

“Dr. Lancaster!” Tom was becoming concerned.

However, Tim gave him a casual look. “Do you believe you can conceal Toby’s situation? We could still
cover his injury if Sonia weren’t with him. We could inform her that he was away on business. On the
other hand, Sonia witnessed his collapse with him. What kind of excuse can you use to divert her
attention? Even if you find an excuse, won’t she demand proof? She will remain at the hospital to care
for Toby. Will she be suspicious if she sees us inspecting him in numerous ways?”

Tom’s mouth dropped open, and he was stunned when he heard that. That’s correct. We can’t hide it
any longer.

Sonia’s heart skipped a beat as she overheard their chat. Then, she clutched the collar of her hospital
gown. “What’s the matter, Tim? What exactly are you on about?”

He moved over to the stressed-out woman and softly pressed a point on the back of her neck. There
was acupuncture located there. By pressing that region, one’s emotions and spirits would gradually
relax, resulting in tranquility. As a result, one would not act rashly due to a rapid surge of emotions.

“Toby suffers from heart illness,” Tim explained.

She bit her lower lip. “I know. He was born with it, and his forefathers had it as well. It’s inherited. Why
do you bring it up now? Could Toby’s unexpected vomiting of blood in the fire be related to his heart

He grumbled before continuing, “Toby underwent a heart transplant seven years ago to live until now. If
there had been no mishaps, the heart replacement seven years ago would have been sufficient for him
to enjoy a healthy life. However, his heart suffered a major accident a few months ago, causing the
heart to be damaged and requiring replacement with a healthy heart within two years. Otherwise, death
will befall him.”

“What?” Sonia’s mind rang with a bang as she grew pale. “Are you suggesting that his current heart…”
she muttered shakily.

“That’s right.” Tim nodded.

“That’s impossible!” She trembled as she was unable to accept the truth. This is way too cruel.

“That’s the truth,” he replied. “Toby can survive for two years without another heart transplant if he does
not receive any stimuli. However, he breathed a lot of smoke and dust, as well as different compounds
in the smoke, which overstimulated his heart. He couldn’t take the strain any longer and vomited blood.
Fortunately, Tom arrived in time to save both of you and allow Toby to get medical attention. Otherwise,
he’s a dead man.”

Sonia was about to collapse at that point. She could not sit there any longer and fell on the bed,
startling those who were present.

“Miss Reed.” Tom hurried forward to assist her, and so did Rita.

However, Tim drove both of them away. “You are not doctors, so don’t cause me any more problems.
Please leave.”

After chasing the two away impatiently, he went up to check on Sonia. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief.
“It’s nothing major. She was shocked when she learned about Toby’s situation, causing her blood
pressure to spike. She’ll be fine in a few minutes.” The ward grew silent as he explained.

After a few moments, Sonia opened her mouth and hoarsely muttered, “The world is unfair…”

Toby has had a bad heart since birth. Why take away his healthy heart when he finally has it? This is
very unfair.

At that, she burst into tears.

Even if Rita warned her that crying could cause harm to her eyes, she could not care less. Her anguish

made it impossible for her not to cry.

Tim realized what Sonia meant and stated calmly, “There is no such thing as being unfair. Toby has
never had a healthy heart, yet he was born into the Fuller Family. As a result, he has been at the top of
the social hierarchy since his boyhood. At the top, he has the glory, fortune, power, and position others
do not have. So, having a sick heart is not unjust to him. He would have died long ago if he hadn’t been
born into the Fuller Family. As a Fuller, he’s had extensive physical attention since he was a child,
allowing him to live until now. Ordinary people, however, do not have this luxury if they have heart
disease. He is superior to most people on the planet.”

Despite those words, humans were selfish. Sonia had no interest in other people because she did not
know them. She was just concerned with Toby.

Despite those words, humans were selfish. Sonia had no interest in other people because she did not
know them. She was just concerned with Toby.

To her, his situation was the result of the universe’s inequity!

Tim pushed his spectacles, knowing what she was thinking. “Don’t think much about it. Toby is wealthy.
Thus, he has already spent a significant number of human resources and money to find a new heart for
himself. A few months ago, a new heart was discovered.”

“What did you say?” She was overjoyed to learn that a heart had been discovered. “Is that correct?
Have you found the heart?”

“That’s correct. We promptly searched for a suitable heart when President Fuller’s heart was damaged.
It didn’t take long to locate it.” Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Although the compatibility rate was low, however, humans were abundant and indispensable in this
world. Hence, there were always people who were a match for Toby. It was always possible to find it if
one had enough money.

Sonia eventually smiled after hearing Tom’s words. “That’s fantastic.” Yet, she soon realized something
and grimaced. “Wait a minute. Why didn’t you operate on Toby after discovering the heart so long ago?
Why haven’t you given Toby the heart?” She could not figure it out.

Tom elaborated, “Well, the heart comes with a body, and the owner of the heart is still alive.”

She felt a chill run up her spine as she heard that. “The carrier is still alive! T-Then… there’s Toby. He
can’t wait for it!”

Toby was now in the intensive care unit, and she could understand Tim’s words.

The heart, which was already injured, was stimulated. Although Tim did not specify how long Toby had
left, laypeople could tell that his days were numbered without medical knowledge.

Why else would he be in the ICU?

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