Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1422

Chapter 1422

Chapter 1322

Sonia’s meaning was clear to Tom. She believed the carrier was still alive and was unsure how long he
would live. On the other hand, Toby was on the point of death, and she feared he would not make it till
the carrier died.

“Don’t be concerned, Miss Reed. The carrier is already ill and has to be hospitalized. It is an incurable
disease with a life expectancy of only a few months. Several months have passed. I called yesterday
and discovered that the carrier only had two days left. When he dies, the heart will be immediately sent
here so that President Fuller can obtain it,” he elaborated.

Tim’s glasses were reflected as he stared at Tom.
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Similarly, he cast a glance at Tim as well. “So, kindly schedule an operation for President Fuller and
take a few days off. We need you to operate on him when the time comes.”

Tim grinned when he heard that. “Understood. I see you’ve accepted my advice last night.”

Tom kept his head down and remained silent.

Sonia did not know what they were doing nor understood Tim’s remarks. All she knew was that Toby
was going to be saved. This is fantastic news.

“That’s great,” she said, smiling. “Can surgery be done in a matter of days?”

“A physical examination is essential because Toby’s physical fitness must meet the surgical

requirement,” Tim answered as he pushed his glasses up his nose.

She quickly nodded in response. “He will satisfy the criterion since he exercises regularly. Aside from
his heart, he is in good physical shape.”

“It should be alright,” he replied.

Despite Toby’s unfortunate circumstances, Sonia felt much better knowing that he had located his heart
and would have surgery soon. However, her mood remained bleak.

He would be saved, but he was still in the intensive care unit. She could not relax until he could stand
before her in one piece. Furthermore, she was the one who caused him agony and brought him down.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Brown,” she apologized abruptly.

“Miss Reed, why the sudden apology?” Tom inquired while looking at her. He could not quite figure her

She took a long breath and replied softly, “Toby is nearly dead due to my actions. According to Rita,
Asher was the one who started the fire. He holds a grudge against me and is upset with me since
Paradigm took away his rights. It’s no wonder that after disliking me for so long, Asher will do
something crazy like to kill me. However, he bears no ill will against Toby. I hurt Toby! He wouldn’t be in
ICU if I didn’t take him to the factory.”

Tom sighed after staring at her for a time. “Please, Miss Reed, don’t do this. You didn’t injure President
Fuller because you made him go to the factory. It was his request. We’re all aware of how much he

adores and cares about you. Please don’t blame yourself because he will never let you go alone. I don’t
think President Fuller will blame you either.”

A subordinate like me couldn’t do it if President Fuller didn’t blame her.

“I see what you’re saying, but I can’t let it go.” Sonia smiled wryly.

He remained motionless for a moment before saying, “If you can’t let it go, you should take care of your
body right now. President Fuller will require months of recuperation. You must look for him to make
amends for him throughout this time.”

Miss Reed should feel better in this scenario.

“I know. It goes without saying.” She nodded. After all, she injured Toby so severely that she could not
ignore him any longer.

“By the way, I have one more question. What happened when Toby broke his heart for the first time?
Why did he want to keep it hidden from me? Tim stated that it occurred a few months ago. What
happened?” she inquired as her gaze fixed on Tom.

Even though she could not see him, she knew he was nearby.

“I…” he muttered while parting his lips.

“Just tell her. I’ve already told her about Toby’s heart problem, so there’s no need to keep anything else
from her. If you continue to conceal it, she will be much more shocked when she discovers it later,” Tim
stated calmly.

Sonia clenched her hands into fists when she heard that. What does that imply? Based on what they
suggest, it appears to have something to do with me again.

“Do you remember when you and President Fuller slid off the cliff, Miss Reed?” Tom persuaded himself
to come clean to her.

He did not care if Toby blamed him when he awoke. It was because Tom believed Sonia deserved to
know the truth. She must know what Toby had done for her. Keeping it from her was cruel not only to
her but also to Toby.

Tom was not sure whether they could be together indefinitely, which was the best-case situation.
However, she would care more for Toby if she knew the truth. At the very least, she would not think that
Toby had done nothing for her.

“Yes.” Sonia nodded. She would never forget the soul-stirring occurrence.

Why does Mr. Brown bring this up?

Why does Mr. Brown bring this up?

“Could the heart injury be caused by jumping down the cliff at that time?” she murmured before tensing

“That’s accurate,” Tom verified her suspicion. “President Fuller’s heart was broken the last time he
plunged from the cliff. He did, however, ask us not to say anything, especially to you and Old Mrs.
Fuller. That’s why we kept it hidden from you.”

“I see. I see…” She then ridiculed, “That’s why I’ve always suspected him of harboring a secret from
me. Why does he choose to keep such an important truth from me? I’m the one that caused him pain.
Yes, it’s all my fault from the start. Whether it was last time or this time, it’s my fault!” She hammered
her wounded heart, feeling guilty and sorrowful.

Seeing her demeanor, Tom hurriedly stated, “Miss Reed, please don’t do this. President Fuller was
keeping it from you because he knows how much you will blame yourself. Although he jumped to save
you at the time, he had always done so voluntarily, whether then or now. You did not request that he do
so. Even if you were wrong, you only bear some blame. Furthermore, he conceals it from you for a
reason other than to keep you from feeling guilty and remorseful.”

“What exactly is it?” Her voice was as hoarse as it had been since she had awoken. The only
difference was that the emotions disguised in the voice were far more complex, intermingled with
various levels of despair and self-blame.

“You and President Fuller had not reconciled at the time. If you knew he broke his heart to save you, it
was pretty likely that you would reconcile with him to repay his compassion, but he didn’t want that.
What he desired was your willingness to return to him, not your willingness to stay with him for
atonement,” Tom elaborated.

Rita, like Sonia, covered her lips in amazement when these words were spoken. “President Fuller…
He’s such a nice person.”

Sonia’s scarlet lips shook just a little. That’s right. The honest Toby is such a nice guy who thinks about
others. Unfortunately, Tina kept the real him hidden for six years. As a result, I had to deal with the
false Toby for six years.

“I owe him far too much favor. I’m at a loss on how to compensate him…” she whispered as she
hunched over on the bed.

Toby had made too many sacrifices for me, and I couldn’t keep track of it any longer. I’ll never be able
to repay him!

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