Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1423

Chapter 1423

Chapter 1323

“Miss Reed,” Tom called out to Sonia at that moment.

At that, she raised her head to ‘look’ at him.

Then, he added, “If you can’t repay him, why not stay with President Fuller in this life? You can spend
the next few decades repaying him.”

She realized he was giving her a way to reduce her stress. As a result, she took a deep breath and
gathered herself. “That should go without saying.”

She stated that if she no longer had feelings for Toby or if he betrayed her, she would leave him.
However, what he did for her rendered her unable to carry on with her plan.

Of course, she would not abandon him if he betrayed her one day. She would withdraw her emotions
and cease to love him. Then, she had to be Mrs. Fuller rather than his wife. After all, she owed him for
everything he had done for her.

Tom smiled as he nodded in response to her words. “That’s all right. So, don’t think you can’t pay back
your debt. It is sufficient for you to repay it with your entire life. I believe President Fuller will accept it.”
Oh, I work so hard for President Fuller’s happiness.

“That’s all there is to it. Let’s not get into that right now. You already know what you need to know.
Anyway, Toby is not going to die. He’ll be back on his feet in a year or two. Let us now discuss your
eyes.” Tim interrupted their conversation.

Suddenly, Sonia had an unexplainable terrible feeling after touching the gauze on her eyes. “What’s the
matter with my eyes?”

“Please, Dr. Lancaster…” Rita became terrified.

She had previously lied to Sonia that her eyes were fine. However, the doctor was going to talk about
her eyes now. Miss Reed will become aware that her eyes are more serious than she imagined. What
will we do if she is unable to accept the blow?

However, she misjudged Sonia’s mental fortitude.

Tim’s statements, combined with Rita’s reaction, convinced Sonia that her eyes were not as fine as Rita
claimed. Something had to be wrong with those eyes.

Still, Sonia remained composed despite her disappointment. She was willing to take any awful news
regarding her eyes, including blindness. As a result, she gave Rita a friendly smile. “Don’t be
concerned. I can handle hearing about Toby’s heart trouble, and I’m sure my eyes aren’t as bad as a
heart. So, Dr. Lancaster, tell me. I’m perfectly fine.”

The eyes were not a necessary organ, and it was possible to survive without them. However, one could
not live without a heart. Unlike the heart, Sonia could accept any news about her eyes.

After hearing her words, Rita was reassured and allowed Tim to continue his task. After that, she
bowed apologetically to him. “I apologize, doctor. I was far too rash. You may continue speaking.”

Tim then gave her a chilly stare and disregarded her. Rita should be grateful that she works for Sonia.
Otherwise, based on her rudeness to me earlier, I would have plenty of methods to deal with her.
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Meanwhile, Rita felt a chill rising from her feet to the top of her head for some reason. She could not
stop shivering from the cold.

“Because your eyes have been heavily exposed to the smoke, your retina has experienced significant
damage. If the condition is mild, your vision might be clouded after we remove the gauze. To see, you
must wear professional custom-made glasses. Even if you can see clearly, it will not be as clear as
normal vision.”

Sonia nodded quietly. “I see. So, if I wear glasses, I can see. Then, I should be alright. I’m not blind.”

“Although you’re not, the likelihood of you going blind increases with time,” he added.

Her smile came to a halt as she heard that.

Tom and Rita, too, turned solemn.

However, Sonia quickly restored her smile. “It’s fine. Being blind isn’t a significant concern compared to
Toby’s position.”

“You can heal with surgery,” Tim stated abruptly.

Sonia remained silent as her lips twitched. “Can I recover my eyesight through surgery even though I’m

He gave a noncommittal nod. “You’ll need a new cornea.”

“So, it’s not lifelong blindness as it is treatable.” She smiled wryly.

He snapped his fingers. “That’s correct.”

“Hmph!” Sonia burst out laughing helplessly. So, why didn’t he complete his sentence right away? Why
does he insist on keeping the terms separate?! It frightened me!

Sonia, Tom, and Rita all wanted to hit Tim as well. When did the doctor develop such an awful taste?
Isn’t he an emotionally deficient man? It no longer appears to be the case.

“Dr. Lancaster,” Tom piped up.

Tim gazed at him as he heard that.

Tom paused for a few seconds before saying what he was thinking, “I notice you’re becoming more like
a regular person today.”

The inference was that he progressively began to experience the feelings that normal people did.

Tim was no moron. On the contrary, he was astute. Though Tom phrased it cryptically, he understood
the hidden meaning.

Tim was no moron. On the contrary, he was astute. Though Tom phrased it cryptically, he understood
the hidden meaning.

As a result, Tim was taken aback. D-Do I appear to be acting normally? He lowered his gaze and said,
“I have something to do, so I’ll excuse myself. Please let me know if you require anything.”

He was returning to his office. He wanted to reflect if he was growing more like a normal person. As
such, he departed quickly, and Tom and Sonia both understood why.

Rita did not get it, but she did not care because she did not know who he was. Therefore, she did not
want to ask any further questions. “Don’t be concerned, Miss Reed. Yesterday, the nurse informed me
about your eyes. I’ve sent someone to the organ bank to look for a cornea. Please be rest assured.
The cornea is not as uncommon as the interior organs.”

Sonia muttered, “I understand. I apologize for bothering you.”

“It’s nothing. President Fuller will want me to do it when he wakes up, so I might as well do it now.
Perhaps I’ll earn a bonus when he awakes,” Tom added, smiling and raising his glasses.

He purposefully said the last sentence to lighten the mood as he did not want the atmosphere to
remain tense.

Sonia understood, so she laughed instead of disappointing him before remaining silent.

There were no more voices in the ward until the nurse came in with food.

Tom raised his wrist to check his watch and discovered it was getting late. “Please enjoy your meal,
Miss Reed. I’ll return to the Fuller Group as they require my services. I’ll return later to visit you and
President Fuller.”

Sonia nodded in agreement. “You are free to leave now. For Toby, I—”

“Please wait a few days if you wish to see President Fuller. You can’t see anything, and no one is
allowed to enter his ward. When he has the operation in a few days, you can stay outside the operating
room until it is finished. You can stay with him if the doctor allows visitors,” he stated.

She agreed as she nodded. “Okay, you’re right. I’m currently blind and unable to care for myself or him.
Even just visiting him will cause him problems. It’s over if I cause him any more of that.”

“It’s great that you believe that. I’ll take my leave.”

He then bowed to her and walked away.

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