Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427

Chapter 1327

“Don’t worry, Miss Reed. The heart is currently abroad. Our people are rushing through the formalities,
and we should complete the procedures by the day after tomorrow. Of course, we will expedite the
delivery as soon as we complete the necessary procedures.” A cold gleam flashed through Tom’s eyes.

Unfortunately, Sonia failed to notice that little tidbit considering her current lack of sight. When she
heard that the heart would arrive in the country the day after tomorrow, she heaved a huge sigh of

“Well then, Miss Reed, I won’t disturb your rest anymore. I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“Okay. Go ahead,” she responded.

Tom turned around and left the hospital ward.

As soon as he left the room, he was slightly taken aback to see Tim leaning against the wall outside the
ward. ” Dr. Lancaster.”

“Can we talk?” Tim looked at Tom with a smile that did not reach his eyes.

Tom nodded in cautious agreement.

The two found a quiet area and stood facing each other.
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“You chose to end the carrier’s life in the end.” The corner of Tim’s lips curved upward almost


Tom adjusted his glasses in discomfort. “That’s right. In President Fuller’s current condition, he won’t be
able to last any longer. But, on the other hand, the carrier only has a few more months left to live. I
can’t afford to wait, so I followed your suggestion and chose to end his life for the sake of obtaining his
heart. After all, to me, the carrier’s life does not compare to the life of President Fuller.”

“It’s true that I gave you the suggestion. However, I only mentioned it casually. I certainly did not expect
you to do as I suggested. Will Toby agree with your decision? After all, your actions are considered
immoral.” Tim crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Tom swallowed uncomfortably. “I will keep this matter a secret from President Fuller. Although
President Fuller seems cold and uncaring on the surface, he is a kind and compassionate man. He is
not the kind of man who would selfishly choose to take another person’s life in exchange for his own
survival. That is why I won’t tell him about this matter. However, I am willing to receive any kind of
punishment if he learns the truth one day.”

“What a good, loyal subordinate you are.”

“I am an orphan.” He raised his head and looked at Tim with an unwavering gaze. “I grew up with the
support of the Fuller Family ever since I was a child. Moreover, President Fuller personally chose me to
become his right-hand man almost immediately after I graduated from university. My position in the
entire Fuller Group is second only to him. He even gave me shares in the company. Be it the Fuller
Family or President Fuller, they have shown me great kindness. I have long since regarded President
Fuller as my family, so I am willing to do anything for him. Besides, I am simply ending the life of a
dying man in advance.”

Even if his conscience would be condemned for eternity due to his actions, he did not care.

Tim shrugged carelessly. “Was that the will of the carrier?”

“Yes. I did not conceal the truth from the carrier. Although I wish to end the carrier’s life, I am not so evil
as to go ahead and kill him without any prior discussion and consent. I sent somebody to negotiate with
him so that he would willingly accept euthanasia. The carrier has agreed to our proposal. He agreed to
accept the terms as long as we gave his wife a large sum of money and ensured that his family would
never lack money. I am very grateful to him. For that reason, I even gave his family an additional
house,” Tom explained detachedly.

Tim raised his chin thoughtfully. “Fine. Since the other party has agreed to this, I will arrange an
operating room immediately. I will make room for him in one of the operating rooms.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Dr. Lancaster.” Tom bowed deeply.

Tim stuffed his hands into the pockets of his lab coat. “You should thank Sonia instead. If not for the
fact that Toby is her husband, I would not have been so proactive in arranging surgery for him.”

After he said that, he strode away without a backward glance.

Nonetheless, Tom turned in that direction and maintained his bow until Tim was out of sight.

Time flew by quickly, and two days passed in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, the carrier overseas
proceeded according to their agreement and underwent euthanasia after bidding his family farewell.

As soon as the carrier stopped breathing, the hospital abroad immediately removed his heart and
performed the necessary procedures to keep the organ alive. Then, they urgently delivered the heart to

Tom immediately received a phone call as soon as he walked out the main entrance of the Fuller
Group. Thus, he hastily rushed to the airport.

He wanted to wait at the airport and safely escort the heart to the First World Hospital himself.
Otherwise, he would not be able to rest easy.

After all, this matter was related to Toby’s life. Therefore, everything needed to go according to plan.

Naturally, he did not forget to contact Sonia while he was on the way back to the hospital.

Sonia was having the bandages removed from her eyes at this moment, but that did not stop her from
blindly answering the phone. When she heard Tom saying that the heart would arrive in Caruna soon,
she was so emotional that she couldn’t speak.

Tim, who was removing the bandages for her, couldn’t help asking her about the situation when he saw
her freeze with the phone in her hand. “What’s wrong?”

She grabbed his lab coat and babbled excitedly, “The heart… The heart is on its way to Caruna and will
arrive at the hospital in a few hours! Toby can have the surgery soon!”

He was taken aback for a moment, then he laughed. “No wonder you suddenly seemed so cheerful.”

“How can I not be happy? Toby will finally be saved!” She ended the call and continued excitedly, “Tom

is rushing to the airport right now. He plans to wait there and safely escort the heart back. Dr.

“I know. I will send somebody to perform a physical examination on Toby. If he passes the physical
examination, then I will perform surgery on him tonight,” he knew what she wanted to say and
interrupted her in the middle of her sentence.

She nodded repeatedly. “Thank you, Dr. Lancaster.”

“It’s nothing.” He used a pair of scissors to cut away the last piece of bandage.

Sonia was absolutely overjoyed and kept pestering him about the surgery.

Sonia was absolutely overjoyed and kept pestering him about the surgery.

For example, she asked about how long the surgery would last or what complications might arise
during surgery.

After all, she couldn’t help feeling worried that something unexpected might occur during the procedure
and cause it to fail.

However, Tim informed her that the surgery’s success rate was extremely high. As long as Toby’s
physical condition met surgery requirements and the heart was a perfect match, there was practically
zero chance of failure.

Only then did she stop her constant questions.

There was no helping it. It was her first time experiencing such matters with Toby, so she was
inexperienced and ignorant. So, combined with her fear and anxiety, it was only natural for her to be
filled with questions and concerns about Toby’s well-being.

“Alright. Forget about Toby for now. Open your eyes and try looking around. Can you see anything?”
He interrupted the confused thoughts in her heart.

She cooperatively opened her eyes.

When she first opened her eyes, she couldn’t help feeling strange and quickly closed her eyes again. A
few seconds passed before she tried opening her eyes again.

After she opened her eyes for a second time, the first thing that filled her vision was a bright white light.
Then, as the white light faded away, she gradually became capable of seeing something.

It was just that everything in her vision was blurry and unclear, as though everything had been
censored with a layer of mosaic tiles. She could not clearly see any of the objects in her vision and
could only guess what they were by their blurry outlines.

“How is it? How is your vision?” Tim walked to the end of the hospital bed, stopped, and waved at her.
“Can you see me? Can you see what I’m doing clearly?”

She stared at him and blinked several times, trying to clear her vision.

Finally, she gave up and shook her head in disappointment.” I can’t see clearly. I can see that you are
wearing white, but I can’t see your face or what you are doing clearly. I can only see that you are

He returned to her side. “If you can’t see clearly at such a close distance, your condition is far more
serious than I expected. Okay, I’ve understood the general situation. I will thoroughly examine your
eyes first, and then I will arrange for the people below to prepare some glasses for you. You should be
able to see clearly after that.”

“Okay, thank you.” She smiled gratefully. “But can you prepare the glasses quickly? I…”

“You want to see Toby, right?”

She nodded sheepishly. “That’s right. I have not seen him for the past two days, so I’ve been missing
him. Now that the bandages around my eyes have been removed, I can’t wait to see him. Most
importantly, he has surgery tonight. I want to stay by his side.”

If she couldn’t see clearly, how would she stay by his side?

“Alright. I will inform the staff if that’s what you want.” He readily agreed to her request without a fuss.
Then, he instructed a nurse to help her into a wheelchair and bring her to where he would perform the
optical examination.

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