Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430

Chapter 1330

Sonia neither confirmed nor denied the statement.

Rita swallowed the scream bubbling in her throat as she questioned in disbelief, “How could she have
been imprisoned? Who imprisoned her? But I saw Miss Daphne walking around just a few days ago.
Could it be that she was imprisoned before I met her?”

“No. Miss Daphne had already been imprisoned when she submitted her resignation.” Sonia pursed
her lips.

Rita turned pale with horror. “She has been imprisoned since she submitted her resignation?”


“No wonder… No wonder Miss Daphne wanted to resign. No wonder she lied and tried to deceive us
by saying that she went to further her studies abroad. It’s because she had been imprisoned and could
not tell anybody the truth! She was probably worried that she might drag others down with her.” Rita
speculated. “Did she offend somebody badly? Is that why she was imprisoned?”

Sonia shook her head. “No. She didn’t offend a bad person. The person who is holding her prisoner is
not bad. At least, not really.”

“Who is it?”

“It’s Charles.” She pursed her lips tightly.

Rita was taken aback by the unexpected answer. “Wait a minute, Chairman Reed. Did I mishear you?
Did you just say… President Lane?”

“Yes, it’s him.”

“Why?” She widened her eyes in disbelief. “Why would President Lane imprison her?”

Sonia sighed heavily. “Now that things have come to this, I won’t hide the truth from you anymore. As
you know, Miss Daphne is pregnant. What you don’t know is who fathered her child. Well, I can tell you
right now that the child in her womb belongs to Charles.”

“Oh, Dear God.” Rita inhaled sharply. “It’s President Lane’s? How can that be?”

“Miss Daphne has always had feelings for Charles, but Charles has never reciprocated those feelings.
Due to an accident, Miss Daphne became pregnant with his child. She had been drowning in anxiety,
worried that he would learn about her pregnancy. She applied for leave on several occasions to attend
maternity checkups. She had planned to abort the child. She believed that she and Charles would
never have anything to do with each other again once she aborted the child. Unexpectedly, Charles
learned about her pregnancy on the day of her abortion. He rushed to the hospital and took her away
from the hospital, and then he imprisoned her inside a villa.”

That was the information found by the private investigator.

Rita heard a faint ringing in her mind as she pieced the information together. “I think I know how
President Lane discovered that Miss Daphne is pregnant…”

“You do?”

She chewed on her lower lip as her expression was filled with guilt. “Yes, I do. That’s because I saw the
abortion report that Miss Daphne threw in the trash can that day. After that, I discussed my discovery
with the other girls in the office when President Lane suddenly barged into the conversation. After he
demanded the name of the hospital Miss Daphne visited, he hurriedly left without another word. At the
time, we didn’t know that she was carrying President Lane’s child. We thought that she had been
bullied and assumed that President Lane left in such a hurry because he was worried about her. I can’t

Now everything made sense.

Charles learned about Daphne’s pregnancy and left to stop her from moving forward with the abortion.
He then took her away and forced her to deceive them by resigning under the excuse that she had
gone to further her studies abroad.

“Chairman Reed, why do you think President Lane imprisoned Miss Daphne? What is his purpose in
doing something like that?” Rita asked while looking directly at Sonia.

Sonia shook her head in confusion. “I don’t know. The private investigator only investigated what
happened to Miss Daphne. The day you saw her happened to be when she was allowed to go out for
some fresh air. Charles apparently agreed to let her out for relaxation once a week, but she had to
remain in the villa for the rest of the time. That’s why you saw her that day. As for what Charles is
planning to do… I don’t know.”

Still, she couldn’t help but wonder, Charles took Miss Daphne away from the hospital and stopped her

from moving forward with the abortion. Could it be that he wants her to give birth to his child?

The possibility of that is far from low, especially considering his actions in stopping her from moving
forward with her plans.

If he had no intention of having a child, he could have allowed her to abort the child back then.

If I want to learn the specific reason behind his actions, I will need to ask him directly.

“Chairman Reed…”

“I know what you want to say. Don’t worry. I will have an open and honest talk with Charles in a bit.
However, I don’t have the time right now. As you know, it’s not appropriate for Toby and me to appear in
public under our current circumstances,” Sonia said solemnly.

Rita nodded. “I understand. Since Miss Daphne is allowed to come out once a week, then that means
President Lane is giving her a certain extent of freedom despite imprisoning her. She is clearly not in
danger under his care. It’ll be enough if you ask about the situation when you have the time, Chairman

That was her real purpose.

Sonia took off her glasses to massage her ears and nose. “I will.”

Rita did not stay for long and left after a short while.

Sonia lay down and tried to rest as her mind whirled with half-formed thoughts and concerns.

Toby’s surgery was scheduled for tonight. She had to get some sleep and replenish her energy so that
she would have enough strength to wait for Toby outside the operating room tonight.

Her nap lasted for five hours.

In the end, she was woken by the nurse who told her that it was almost time for Toby’s surgery.

She was in such a rush that she didn’t even wear a jacket before she ran toward the ICU at full speed.
The nurse had to chase after her with her coat. When she recalled the scene in the future, she couldn’t
help but chuckle in amusement.
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“Miss Reed, you’re here.” Tom arrived a long time ago.

She stopped and panted heavily. “I’m here.”

Then, she raised her head to look through the glass.

Several nurses and doctors were removing the electrotherapy equipment attached to Toby’s body.
Sonia clenched her fist tightly at the heartbreaking sight. “Mr. Brown, do you think the surgery will be

“It will.” Tom was also staring into the hospital ward, but there was no hesitation in his answer.

She felt slightly more reassured after hearing that another person believed that nothing would go

She nodded in agreement and did not say anything else.

It was at this moment that the nurse finally caught up to her.

She obediently wore the clothes that were brought for her.

If she didn’t, she might end up catching a cold after Toby came out of a successful surgery.

It didn’t take long before Toby was placed on a wheeled stretcher and pushed out of the hospital ward.

Sonia and Tom unconsciously tried to approach him. However, they were stopped by several nurses
and prevented from getting closer.

They were not allowed to approach because they were not dressed in sterile clothes.

Although Sonia was disappointed, she did not argue with the nurses and simply followed them to the
operating room from a distance.

Tim had already changed into a deep green surgical gown. He was cleaning his glasses in front of the
door to the operating room.

Sonia walked over and bowed. “I’ll be relying on you for the surgery tonight.”

Tom followed suit and bowed deeply at Tim.

Tim wore his glasses. “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. Okay, I’m going in now. If you plan to wait, then wait
outside. According to my estimations, this surgery will not be completed in less than ten hours.”

“I will wait,” Sonia answered without hesitation.

Forget ten hours. She would wait even if it were for three days and three nights.

She had to wait until she received news of Toby’s successful surgery. Otherwise, she would never be
able to rest well.

“Me too,” Tom echoed.

She looked at him. “The Fuller Group…”

“That’s not a problem. I’ll just put in more overtime afterward.” He smiled at her.

He often worked overtime anyway.

Besides, there was nothing more important than Toby’s safety.

Just like that, they each settled down in an ice-cold chair respectively and quietly waited for the surgery
to end.

The waiting process was undoubtedly long and arduous.

Nevertheless, Sonia was determined to endure the process for the sake of the person inside, no matter
how tormenting it was.

The night turned to morning, and the morning turned to night again.

Twenty-four hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Aside from going to the toilet, they did not take a stray far away from the operating room.

At the same time, they became increasingly anxious and irritable as their worry grew with time.

That was because Tim had mentioned that the surgery would last more than ten hours before the
surgery began. Twenty-four hours had passed since then, but the surgery was still ongoing. Was that
an indication that the surgery had taken a downturn and was met with complications?

Was there a possibility of failure?

How could that not make them more worried?

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