Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433

Chapter 1333

Sonia shrugged helplessly but didn’t plan to hide the truth and explained the situation to him.

Soon, a scowl painted across Tom’s face when he understood the reason behind Jessica’s early
release. “How could she be so lucky? Good behavior? Her?”

“Maybe she’s blessed by the heavens.” A hint of mockery flashed in Sonia’s eyes, but it quickly
disappeared. “Alright, let’s set this aside. It’s a good thing that she’ll be released from prison. We can
ask Tim to give her a check-up to see if her body could conceive a child.”

I still need her to bear an heir for the Reed Family, she thought.

“Miss Reed, do you need me to send someone to keep an eye out so she will be sent here once she’s
released? That way, we can prevent her from giving us the slip,” he suggested.

She nodded in agreement. “Oh, that’s a good idea. Please do that. I’ll have to trouble you with this, Mr.

“This is nothing. All I have to do is make a phone call. Don’t worry. I’ll let you know the moment she
steps one foot out of prison,” he answered with cold eyes hiding behind his glasses.

“Great. Thank you for your help,” she said. Then, he glanced at Toby with undisguised concern and
gave her a once-over before he left.

He had arrived at the hospital early in the morning and only paid her visit after visiting Toby.

Now that he had visited both of them, he didn’t hang around any longer because he had to rush back to
the company for a meeting.

When Toby was still hale and hearty, his workload wasn’t this heavy. However, since Toby was
indisposed in the near future, it meant that he had to take care of Toby’s work in addition to his own.
Back then, he still had to observe other departments and ask for updates from the branch offices. Now,
it was worse. Swamped with work, he could barely squeeze out time for a visit to the hospital.

After Tom departed in a hurry, Sonia went to Toby’s ward to talk to him as she had been doing for the
past couple of days.

Even though he still couldn’t hear her, it didn’t diminish her enthusiasm.

This time, when she was chattering away, she lifted her head to look at the man in the ICU ward and
caught sight of his finger moving.

She was stunned into silence as she thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her and hastily
rubbed her eyes before taking a good look. Sure enough, the man’s finger was twitching.

Her jaw dropped as she stared at the sight in delight. She couldn’t control the excitement rushing
through her veins as she trembled, and far drops of tears fell from her eyes like broken pearls.
“Someone, please… He’s awake. He’s awake!”

She entirely forgot about the nurse call button as she dashed for the nurse station, shouting that Toby
was awake. Soon, the medical staff who heard her rushed to her side, with Tim taking the lead.

The instant Sonia laid her eyes on Tim, she hurriedly grabbed his arm in excitement. “Dr. Lancaster,
Toby moved his finger! Does this mean that he’s waking up? Is he waking up soon?”

Tim patted her on the shoulder to calm her. “If everything goes well, he’ll be up and about soon

“Oh, God! This is amazing!” She released him and clasped her hands together, utterly over the moon.
Her joy was evident for all to see.

“Alright. Wait here while I give him a check-up,” Tim said, striding straight into the ICU ward.

Sonia nodded at him eagerly. “Yes, you’re right. Hurry!” she urged, and he went in with his medical
team while she anxiously watched on, her eyes never leaving Toby’s figure.

After a while, she saw the man on the bed slowly opening his eyes.

Right at that moment, she could feel hot tears rolling down her cheeks. Nevertheless, she quickly
covered her mouth with her palms so she wouldn’t make a sound, worried that she would distract the
medical staff from doing their work.

He’s awake, she thought. He’s finally awake! Thank God he’s awake!

Naturally, Tim immediately caught sight of Toby’s eyes blearily blinking open. Still, although his eyes
were open, nothing happened after that. His eyes didn’t even rove around in confusion, and it was
obvious that his pupils weren’t focused as he simply stared at the ceiling dazedly.

A confused nurse gave voice to her puzzlement, “What’s going on? Why does he look like he has lost
his soul?”

Tim chortled and replied, “He didn’t lose his soul, but his brain is simply rebooting like an old computer.
Some people may show one of a few situations when they wake up from a long coma. Some will open
their eyes before their brains regain consciousness. For others, their brains will regain consciousness
before their body does. Then, we have the lucky ones who would feel like they’d just woken up after a
long dream.”

“So, President Fuller’s is the first case scenario, then?” the nurse pointed out.

Sonia couldn’t hear their conversation as she was outside the ward, but when she noticed that nothing
else had happened after Toby opened his eyes, the excitement and delight froze on her face. Her brain
started running wild as she had no experience with coma patients, and the uneasiness in her heart

What’s going on? Isn’t he awake? Why are his eyes open but not reacting to other stimuli? What the
hell is going on?

Despite the anxiety building up inside her, she restrained herself from barging in and demanding
answers. Instead, she remained outside the ward as the panic within her gave way to distressing

Meanwhile, Tim threw a nasty look at Toby. “He really looks like an idiot like this. It’s truly a shame that I
can’t take a picture of this as blackmail.”

How amazing it would be if I could! It’ll be worth a pretty penny!

The other medical staff couldn’t help but roll their eyes at Tim’s terrible bedside manner.

Dr. Lancaster, even if you’re not afraid of President Fuller, we are! they complained inwardly.

But, of course, none of them had the nerve to say this out loud because Tim was notorious for his

If he knew what they were secretly thinking, he would definitely take it as a challenge and do exactly
what they feared he would. Therefore, it was better to pretend that they hadn’t heard anything as they
continued checking on Toby’s vitals.

Soon, Toby’s eyes slowly blinked, and they started showing signs of awareness. He no longer looked
like a soulless doll.

As his dazed eyes started to focus on the people moving around him, there was a gleam of cognizance
as time passed. Soon, his eyes no longer remained blank as he groggily tried to understand what was
going on.

Tim naturally had a front-row seat of his slow but steady rise to consciousness as he raised his brows
and drawled, “Oh, would you look at that? This old robot is done rebooting itself.”

That was the first thing Toby heard after waking up.

He had no clue what a robot was doing around here and why it was rebooting. He only knew that his
body felt like lead, and it was so stiff that he could barely move even if he wanted to. Furthermore, he
felt disconnected from his body as he couldn’t control it at all.

Regardless, he squashed down the rising panic and forced himself to look carefully around his
surroundings. When he stared at the whitewashed ceiling, an idea started forming in his mind. Still, he
wanted to clarify his guess as his lips moved, and he spoke in an almost inaudible voice, “Where am

“The hospital,” Tim said while his eyes never left the patient’s clipboard.

Only then did Toby realize that there were others around him, and it hit him that he was indeed in the
hospital the moment his eyes landed on Tim’s apathetic face.

Hang on. What on Earth am I doing in the hospital again?

He closed his eyes in confusion as he tried to recall the events that landed him in the hospital bed.
Almost immediately, a huge amount of memories crashed into his mind like a tidal wave.

After that, he remembered that he and Sonia were in trouble; someone had locked them up in a
warehouse and even set fire to the building with the full intention of burning them alive like they were
witches on a stake.
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During that time, he inhaled a considerable amount of smoke, which caused his heart to fail. He also
remembered passing out after throwing up a mouthful of blood and had no recollection of whatever
happened afterward.

But now, he was lying in the hospital. So, he wasn’t dead and was definitely alive and well, which
meant that someone had rescued them.

But where’s Little Leaf?

His eyes snapped open in worry, and a trace of anxiety appeared on his face as he lifted his neck,
trying to get up through sheer willpower alone.

Tim instantly noticed Toby’s agitation and mercilessly poked his neck. As a result, he fell back onto the
pillow with a thump. Toby glared at Tim angrily and hissed in a breathy tone, “What are you doing?!”

“I should be the one asking you that,” Tim snapped, giving him a cold stare.

“I want to look for Little Leaf,” Toby answered solemnly.

He couldn’t rest easy until he saw her because he wanted to know what had happened to her. Was she
alright? Did she get hurt?

Tim sighed when he observed the growing panic in Toby’s eyes. “You’re such an affectionate man,
aren’t you? You’re so concerned about her that you forgot to even consider your health! Well, I suppose
you’re good enough for her, then.”

After he said that, he pointed to the glass wall right beyond them. Toby’s eyes followed his actions but
couldn’t comprehend what Tim was trying to convey. So, he gave Tim a hard stare through narrowed

“What are you talking about?”

“Just take a closer look, and you’ll understand.”

Thus, he suspiciously turned his head back to the glass wall, and his eyes immediately widened in
shock and relief. That’s… Little Leaf!

On the other side of the glass wall, Sonia wasn’t expecting him to turn to her so suddenly. Hence, she
began waving like an excited fool, using her body language to tell him that she was fine and well.

When the man saw her alive and kicking and, most importantly, not wearing a hospital gown, it instantly
dawned on him that she wasn’t hurt.

The vice grip around his heart loosened, and he finally felt at ease. Alas, when he wanted to wave back
in response, he realized that he still couldn’t move a muscle.

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