Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1436

Chapter 1436

Chapter 1336

Tom hastily waved his hand in the face of Toby’s gratitude as he said, “No, President Fuller. This is my
job, but I have to say that I’m very glad that you’re fine now.”

“Take a seat.” Toby motioned for him to sit on the sterile stool beside his bed with a tilt of his chin.

Tom nodded, walked over, and took a seat. “President Fuller, do you feel any discomfort?”

Toby shook his head and replied, “Except for being unable to move, I’m feeling just fine.”

Tom finally felt the rest of his worry wash away upon hearing those words and answered, “That’s good.
Dr. Lancaster gave you a lidocaine injection to prevent you from jerking awake and aggravating your

Toby instantly thought of his wound after he heard Tom’s words. Then, he narrowed his eyes as he
asked, “Tim said you ended the carrier’s life without being requested. Is that true?”

Tom lowered his head and explained his actions, “Yes, it’s true. I’m sorry, President Fuller. I apologize
for doing things my way and for tossing ethics out the window, but I really had no choice. You were in
critical condition, and if you didn’t receive a heart transplant within a few days, you might… Therefore, I
had no choice but to end the carrier’s life and obtain his heart. President Fuller, I’m sure you don’t wish
to die and leave Old Mrs. Fuller and Miss Reed behind to mourn your death, right? Old Mrs. Fuller is
already getting on in her years. She probably will follow you to the afterlife as soon as you die if she
learns that she has outlived her grandson. Plus, what about Miss Reed? She has always harbored the
thought that she was the cause of everything that happened to you. She will definitely feel that she was

the cause of your death the moment you breathe your last breath. Self-blame and guilt will eventually
overwhelm her, and there might be a possibility that she may not be able to hold on and choose to
follow you to the afterlife as well. Regardless, you won’t be willing to see any of the situations I
mentioned happen, right? Those are the reasons behind my actions. Although I do regret ending
someone’s life prematurely, I do not regret saving you.”

Toby looked at him for a long, long time before he sighed, “Does Little Leaf know about this?”

Tom frantically shook his head. “No, I didn’t say a word to Miss Reed. I know she would feel even more
guilty if she found out. She would feel that not only did she inflict harm on you, but she would think she
also inflicted harm on the carrier. So, I chose to tell her nothing. I also did the same with Old Mrs.
Fuller. I did not inform her of my plans, including the mishap you and Miss Reed are involved in. I also
took the liberty to immediately suppress any news regarding this incident, so aside from the ones
involved, no one else is in the know.”

“That’s good. Just leave it as it is,” Toby hummed.

“President Fuller, you don’t blame me?” Tom sneaked a few glances at him cautiously.

Toby closed his eyes rather wearily and murmured, “You brought up the reaction my Grandma and
Little Leaf might have and the actions they would take if I died. How can I allow such a thing to come to
pass? So, how can I blame you for hiding the truth from them?”

Who would want to die so soon?

This is simply the way of the world. My actions had already predetermined the carrier’s heart long ago.

Since I had no intention of dying, then the one who has to die can only be the carrier.

After all, humans are selfish creatures. Even if Tom didn’t do the deed, I might have done so myself if I
was still conscious at that time.

That’s just how human nature works.

As he thought of that, Toby suddenly opened his eyes and inquired, “Have you compensated the
carrier’s family?”

Tom nodded. “Of course. The carrier wishes his wife and children won’t have monetary worries for the
rest of their lives. I agreed to his terms. Not only that, I even gave them a house.”

With that, Toby made a noise of agreement, but he continued, “You did a fairly good job, but it’s still not
enough. Provide his children with the best education this country has to offer. In fact, in the future, as
long as they aren’t over-demanding, try your best to agree to whatever they want.”

“Yes, President Fuller.” Tom nodded.

Shortly after, Toby went to the heart of the matter, intoning deeply, “Why don’t you tell me about what
happened these days?”

Tom immediately began reporting all the incidents that had occurred during his absence.

Unfortunately, Tom couldn’t go into detail due to time constraints. Hence, he basically just highlighted
the key points in his report.

Tom’s visiting hours were almost up as soon as his last word fell from his lips.

Afterward, Tom departed the hospital with Toby’s orders and immediately started making the necessary

As for Toby, he couldn’t hold on to consciousness any longer and fell into a deep slumber.

Since his current health wasn’t the best, he couldn’t stay up very long every day. As a result, he mostly
spent half of his day asleep.

Even so, this was a good thing for Toby, for adequate sleep allowed easier recovery.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

The iron gate of the women’s prison located in the northern part of Seafield opened. Then, out came a
short-haired Jessica in loose clothing.

After she was released, she saw a vehicle that was exclusively designed to pick up prisoners who were
released from prison parked outside. Her face twisted in anger as she hissed through her teeth, “Guess
what, Sonia? I’m finally out of prison. Since you dared to send me to prison and cause me to live a
miserable life in that wretched cell, I will never spare you! Just you wait! I will repay you with the same
amount of pain that you inflicted on me until you’re begging on your knees for mercy!”

As soon as she vowed vengeance, two people dressed in bodyguard uniforms rushed out from her
blind spots. They skillfully covered Jessica’s mouth as they took her down and dragged her to a private
car parked not far away.

Jessica’s eyes widened in shock as she struggled against their grasp. She was extremely terrified by
this sudden turn of events.
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She didn’t know where these two people came from and what they wanted with her. In fact, she didn’t
even know where they were going to take her.

At this juncture, she was petrified. Nevertheless, she kept fighting against them as she screamed
against the gag in order to get the prison guards’ attention.

Save me, please! Save me! I’ve been kidnapped!

Alas, the guards didn’t even show the slightest reaction. So, it was evident that they weren’t going to
help her.

Why?! They clearly saw me being taken away unwillingly. Yet, they acted as if they saw nothing and
disregarded my distressed cries for help.

Jessica felt a violent wave of hopelessness crashing into her like a meteorite. Tears began streaming
down her cheeks as the fight within her left her body. In the end, the two bodyguards forced her into the
car and took her away.

Two hours later, Jessica was lying unconscious on a clean and white operating table. Right next to the
table were none other than Tim and Sonia.

Tim was wearing a white doctor’s coat, and he had both hands shoved into the coat’s pockets as
though he was hiding his clenched fists at the sight of the horrid woman. His eyes were icy cold as he

stared at Jessica’s unconscious form like she was nothing. “The medical staff from the OB-GYN had
examined her earlier. They said her body is now ready for the IVF process. It seems that the prison
staff had strictly followed Toby’s orders and regularly supervised Jessica taking her medicine.”

“How could they not strictly follow Toby’s orders when they had received benefits from him?” Sonia
adjusted her glasses as she smiled.

“So, are we performing the in vitro procedure for her today?” Tim asked with a tilt of his chin toward

Sonia nodded. “Of course. The sooner, the better.”

Tim slowly took out his phone, made a call, and said, “Alright, then. I’ll ask the medical staff from the
OB-GYN to come over and perform the procedure. Come. Let’s clear out and not get in their way.”

Soon, the medical staff from the OB-GYN received Tim’s instructions and hurried over to perform the in
vitro procedure for Jessica.

As for Sonia, she waited outside for the results and only left after the doctor from the OB-GYN informed
her that the embryo implantation was successful.

Jessica was then sent away to a secluded villa on the very same night. She would stay here and care
for the fetus for the next ten months. She could only leave the estate after she gave birth to the baby.

Jessica gained consciousness not long after she was sent to the villa. Yet, she kept kicking up a fuss
as soon as she realized she was in an unfamiliar place.

Sonia only went to see Jessica when she had the time. Because Sonia had quite a lot to do, including
following Tim’s orders to rest, it was much later that she finally went to pay Jessica a little visit.

The moment Jessica’s eyes laid on Sonia, hatred bloomed on her face. “I get it now! It was you! You
were the one who ordered those two people to kidnap me at the prison gate, weren’t you?!” she
shrieked while pointing rudely at Sonia.

Sonia merely quirked a brow and replied blandly, “Yes, it was me.”

“What do you want from me?!” Jessica struggled against her restraints.

Alas, her limbs were firmly tied down to the bed, so she could only wriggle in fury.

Although she was outwardly hissing and spitting insults, that was a mask to hide her genuine fear
about her situation.

Sonia kidnapped me to this place and even tied me up in such a manner. Don’t tell me that she intends
to ask someone to rape me, and then take a picture of it, and threaten me with it in the future.

After all, that’s what they usually do on TV.

As Jessica thought of this, her body trembled violently, and her eyes were full of terror.

Sonia stood by the bed and curved her rosy lips upward into a playful smirk when she saw Jessica’s
sorry state. “This current side of you looks a lot more pleasing to my eyes. You were always oh-so
arrogant in the past, and it seemed as though you weren’t afraid of anything. So, you have no idea how
thrilled I am to see just how scared you are now. But don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you. I just want

you to obediently stay here for ten months and give birth to the baby.”

Jessica was perplexed by the situation that was entirely different from her speculations. “Baby? What

Sonia didn’t utter a word and simply looked at her stomach with a mirthless smile.

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