Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1440

Chapter 1440

Chapter 1340

After arriving at the ward, Sonia noticed someone inside. It was Tim in a white coat.

Noticing Tim, she was first taken aback but soon felt nervous.

I thought he clocked out already.

After her eye examination, he told her he was going to head home.

At that time, he even took off his white coat, clocked out, and left the office.

Why did he come back? And what was he doing in Toby’s room?!

Did something happen to Toby?

Thinking of that, Sonia felt her heart skip a beat. She quickly placed her hands on the glass window
and frowned while looking inside worriedly.

Toby was still lying on the hospital bed with his eyes closed.

Tim stood beside the hospital bed, flipped open the medical record folder in his hand, glanced at Toby,
and wrote something down.

After repeating his action a few times, he finally closed the folder and kept his ballpen before glancing
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Meeting Tim’s gaze, Sonia quickly mouthed at him to ask about Toby’s situation.

Tim couldn’t hear her, so he walked out and asked, “Where have you been?”

Without bothering to answer his question, she grabbed his arm with anxiety painted across her face.
“What’s wrong with Toby, Dr. Lancaster? Haven’t you already left work? Did you come back because
something happened to him? Are you the only one who can stabilize his condition?”

Seeing how worked up she was, Tim pulled his arm out and replied casually, “Don’t worry. Nothing is
wrong with him. He just wanted to wait for you to come back, so he refused to close his eyes and
sleep, which caused his heart rate to increase. I’m his doctor, and I haven’t left the hospital yet, so
someone called me over. I just injected him with a sedative so that he can fall asleep. His heart rate is
back to normal too, so don’t worry.”

Hearing that Toby was fine, Sonia breathed a sigh of relief. “Phew. That’s good to hear. I was nearly
scared to death.” She patted her chest as she muttered to herself.

After that, she suddenly felt upset. “Why was he waiting for me? I told him that I was going to get my
eyes checked and will come back to accompany him. Why didn’t he listen to me?”

This man is seriously getting on my nerves.

His behavior didn’t just make others worry; it was also an irresponsible act to his own life.

“He said that he didn’t expect your examination to take so long. He was afraid that you would be bored

outside alone if you saw him asleep after you came back, so he tried to stay conscious.” Tim relayed
Toby’s words and told her the truth.

Sonia squeezed her palms. “Why would he be concerned if I’m bored? I just want him to take good
care of his body. He’s just making me worry even more by doing this. He’s seriously pissing me off.”

She stomped her feet and frowned.

Tim pushed his glasses upward and explained, “Based on my previous studies on psychology, Toby
shows symptoms of a typical patient who is insecure. Rather than him being worried that you might get
bored, he is probably afraid that you will forget him and not come back.”

“Huh?” Sonia was taken aback by his statement. “Why would he think that way?”

“It’s normal.” Tim shrugged. “These kinds of thoughts usually happen to people who are on the verge of
death or have survived a catastrophe. Toby is one of the latter. Since he almost lost his life but
managed to escape death, he is now desperate for attention and concern from the people he loves. It’s
because he is afraid of losing them all of a sudden, but his condition will improve as he recovers. Don’t

After Sonia listened to his explanation, the anger in her heart dissipated instantly.

She was initially upset that the man behaved unlike himself and didn’t care about his health. Was he
trying to make everyone worry about him?

Now, however, she no longer thought that way.

In the eyes of a person who had no sense of security but was very dependent on others, he prioritized
her over his health and life.

He is driving me crazy…

Sonia sighed and smiled embarrassedly at Tim. “I see. Thank you for your enlightenment and thank
you for checking on him even after getting off work. I’m really sorry that you still have to look after us
after working hours.”

She bowed to Tim in shame.

In fact, she only saved Tim once by pulling him out of the water when they were both young.

On the contrary, he repeatedly saved her and Toby’s lives. By right, he already repaid the kindness he
owed her back when they were kids. Now, it was her turn to repay his kindness.

“Nah. It’s nothing. Don’t sweat it.” Tim shoved his hands into the pockets of his white coat. “Speaking of
which, didn’t we come out of my office together? What took you so long to come and see him? I even
left the hospital gate and made a U-turn back to give Toby a sedative. Where have you been?”

Sonia told him truthfully that she bumped into Julia after leaving the ward.

Tim raised his chin all of a sudden. “Titus won’t be able to live long. He probably only has about two
months left, and his wife bawls every day at the nephrology department, pleading for someone to save
Titus. She even came to me, but I didn’t entertain her. The nephrology doctor patiently explained to her
that Titus was incurable, and even if they find a suitable kidney, his condition will not help him last until
the operation is over, so he will risk dying on the operating table. He persuaded Julia to bring Titus

home since there is no point in staying in the hospital, but she refused to do so and instead bawled her
eyes out every day. It makes sense that you bump into her since you came out of the ophthalmology

“Yeah, I heard about it from the doctors there,” Sonia replied. “Mrs. Gray insists on not running the
discharge procedures for Titus and cries at the ward every day instead. Seems like she hasn’t given up
on hope yet.”

“Do you think she’d give up? Once Titus dies, the Grays will collapse and Triforce Enterprise will be
divided by the shareholders. How could a widow and her daughter possibly go against the cunning old
men in the industry? They’d be defeated right away. Mrs. Gray is trying to save Titus not just because
they are husband and wife, but also to secure her future,” Tim explained nonchalantly.

Since he had studied psychology, he knew what Julia was planning in her head.

“If you have no important business, try not to visit that department. Seeing them will only make your
mood worse,” Tim reminded her as his glasses shone a little under the lights.

He remembered that Toby once told him that Sonia was the real Tina Gray, the daughter of Titus and
his wife.

Bloodline was an interesting thing. Even if the children were separated from their parents and did not
recognize each other, the universe seemed to create opportunities for them to meet. Once they
encountered each other, they would be subconsciously attracted to the other party and allow an idea to
arise. They would start wondering if they were related to each other.

Hence, he thought it wasn’t a good idea for Sonia to meet the Grays too often, or some strange

emotions might occur to her and lead her to her identity discovery.

Toby was right when he claimed that she and the Grays were not destined to become a family in this

That being the case, it was better for both parties to stay clueless about their relationship from the get-

The secret should be buried for eternity.

Sonia didn’t know what Tim was thinking, but when she heard how Tim described them as bad luck,
she felt amused. “Yeah. I just happened to bump into them today, but I won’t purposely meet them
again. You can rest assured.”

“Alright, then. Stay here with Toby. Judging from your character and Toby’s waywardness, I’m afraid
you won’t feel easy to leave him just like that. I won’t make you go home and rest, but I hope you’ll
listen to the nurses when they tell you to leave.”

With that, Tim walked past her and left the hospital.

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