Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1441

Chapter 1441

Chapter 1341

Sonia watched him leave and made sure he entered the elevator before looking away and taking a seat
on the chair outside the ward.

The chair wasn’t originally there as the hospital prohibited visitors from staying overnight or even
watching the patient outside the intensive care unit.

However, Sonia and Toby were special cases.

In addition to that, the floor had been taken over by Toby, and Toby couldn’t bear to separate from
Sonia, so the hospital allowed them to do that despite the rules. They even placed a chair outside for

Sonia sat quietly and hunched a little as she watched the man lying in the ward.

The man was asleep, and the atmosphere was very quiet, so she couldn’t get enough of him.

It wasn’t until two hours later that the nurse came to her and reminded her that it was time to leave.
Only then did she look away and returned to her ward.

The next day, when Sonia showed up at Toby’s ward again, he sulked. Even after waiting a long time
for her, she didn’t return. In addition to that, Tim stopped by before she even appears, making Toby feel
even more aggrieved. Hence, when she came in today, he turned away and ignored her.

Seeing the childish behavior of the man, Sonia felt annoyed but amused. She sat down beside the bed

and asked him, “Toby, are you really going to ignore me?”

Toby was unmoved and did not turn his head to look at her. Sonia shook her head helplessly, then put
on a straight face, pretending to be displeased. “Toby, how could you be upset with me? Didn’t I just
come back a little late? Didn’t I tell you when I left that I wasn’t sure how long it would take for me to
return? You should’ve gone to sleep when I told you to. Even if you fall asleep, I will stay outside for a
while to accompany you, but what did you do instead? You ignored my words and didn’t take them to
heart at all. You waited for me with your eyes open and ended up sacrificing your health.”

Toby didn’t expect that Sonia would suddenly lose her temper and vent on him. He was completely
stunned and turned to stare at her in a daze.

However, Sonia did not intend to let him go just like that. She was going to take the opportunity to have
a good talk with him so he could correct his mentality.

“Do you know what’s going on with you now? You are a patient who can’t move. If you move, your
heart condition might worsen after the surgery, alright? What you have to do now is to listen to the
doctor’s advice, take a good rest, and take good care of your body. You should try to heal sooner and
become healthy again, but did you listen to the doctors? You didn’t. And you even ignored my words! I
told you that I was going for an eye examination and told you to rest when you should, but you refused
to listen and insisted on waiting for me. When something bad happens to you, you aren’t the only one
who suffers. You are also causing concern among those who care about you! Don’t you think you’re
being too selfish?”

Toby’s thin lips twitched, wanting to say something.

Regardless of that, Sonia didn’t give him a chance to speak as she continued, “Do you know how
worried I was when I saw Tim in your ward after I came back yesterday? I was almost scared to death.
Do you think I’m not upset? I haven’t even settled that matter with you yet, but you beat me to it and
started sulking. Yes, I came back late, and Tim came sooner than me, but why didn’t you ask me why I
came late? And what have I been through? All you do is sulk with me. When I try to coax you, you
show your anger even more. Toby, don’t expect me to tolerate your nasty temper just because you are
a patient. I’m furious right now!”

She had her hands on her hips, her little face was flushed, and she was obviously exasperated at the

Toby could move his hands now because he asked Tim not to inject him with lidocaine anymore to
which the doctor agreed.

Besides not being able to get out of bed, he was allowed to move his hands and feet with minimal

Seeing how enraged Sonia was, Toby was also a little worried and scared.

After all, he had never seen her so angry ever since they got back together, especially when her anger
was projected onto him.

After getting a dreadful scolding from her, he was no longer upset. Furthermore, he had to worry about
whether she would ignore him after this.

Toby had already forgotten about his anger and only wanted to coax the woman and make her happy.

If she decided to leave in a fit of anger, then he would lose the pitiful 10 minutes he had to talk to her
every day. He might cry at the mere thought of it.

With that, he tugged Sonia’s sleeves gently.

Sonia looked down and shouted sternly, “What are you doing?”

Toby blinked his eyes, pursed his thin lips, and pouted. “I was wrong just now. Please don’t be angry…”

Seeing him being pitiful and carefully apologizing to her, Sonia almost couldn’t stifle a laugh.
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However, to give the man a hard time this time and teach him a good lesson, she quickly suppressed
her smile and pulled a cold face before pulling her sleeves away from his touch. “Don’t touch me. Do
you really think I have no temper?”

Toby stared at his empty hand with a slightly startled expression and grabbed her sleeve again.

Sonia knew he would do that, so after pulling out her sleeve, she didn’t place her arm elsewhere but
merely put it in the same position as before so that he could pull it again without moving too much.

“It’s all my fault. It really is, so please don’t be angry, will you? I swear not to do it again.” Toby tugged
Sonia’s sleeve, but his fingers kept sliding down until he finally took her hand.

Sonia glanced at him without shaking him off. “Hmm? You finally realize you’re at fault?”

“Yeah.” Toby nodded.


“Really.” Toby acted like an obedient little child who answered every question.

Nonetheless, Sonia’s expression remained unchanged as she looked at him indifferently. “Tell me what
you did wrong then.”

Toby parted his thin lips slightly and replied, “I shouldn’t be upset with you. I should have listened to
your words and taken good care of my body.”

After he said that, Sonia’s expression finally eased. “So, you do know what your mistakes are.”

Toby’s thin lips twitched as he muttered, “If I still couldn’t get what I did wrong after you said all those
things, you might ignore me forever.”

Sonia smiled. “It’s good that you’re self-aware of that. You’re right, if you answered wrongly, I was going
to give you the cold shoulder for some time to make you realize that you can’t have things your way all
the damn time. Got it?”

“Got it,” Toby hummed.

Sonia clenched his hand tightly, and her expression softened completely. Then, she brought his hand
to her face and rubbed his palm. “Don’t feel upset after I scolded you, okay? I’m just trying to make you
realize the importance of your health.”

“I know.” Toby’s fingers wiggled a little as he caressed her cheeks. “I’m sorry for making you worry last

“Now that you know how worried I am, I hope you don’t do it again in the future. I know you are
insecure, but don’t overthink it. I will always be there for you, and something must have happened if I
am not there for you or if I arrive late. I promise to never leave you, okay?”

She looked at him sincerely.

Toby nodded slightly. “Okay.”

Sonia beamed at that. “All is well, then. From now on, you must take your health seriously, or I can’t
always be here with you since I have other matters to settle and will end up worrying about you all the
time. You don’t want me to feel that way, do you?”

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