Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1442

Chapter 1442

Chapter 1342
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Toby shook his head. Of course, he didn’t want her to feel that way!

Seeing that, Sonia bent over and kissed him on the forehead. “That’s right, and here’s your reward.”

His thin lips curled up, obviously satisfied with the reward.

After she kissed him on the forehead, he quickly put his arms around her to keep her from standing up

Sonia was momentarily startled before she realized that the b*stard would push his luck again. Her
mouth twitched at the corner in despair as she moaned, “Toby, what are you doing? Let me go.”

She was afraid to make sudden movements or pull his arms away for fear of tearing Toby’s surgical
wound. However, tearing the surgical wound was a trivial matter, but if it affected his heart, it would be
a problem.

Since she had no other option, she had no choice but to lie down in his arms and request him to let her
go. On the other hand, he knew she dared not move, so he hugged her with peace of mind.

“I’m not going to let you go. I haven’t hugged you in a while, so allow me to hug you longer this time.”
Then, he took a deep breath while nestled against Sonia’s neck.

Soon, the faint scent of the woman’s body caused Toby to close his eyes and embrace her even more

When Sonia saw the man behaving in such a manner, she couldn’t help but feel amused and
sympathetic for him. She gave him a gentle pat on the shoulder and said, “We can only hug for a short
time, okay? So, when the time is up, you must release me. It would be extremely embarrassing if the
nurse came over and saw us in this state.”

Then, he murmured his assent with a hum.

Therefore, shebent over and allowed him to hug her. On the other hand, she was in a position that
made her feel uncomfortable because she couldn’t lie on top of him. After all, doing so would risk
tearing his wound and putting pressure on his heart.

Hence, Sonia propped herself up by resting her two arms against Toby’s side to prevent her body from
coming into contact with his. Consequently, she quickly became exhausted because she had to exert
force with her two arms and her two legs. Even her spine was stretched out and tightened to the point
where it was uncomfortable. Soon, she started to experience pain in her waist.

However, she had no intention of disclosing her discomfort to the man. Anyway, he wouldn’t be able to
hug her for long, so there was no point in telling him that. Instead, she let him hug her for as long as he
wanted. After all, he’d spent days in the hospital bed, looking pathetic. Since there was nothing he
could do, she reasoned that the best she could do for him was to hug and try to comfort him.

As promised, Toby let go of Sonia when their time was up.

When she felt his arm gradually release her, she could finally straighten her posture. Since she had
leaned for too long, she heard her spine’s distinct cracking sound when she finally stood up. She

grimaced in response to the discomfort, but to prevent Toby from noticing and placing blame on
himself, she quickly gathered her composure and smiled at him. “Not bad. There was no refusal to
release me at the end of the allotted time. Good job!”

She praised him with her thumb.

Toby smirked and said, “I understand that if I refused to let you go, you would never let me hug you

“So, you’re being obedient to hug me next time?” His remark elicited a frown from Sonia.

Toby nodded noncommittally. That was precisely what he had in mind.

Then, she chuckled dryly and commented, “Oh, you are so crafty!”

Even though Toby wanted to hug her, Sonia was uncomfortable. What will happen to my waist if he
continues to hug me while I’m bending over? However, seeing the expectant look in the man’s eyes as
he blinked, she could not reject him. Forget it. I can’t bear to deny him with that expression on his face.
It is merely waist pain, and in terms of discomfort, I cannot compare myself to him, who had to spend
the entire day in bed.

“Fine. As long as you listen to me, receive your treatment, and stop the behavior that made us worry
last night. I promise to hug you every day,” she assured him.

Toby felt instantly energized after hearing that. “What about another kiss? Instead of kissing the cheeks
or forehead, kiss my lips.” Following that, he pointed at his lips.

Sonia was rendered speechless. “Greedy brat. I already promised to hug you every day, and you’re
trying to ask for kisses now? Dream on, Toby Fuller. If you asked me to kiss you on the forehead or
cheeks, I might agree easily, but you’re asking me to kiss your lips! Do you think I don’t know what
you’re up to? What if you are washed over by your desire and begin moving when you should stay in
bed and rest? Don’t even think about it and put away your unrealistic thoughts.”

As a reaction to what she said, he pouted. In fact, he had been prepared for her to reject him, but he
had never imagined that she would agree to kiss him on the cheek or forehead. As he anticipated her
rejection if he asked for kisses, he decided to go for broke and requested that she kiss his lips. Who
knew that would happen?

Toby was aggrieved with his earlier effort. If he had known that Sonia would agree to kiss his forehead
or cheek, he wouldn’t have teased her and told her that he was content with kisses on the forehead or
cheek every day. What about now? He only managed to get a hug every day and nothing else.

“Can I change my request?” He reached for her and looked at her expectantly. “I don’t want a proper
kiss on the lips anymore. Can I get kisses on the cheeks or the forehead instead?” he asked cautiously.

If the other party was soft-hearted, they would definitely agree immediately.

On the other hand, she was determined not to let him have his way. “No.”

Then, she made the cross sign with both of her arms. “You are always greedy for more. Once I agree
to one of your requests, you will take advantage of it and push your way forward and throw me another
request. To break your bad habit, I will not grant any of your requests at this time. Don’t you dare use
those sad eyes and aggrieved expressions to attack me! I will not give in to your tricks.”

Toby’s eyelids drooped as he exuded an aura of disappointment and despair.

Sonia stood beside his hospital bed and looked at him coldly. “Don’t give me that look. I won’t agree

“Can’t we negotiate?” He wasn’t ready to give up yet.

Then, Sonia grinned at him and said, “Of course… Not!”

Nonetheless, Toby was exasperated, and he wasn’t putting on an act when Sonia rejected him. It
dawned on him that she was serious at that moment and that she would not budge no matter what he
said or did. Soon, he was submerged in a sea of melancholy.

However, her lips parted involuntarily as she looked at him. Why does he appear so dejected because I
did not grant his request? Why is he behaving so coquettishly after becoming ill? Then, she rubbed her
forehead, feeling slightly dumbfounded. Understandably, sick people have a terrible reputation for
being the most annoying. This b*stard is behaving exactly as described!

“Okay.” With a sigh, she reached out her hand to shake his. “Be good. Maybe I will consider giving you
another reward like today.”

In his downcast eyes, a gleam of light flashed instantly. “Really?”

“Yes.” She nodded and continued, “I’m telling the truth, but the premise is that you must be good, and
I’m in a good mood.”

“I’ll be good!” Toby nodded fervently.

Sonia smiled and uttered, “Great, then. It’s time for me to leave now.” She told the man after noticing
the nurse entering the ward.

The light in Toby’s eyes disappeared in an instant.

Then, she uttered helplessly, “Stop acting like that. I will stay outside to accompany you all day today,
but I can’t get in close contact with you like now. I’ll head out first, okay?”

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