Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1443

Chapter 1443

Chapter 1343

Sonia walked out of the ward after tucking Toby in the bed. As she was leaving, she glanced back and
was unsurprised to meet the man’s loving eyes. In retrospect, their situation was slightly ironic. So,
when the man got sick, he became more vulnerable and looked like a helpless child who couldn’t bear
to be separated from his parents. Then, she gave the man a friendly wave and a smile while sitting on
the outside bench. Soon, the reluctance in his eyes dissipated when the man saw that she had sat
down instead of leaving.

A while later, Tom dropped by to fill Toby in on what was happening at work. In addition to that, he also
updated Toby on the progress of Miles hypnotizing Harry Lore.

However, Sonia was unable to overhear their conversation and waited patiently outside. Eventually,
when Tom came out, he would report it to her.
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It wasn’t long before ten minutes had passed, and he rushed out from the ward. Before she could
inquire, he stopped in front of her and greeted, “Hello, Miss Reed.”

“Didn’t Mr. Snyder come to the hospital?” she inquired.

Tom readjusted his glasses and replied, “Mr. Snyder is in the hospital, but he didn’t come over. He went
to pick up Mr. Quentin Snyder’s heart and is planning to bring it back to their hometown after collecting

“I see.” Sonia nodded in acknowledgment and asked, “Will he still come to the hospital in the future?”

“Yes, he will,” he replied. “Tina hasn’t been caught yet. Mr. Snyder already knew that Tina harmed Mr.
Quentin Snyder, so he asked us to notify him after we caught her. He will definitely come over again.”

“That makes sense.” Then, she sighed and continued, “It is a fact that Tina killed his brother. Although
he may not be able to feel family affection, their family hood will inspire resentment and vengeance
toward the person responsible for his brother’s death.”

“You’re right,” Tom sighed. “After I made initial contact with Mr. Snyder and informed him about it, he
remained silent on the phone for an extended period. After a while, when the name Tina was
mentioned, his tone was noticeably more hostile than before. It demonstrates that he is not devoid of
human emotions, but rather reacts indifferently to them.”

“That’s the same case with Tim.” Sonia smiled and added, “Although he is a Deficient Emotional Self-
Regulation patient who cannot feel emotions, I know they aren’t completely emotionless. They merely
don’t know their emotions are controlling them. The fact that Miles resents the murderer who killed his
brother means he has emotions projected onto his family. Meanwhile, Tim always looks after me
because I saved him from drowning once when we were young. That is enough proof that he is also a
man with emotions who has gratitude and prioritizes friendship.”

Following that, he nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Tim, who wanted to approach them from the nearby corner, was taken aback by Sonia’s
sudden reference to him and quickly retreated. As it turns out, she does not see me as some
emotionless monster but rather as a human being who possesses emotions. Then, he looked at his
hands and grinned, sensing his heart pumping with excitement rather than sitting there like a pool of
stagnant water. This must be the joy and excitement that people often talk about—being recognized
and accepted by others.

Tim looked over at Sonia, then Tom, and silently walked away. He wanted to go back and sort out his
emotions while keeping track of all the changes brought on by these new feelings. Then, he might gain
a deeper understanding of the human emotional spectrum.

On the other hand, Sonia was unaware that Tim was nearby. So, when she had finished talking about
him, she looked at Tom and switched to a serious topic. “Did Harry tell the truth?”

In response, he immediately nodded in excitement. “Of course! No one can resist Mr. Snyder’s
hypnotism. After he was hypnotized, Harry truthfully confessed when the police interrogated him. He
was indeed the one who killed Professor Randall.”

Even though they had known the answer for a long time, she could not help but take a deep breath
when it was confirmed.

“I recall Harry and Professor Randall are both mentees of the same mentor. I still can’t believe he killed
his friend.” Sonia let out a sigh.

What had become of humanity?

“That’s right, the two are indeed fellow mentees and have similar talents in economics. However, the
mentors usually preferred Professor Randall because he had a good character. Harry was obviously
more cunning and had always been envious of Professor Randall. Still, Harry was good at hiding his
feelings. Before President Fuller chose Professor Randall as his mentor, Harry did not make a move on
his fellow friend. After all, Professor Randall was an ordinary professor with a family background less
superior to Harry’s. Hence, while Harry was jealous of his friend, he also had a sense of superiority to
look down on Professor Randall. It wasn’t until President Fuller chose Professor Randall as his mentor

that Harry completely lost his cool.”

“Because if Toby had chosen Professor Randall, he would gain the support of Toby and the Fullers,
and his reputation would rise even higher. Therefore, Harry will be disregarded as time goes on,” Sonia

Tom sighed and explained, “That’s right. Since Harry was aware of that, his jealousy of Professor
Randall grew. Therefore, when Harry knew that none of the Lores’ descendants had the power to
reunite the Lores, he was even more troubled. Soon, he devised the plan to overthrow Professor
Randall and became President Fuller’s mentor. With President Fuller as a mentee, even if the
descendants of the Lores were not successful, they could rely on President Fuller and the Fullers to
prosper. Facts have proved that Harry was right. If the Lores hadn’t grown arrogant over the years and
meddled in President Fuller’s relationship issues, they wouldn’t have angered President Fuller. The
latter would have helped them, and they could still enjoy freedom under President Fuller’s protection.
Moreover, President Fuller would not even consider investigating the truth about Professor Randall’s

“That means bad people always deserve bad endings. They can try to cover up their past bad acts, but
eventually, those acts will come to light. This is called retribution,” Sonia uttered coldly.

Tom continued, “According to Harry, he didn’t want to kill Professor Randall. He merely wanted to hurt
Professor Randall, so he couldn’t attend the mentee appointment ceremony. By doing that, Harry would
have a chance to take President Fuller in as his mentee. So, he had everything planned out for that. He
placed banana peels outside Professor Randall’s office, thinking that after the latter stepped on the
banana peels and fell, he would be in a coma or hospitalized. However, Harry never foresaw that the
fall would end Professor Randall’s life.”

“Everything in this world is so unpredictable that nothing goes as planned. Even if it is roughly in line
with one’s expectations, there will be some deviations. Even a slight change in circumstances will
dramatically alter the nature of the situation. Harry claimed he simply wanted to injure Professor
Randall and never intended to kill him, but did he not consider the possibility that Randall could die?
After all, Professor Randall wasn’t young anymore. Harry probably considered it, but counted on his
good fortune and perseverance, so he went ahead with his plan anyway.”

“I knew it! It turned out to be what I expected.”

Tom nodded. “After Professor Randall’s death, Harry took swift action to erase any lingering signs of
his presence and contacted the investigating police chief. Since the police chief was a close family of
the Lores, the investigation into Professor Randall’s untimely death was swiftly wrapped up and ruled
as an accident. This case would not have been closed so quickly if a different police chief had been in
charge. Perhaps, the truth about Professor Randall’s death would have been revealed, and Harry
would have been arrested by now.”

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