Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1444

Chapter 1444

Chapter 1344

Sonia let out a sigh. “Even though years have passed, it is not too late. Harry is still alive, and his age
qualifies him for questioning and criminal investigation. He should still pay the price for his evil deeds.”

“Yeah.” Tom agreed with her statement. “I told President Fuller about this, and he echoed your

“Has Harry been brought to the police station?” she asked.

“Yes, after the hypnosis ended yesterday, Harry knew that he had confessed everything and could not
resist, so he didn’t try to defend himself anymore. He was willingly taken away by the police. Moreover,
the police were aware of his past contributions to the country’s economy, so they made no public
spectacle out of his detention. This can be viewed as maintaining his final dignity.”

“What about the close family member who assisted him back then?”

Tom pushed up the bridge of his glasses and responded, “The police chief retired three years ago. He
probably realized that he was doing something for personal gain and that he would never be able to
keep it a secret for the rest of his life. Therefore, he moved abroad and changed his nationality.”

“Changed his nationality?” Sonia was taken aback when she heard that.

Suddenly, his face was painted with disdain. “Even though he is no longer a citizen, the laws he
violated while he was a citizen still apply. So, the police will continue their investigation even though he
has changed his nationality. The police have contacted the embassy, and they will work to arrange for

his return from that country. Rest assured, Miss Reed.”

“That will be great.” Then, Sonia showed her understanding of the situation with a slight nod. “However,
what type of punishment will Harry receive?”

“Given his age, it is implausible that he will face the death penalty or life in prison. Therefore, he will
probably serve no more than ten years in prison at the most.” Tom continued mockingly, “For an old
man like Harry who thinks highly of himself and has strong self-esteem, one year is enough to drive
him crazy, not to mention ten years. Furthermore, his health is deteriorating rapidly, so he might pass
away in prison before the ten-year mark.”

Hence, whether or not Harry would be sentenced to death or life imprisonment didn’t make a

Then, Sonia ran her fingers through her hair. “I see. In other words, except for some distant relatives,
the entire Lore Family is either headed for prison or is already there.”

“On the other hand, Mrs. Lore is still free. After a discussion, the police had no intention of arresting her
because she did not commit any of the crimes and was not fully aware of them. On the contrary, her
husband evaded taxes and committed commercial espionage. With such a large sum of money at
stake, he will likely receive a prison term of more than ten years.”

She sneered and commented, “It’s no secret that the Lore Family is filled with worthless people. The
grandfather was a murderer, the son evaded taxes and was involved in commercial espionage, and the
granddaughter was charged with intentional homicide. They are undoubtedly related.”

“Exactly.” Tom shrugged and said, “There is no way for Harry ever to be released from jail. However,
Mr. Lore should be able to hold out until he is released from prison, though by the time he does, he will
be around 70 years old. Mrs. Lore could either wait for him or remarry by then. Who knows for sure?
Regarding Lynette, she is unquestionably going to be given a death sentence. Consequently, the Lores
may soon cease to exist.”

“We don’t have to sympathize with them. They are simply paying the price for their brazenly committed

“Correct.” As he nodded, he glanced at his watch. “It’s getting late now, Miss Reed. I’m going to see Mr.
Miles Snyder and take him to the airport.”

“Sure. Go on, then.”
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“Alright. Miss Reed, please look after President Fuller. If you need anything, you can call me at any
time.” Following that, Tom gave Sonia a quick nod before walking away.

She watched as his figure faded into the distance before averting her gaze and looking into the ward,
where she made eye contact with the man and saw the resentment in his eyes. Instantaneously, she
could tell the b*stard was envious. Toby’s jealous expression was etched into his face after he saw how
long she had been talking to Tom.

Sonia found his reaction humorous, so she jotted down some positive things she knew would make him
feel better and posted them on the board. The current iteration of Toby was a child who acted
immaturely and required constant coaxing, or else he would become irate at even the most minor thing.
Soon, her encouraging words on the clipboard helped lift his spirits, and the resentment in his eyes
faded. When she saw that, she shook her head helplessly and couldn’t help but laugh.

A week passed in the blink of an eye, and Toby was transferred from the intensive care unit to the
general ward. Moreover, Sonia was no longer required to wait outside the hospital ward daily, nor was
she restricted to a ten-minute time limit to accompany him. Nevertheless, she could remain at his side
and talk to him anytime, day or night, for as long as she desired. That was the best news she had
received during that period. Similarly, his overall physical and mental vitality increased after being
transferred from the intensive care unit.

Meanwhile, the past few days have been filled with several events that have followed one another.
First, Lynette was transferred to the circuit courts in the Acrees case. From a legal standpoint, it makes
no sense for her to appear in court so quickly. Due to the complicated nature of the processes, they
estimated that it would take at least six months to get her ready for court. In fact, it would take at least
two years to resolve the most significant cases.

Since she was transferred to the circuit courts in less than a month, they must have bypassed several
procedures. It was not the court’s oversight but rather a deliberate directive from higher-ups. They
skipped some legal procedures and sent her straight to the circuit courts because her crimes were so
heinous that they outraged the country’s wealthy and influential people.

In the eyes of the general public, Lynette was a rotten apple that brought the rest of the barrel’s
reputation into disrepute. Consequently, their companies were in disarray for some time. It also
prompted higher-ups to increase the scrutiny placed on their companies, making their lives even more
difficult. Hence, they all felt nothing but pure hatred for her.

Moreover, the public outcry and the pressure of the wealthy in concert made it so that the higher-ups
were under significant pressure. As a result, in order to quell public outrage, the higher-ups convened a
series of meetings before deciding to disregard specific procedures. They decided to transfer her to the

circuit courts and execute the verdict quickly to explain it to the public.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that she was given the death penalty for her crimes. Soon, when
the verdict was reached, it was posted to the court’s website and met with widespread netizens’ praise.
However, she was dissatisfied with the ruling and decided to file an appeal.

Lynette was unable to comprehend the verdict because she had committed no wrongdoing. In addition,
she was merely advising the fisherman, assisting him in overcoming obstacles, and she did not drive a
car to kill the Acrees. So, how could she be the mastermind and be sentenced to death?

She believed that as long as she did not commit the murder by her own hand, it would not be
considered murder, and she should not have ended up in that situation. As a result, she insisted on
filing an appeal, and the court granted her request.

However, everyone except Lynette knew that the second trial would not affect the verdict. Ultimately,
she would be forced to come to terms with her impending execution because the ruling from the first
trial would be upheld.

Knowing that she intended to file an appeal did not provoke any particularly hostile responses from
netizens beyond the expected level of disdain. Nevertheless, she would be subject to the same
repercussions regardless of how persuasively she argued her case.

On the other hand, Mrs. Lore became so overwhelmed by the news of Lynette’s first-instance verdict
that she fainted in the courtroom. According to rumors that circulated, she allegedly suffered a stroke
and was in a coma in a small hospital.

As for Harry and Grayson, the police took their sweet time to sort out their crimes and evidence.

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