Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448

Chapter 1348

The instant Sonia left the meeting room, she heard the telephone on her desk ringing. After saying
something to Lina, she went over and picked it up. “Hello?”

“President Reed,” the receptionist called out to her. “There’s someone who wants to see you.”

“A person who wants to see me?” Sonia frowned. “Who is it?”

At this point, the receptionist had forgotten Rina’s name, so she turned to look at her. An impatient Rina
repeated her name. Then, the receptionist continued speaking to Sonia, who arched her brow and
questioned, “Her? Did she say why she wants to see me?”

“She didn’t.” The receptionist shook her head. “Do you want to see her, President Reed?”

“No.” Sonia rejected the request directly. “Tell her there’s nothing to talk about between us, so she
should get lost.”

“Alright, President Reed.” The receptionist nodded. After the call ended, she looked at Rina and said,
“I’m sorry for making you wait, Miss Gray. However, President Reed said she has nothing to talk to you
about, so she’s not going to see you. I’m afraid you’ll have to leave.”

“Huh? She doesn’t want to see me?” Rina couldn’t accept it.

The receptionist kept a smile on her face. “Yes, Miss Gray. That was what President Reed said.”

“How could she refuse to see me?” Rina yelled. “Did you even tell her that I’m here to see her?”

“Please stop pulling my leg, Miss Gray. You’ve been around all this while, so you must have heard what
I said to President Reed. There’s no way I didn’t inform her about your presence. She doesn’t want to
see you, so you’ll have to leave.” The receptionist then motioned for her to leave.

Rina said through clenched teeth, “What if I refuse to leave and insist on seeing President Reed?”

The smile on the receptionist’s face disappeared. “Miss Gray, if you insist on staying here, the security
guards at Paradigm are not some pushovers.”

“You…” Rina didn’t expect that the receptionist would threaten to chase her away with the security
guards. At that instant, she was in a dilemma.
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A smile reappeared on the receptionist’s face. “Please leave, Miss Gray.”

Rina glared at the receptionist and turned around to leave. The receptionist watched the woman leave
and rolled her eyes before continuing with her work.

After leaving Paradigm Tower, Rina got into her car but didn’t leave. Instead, she stared fixedly at the
office building. She decided to wait for Sonia to get off work. Regardless, she had to see her on this

Unbeknownst to her, the moment she appeared in this place earlier, Toby was informed about her
presence. He had no idea why Rina had gone to Paradigm to look for Sonia, but he reckoned that she
was up to no good.

Given Titus’ health condition, there was no doubt Rina wanted to see Sonia and talk about her father. In
that case, she would most likely expose Sonia’s true identity.

Toby pressed his lips together, then ordered coldly over the phone, “Get her to leave that place and
make sure she won’t have a chance to approach Sonia.”

“Yes,” the bodyguard replied. Then, he kept his phone and shuffled toward Rina’s car before knocking
on the window.

Rina rolled down the window. Thinking that it was probably a policeman trying to issue her a ticket for
illegal parking, she glowered at the person and was ready to tell him off. To her surprise, the person
wasn’t a policeman. Instead, he was clad in a familiar-looking bodyguard’s uniform. Her face paled in
an instant. “You…”

She then realized that Toby’s bodyguards had surrounded her vehicle. What are his bodyguards doing

“Miss Gray, why are you looking for Miss Reed?” The bodyguard stood outside the car and looked
emotionlessly at her.

Rina clenched the steering wheel and parted her lips, but she couldn’t say anything. It wasn’t like she
could tell them she wanted to ask Sonia to save her father’s life. She was certain that she would never
live to see tomorrow’s sun once she told them about her intention. While she didn’t want her identity to
be exposed, the crazy man named Toby wouldn’t want that to happen either.

Seeing how Rina remained silent, the bodyguard urged, “Please answer my question, Miss Gray.”

Rina hung her head low. “N-Nothing.”

The bodyguard sneered. “Are you trying to say you’ve come all the way here for no particular reason?
Miss Gray, I suggest that you be honest with us. It’ll save both of us the trouble.”

Rina bit her lip. “I told you there’s nothing in particular that I want to do. Don’t you get it? Go away. I’m
leaving.” With that, she was ready to roll up the window.

The bodyguard placed his hand on the glass, ensuring that she couldn’t roll up the window. At the
same time, another bodyguard rounded the car front and arrived at the driver’s side before opening the

Rina exclaimed, “What are you trying to do?”

“We’re not doing anything. We just want you to stay as far away from this place as possible.”

Then, the bodyguard who opened the door earlier pulled Rina out of the vehicle and shoved her into
the backseat. Following that, he got into the driver’s seat and drove the car away.

Although Rina kept yelling and telling him to let her go, the bodyguard ignored her and sent her to the
Gray Residence.

After getting out of the car, the bodyguard looked at Rina, who was glowering at him with reddened
eyes. “You’ve arrived home, Miss Gray,” he announced with a smile.

Rina was enraged. Indeed, she knew that she was home, but she didn’t want to be there at this

moment. However, she didn’t dare to say such things to the bodyguard, so she could only suppress her

“Get in, Miss Gray. I hope you won’t leave the house from now on, and your parents will be sent home
by today. This way, the three of you will reunite,” the bodyguard said.

Rina’s expression changed. “What did you just say? Is Toby going to send my parents back?”

“Of course.” The bodyguard nodded.

While clenching her fists, Rina stared furiously at the bodyguard. “It’s Toby, right? It’s his decision,
right? He knows that my dad can’t leave the hospital. My dad will probably pass away not long after he
gets discharged. However, he still wants to get my dad to leave the hospital in a hurry. What is he trying
to do? Has he ever considered the fact that my dad is Sonia’s biological father as well as his future

The bodyguard’s face fell. “Please be careful with what you say, Miss Gray. I don’t care if Mr. Gray has
anything to do with President Fuller and Miss Reed. They had nothing to do with each other in the past,
and it’s not likely that they will be related in any way in the future. Regardless of what you say, it’s
pointless. Just stay in the house from now on. We’ll get some people to keep an eye on you to make
sure you won’t have a chance to look for Miss Reed.”

As soon as the bodyguard finished speaking, he turned around and left. Rina remained in the same
spot as she yelled at him like a madwoman.

Ignoring her, the bodyguard hastened his pace. That woman is mad! Her high-pitched voice is piercing!
He shuddered and started running before disappearing several moments later. When he arrived at the

hospital, he reported to Toby about successfully sending Rina back to the Gray Residence.

Hearing that, Toby questioned with an impassive expression, “Have you found out why she went
looking for Sonia?”

“I’m sorry. I forgot to ask.” Knowing he had failed his mission, the bodyguard hung his head low.

All the same, Toby had no intention of blaming him. He waved his hand and said, “Go back to protect
Little Leaf.”

“Yes, President Fuller.” The bodyguard nodded and turned around to leave.

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