Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449

Chapter 1349

Toby rubbed the center of his eyebrows, then fished out his phone and made a call, which ended two
minutes after it was connected. After putting down his phone, he looked at the screen and pressed his
lips together.

In the afternoon, the doctors came together and persuaded Julia to get Titus discharged from the

Although Julia was reluctant, she couldn’t possibly deal with so many people. In the end, she could
only leave the hospital with Titus as she brought him home in tears.

When Rina saw that Titus had been sent back home, her mind turned blank as she couldn’t believe that
Toby was that merciless.

Although Dad has some grudges against the Reed Family, he’s Sonia’s biological father and his future
father-in-law, after all. Even if Toby isn’t willing to save Dad, he shouldn’t have forced him out of the
hospital. That’s no different from killing him. It’s very cruel of Toby.

As Rina listened to Julia’s despondent cries coming from the room, she clenched her fists. At that
moment, she decided that she had to escape from this place and look for Sonia, even if it meant
sacrificing her life.

Although they have only been showering me with parental love because I’m ‘Rina’, they’re good people
and wonderful parents. In the past few months, I’ve truly felt the love they’ve given me. Therefore, I
want to do something for them. However, how do I leave this place? As she looked around the

spacious villa, she felt lost.

Meanwhile, Sonia had left Paradigm Tower as she drove her car to the hospital. Certainly enough,
there was a black Mercedes G-Class following behind her. Inside the car seated the bodyguards that
Toby had arranged for her.

The instant Sonia entered Toby’s ward, she asked, “How are you feeling today?”

“Not bad.” At her arrival, Toby smiled faintly and was ready to sit up.

Seeing that, Sonia quickly went over and stopped him. “Don’t move. I’ll help you.”
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When Toby saw her anxious expression, he decided to stop moving as he didn’t want her to worry.
Then, Sonia rolled the hand crank and lifted the upper half of the bed, allowing the man to sit up.

“It’s done.” Sonia tapped her palms and showed him the thermal flask she had brought with her. “I
heard that bone broth with brown sugar is good for patients with heart disease, so I asked someone to
buy me the ingredients, and I prepared the broth for you in the office today. I bumped into Tim earlier
and asked him about it, and he’s given you the green light to consume it. Why don’t you give it a try?”
She then poured him a bowl of broth.

As Toby glanced at the dark broth, his eyelids twitched. Just by looking at it, he knew that the broth
tasted terrible and overly sweet.

However, as he met Sonia’s expectant gaze, he could never bring himself to turn her down. As such,
he scooped the broth with a spoon and gave it a try. In an instant, his mouth was filled with an

overwhelmingly sweet taste, which prompted him to close his eyes.

“What do you think?” Sonia asked.

Toby opened his eyes and forced a smile. “It’s not bad.”

If he had a choice, he would’ve told her it wasn’t terrible; it was just overly sweet. He didn’t have a
sweet tooth to begin with, though he was fine with a mildly sweet taste. However, the sweetness of this
broth was more than what he could tolerate.

All the same, the broth had been personally prepared by Sonia, and it was filled with her love.
Therefore, even though he didn’t like the taste, he wouldn’t tell her the truth. Otherwise, he would be
considered ungrateful.

Hearing his compliment, Sonia became at ease and smiled. “That’s great. Finish it up, and there’s more
here.” She pointed at the thermal flask.

Toby covered his face with one hand to conceal his reluctance and grunted.

Sonia didn’t notice his expression as she rose from the chair and said, “By the way, I’m going to see an
optometrist; I need to get some eye lotion. My eyes feel incredibly dry now. Perhaps I’ve been wearing
contact lenses for far too long. I’ll be back soon.”

“Sure.” Toby waved his hand.

In the past, he would’ve told her that they could just ask someone to send the eye lotion over. However,
at this moment, he just wanted her to leave as soon as possible.

“I’ll get going now, then.” Sonia still hadn’t realized the man’s anomaly as she waved her hand and left
the ward.

After she was gone, Toby put the bowl down and chugged a glass of water. When he was done, the
sweetness in his mouth finally subsided, making him feel much better.

Then, he placed the glass on the table and looked at the remaining broth. Torn between tears and
laughter, he shook his head. He wondered where she had gotten this idea to prepare the broth.

After rubbing his temples for a bit, he picked up the broth and continued drinking it. He had to drink
some water every time he had a spoonful of broth. Regardless, Sonia had prepared the broth with love,
so he couldn’t waste it. I’ll just drink more water to water down the taste.

When Sonia returned with the eye lotion, Toby was done with the bowl of broth. She picked up the
empty bowl and asked with a smile, “Do you want more?”

A hint of fear flashed across Toby’s eyes as he shook his head repeatedly. “No.” He had suffered
enough earlier. If he had to eat another bowl of broth, he would probably vomit.

“Alright, then. I’ll reheat the remaining broth for you in the evening.” When Sonia was done speaking,
she took the bowl away and washed it.

Toby pressed his palm against his forehead while feeling both miserable and happy. He was happy
because the woman he loved was there to keep him company and care for him. On the other hand, he
felt miserable; his partner’s love could be unbearable sometimes.

Forget it. I’ll put up with it and finish the rest. After that, I’ll drop a few hints and tell her not to make it
ever again. This time, I’ll just close my eyes and gulp the remaining broth down.

While he was in his thoughts, he heard a phone ringing. He turned his head and realized it was Sonia’s
phone. He then looked in the kitchen’s direction and shouted, “You have a call, Little Leaf!”

“Please answer it for me.” Since Sonia was busy washing the bowl, she told the man to pick up the call
for her.

A smile played on Toby’s lips when he realized that she trusted him. There was no denying that he was
pleased. It showed that she considered him a trustworthy person, and there were no secrets in her
phone. Certainly, neither did his phone contain anything that he couldn’t show her.

He picked up the phone and took a look. When he saw the name on the screen, he squinted his eyes.
It’s Carl!

In an instant, his face fell. He was resentful of Carl as well; if not for the fact that Carl had harmed
Sonia with some poison, her child wouldn’t have been killed. That was Toby’s child too.

They eventually decided to abort the child. It was their own decision, and it had nothing to do with an
outsider like Carl. However, Carl butted in on their affairs and caused the loss of their unborn child.

For that reason, Toby loathed the man, and he couldn’t believe that the latter still had the nerve to call
Sonia. With an expressionless face, he answered the call and said, “You’d better have something
important to say.”

Carl was evidently surprised when he heard Toby’s voice, but he soon regained his composure and

smiled faintly. “Oh, isn’t it Sonia’s husband, Toby?”

Toby arched his brow, for he was startled by the way Carl addressed him. Carl isn’t someone who
would call me Sonia’s husband.

Nevertheless, he soon realized it wasn’t the real Carl. Since Carl loved Sonia, he hated Toby with a
passion. There was no way he would call the latter Sonia’s husband. As such, it was Carl’s second
personality speaking, not the real one.

I can’t believe his second personality is still in charge of his body. Why hasn’t he managed to regain
control of his own body? What a useless man.

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