Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450

Chapter 1350

“Just cut to the chase. We’re not close to each other.” Toby frowned impatiently. However, he didn’t
dismiss Carl for calling him Sonia’s husband. Evidently, he was pleased with the way Carl addressed

On the other end of the call, Carl sat languidly on the couch. His punk metal outfit made him look
aggressive and ruthless, which was in stark contrast to his mild-mannered main personality.

His main personality was someone good at acting, and beneath the facade of his impeccable manners
was his evil nature.

On the other hand, Carl’s second personality was more straightforward as he directly showed everyone
that he was evil. He didn’t even bother concealing his true nature.

As he lifted his phone with one hand, he fiddled with a chain using his other. He licked his lips and
asked, “Where’s Sonny?”

Toby’s temples throbbed as he questioned, “Why do you ask?”

Sonny? That’s an endearing way of calling her! Although Carl always insists that Sonia is just a friend, I
know he’s into her. What about this guy that I’m talking to now? Does the second personality have
feelings for Sonia as well? If that’s true, I’ll teach him a lesson!

“There’s something I need to tell her. Why else do you think I’m looking for her? Could I be wooing
her?” Carl laughed wickedly.

Toby’s expression darkened at once as he immediately hung up the call. I knew it! The second
personality also fancies Little Leaf after being influenced by his main personality. That’s outrageous!

“What’s wrong?” When Sonia was done washing the bowl and walked out of the kitchen, she saw the
man clenching her phone with a furious expression.

Toby looked up at her with a bitter gaze.

A puzzled Sonia wiped her hands with a towel and walked over. “What happened? Say something.
Who was it that made you so vexed? Look at how enraged you are! Calm down. I’ll teach that person a
lesson on your behalf. If you fall ill again, no one can help you.”

She poked the man’s face and appeased him like he was a child. This couldn’t be helped, for a sick
man was no different from a child in her eyes. He would give her the cold shoulder when he was mad,
and she would be worried about his heart.

Hence, she could only placate him with patience so that he wouldn’t be struck by a heart attack again.
Otherwise, she would be the one getting anxious.
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“It was Carl.” Toby passed the phone to her as he enunciated Carl’s name.

The instant Sonia heard the name, she was elated. “It was Carl?” She quickly took the phone. “What
did he say?”

“Nothing much. He said he needed to tell you something, but he wasn’t willing to tell me what it was. As

such, I hung up the call,” Toby replied honestly as he didn’t intend to hide anything from her.

Sonia was startled and perplexed. “Why did you hang it up? You could’ve passed the phone to me.”

“He’s not the real Carl. That’s still his second personality. He’s a terrible guy, so you probably shouldn’t
talk to him,” Toby replied while looking at her. In the meantime, he thought, The main personality isn’t a
good guy either.

When Sonia heard that it was his second personality, the surprise on her face faded. She was no
longer as elated as when she heard that Carl had given her a call. At any rate, she didn’t intend to call
him back.

After all, she still believed that the second personality was an entirely different person, not the real Carl.
Although the second personality had split from the main one, he had his own way of thinking and
consciousness. As such, he was a completely different being. Therefore, she insisted that the second
personality was a stranger instead of her friend, Carl.

“Don’t you want to call him back?” When Toby saw her putting down the phone, his lips curved into a
smile. It was apparent that he was pleased. However, worried that she might find out what was on his
mind, he quickly pressed his lips into a line.

Although his series of movements were swift, Sonia caught everything. She rolled her eyes and
remarked, “Just laugh as loud as you want. What’s the point of stifling your laughter?”

Turns out she’s discovered it. Toby coughed and put on a smile.

Finding the man amusing, Sonia said, “No, I’m not going to call him back. He’s not my friend, so you’re

right to say that I probably shouldn’t talk to him. Whatever he wanted to tell me, that’s none of my
concern.” Then, she put the phone into her bag. “It’s getting late. I’ll help you to the bathroom.”

“Alright.” Toby nodded.

Sonia went over and lifted his quilt. Then, she pulled the wheelchair closer and carefully helped him out
of the bed. When he managed to take a seat in the wheelchair, she pushed him into the bathroom.

Despite being ill, he could still wash up on his own. Therefore, he didn’t need Sonia’s help at all. He just
needed her to push him into the bathroom, and he could handle the rest.

Considering his condition, he couldn’t take a shower, so he only wiped his body with a wet towel.
Meanwhile, he could wash his face and brush his teeth since his hands were not affected at all.

Initially, Sonia was worried, so she offered to help him wash up. They had bared it all in front of each
other before, so they knew everything about each other’s bodies. They could even locate the other
party’s moles. Therefore, Sonia didn’t feel psychologically burdened when she offered to help him clean

However, the man turned her down. First of all, he could still move, so it wasn’t like he was paralyzed.
As such, he didn’t need anyone’s help.

Secondly, he was in a wheelchair, so it was indeed difficult for him to move freely. If he let her help him
wash up, she would see the helpless side of him. He didn’t want to show his helplessness in front of
the woman, after all.

Sonia had no idea about Toby’s real reason for turning her down. She just thought that he didn’t want

her to exhaust herself. As such, she kept persuading him until she realized she couldn’t change the
man’s mind. Left with no choice, she could only give up.

Although she let the man clean up on his own inside the bathroom, she didn’t dare stay away from the
door. She was worried that if she was far away from the bathroom, she wouldn’t be able to hear him
when he fell to the ground and called for help.

As she stood outside the bathroom and heard the sound of splashing water, she fished out her phone
and sent Charles a message. ‘When will you have time to talk, Charles? I’d like to talk about Daphne.
Can we do that?’

After she sent the message, she stared fixedly at the phone, worried that she would miss Charles’
reply. However, until the sound of running water stopped in the bathroom, she still hadn’t received
Charles’ reply.

Perhaps Charles is swamped with work, so he didn’t see my message, Sonia thought with uncertainty,
then heard the doorknob of the bathroom turning behind her. She quickly kept her phone and shifted
her attention to the man.

“Are you done washing up?” When she saw the man leaving the bathroom with damp hair, she frowned
with displeasure. “I’ve told you before that you should dry your hair before leaving the bathroom. Look
at how damp your hair is! Aren’t you worried you’ll dampen your clothes? When that happens, you’ll
have to get changed again.”

Toby smiled faintly. “I’m sorry. I forgot about that.”

“You’re always so forgetful. How many times have I told you this before?” Sonia rolled her eyes at the

man, then picked up a towel and dried his hair for him. When she was done with that, she got a
hairdryer to blow-dry his hair.

“Alright, it’s time for bed. I’ll help you.” She then lowered the bed and helped the man get onto it.
Following that, she adjusted the bed to an appropriate height and placed a quilt over him.

To her surprise, the man lifted the quilt the next instant.

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