Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1453

Chapter 1453

Chapter 1353

Sonia instinctively stood up and stared at Tim entering the place with the document. Even her breath
sounded grating to her ears as she clasped her hands in anxiety.

“I-Is the result out?” She parted her lips to speak, but it took a long while before she found her voice.
Such an action illustrated that her emotions were in such turmoil that the line which signifies peace
might as well be a dot.

Tim looked at her and nodded. “It’s out. Have a look.”

Then, he passed the document over to her.

When she reached out to take it, her hands shook as she lacked the courage to flip it open.

She was petrified that she would see a positive pregnancy test result but also feared not seeing a
positive result.

Such a dilemma tore into her and left her feeling uncomfortable.

Tim raised an eyebrow at her when he noticed Sonia’s hesitance as she kept clutching onto the
document. “Aren’t you going to open it?”

“I’m a scaredy-cat.” She looked up with red eyes and replied with a choked sob.

He almost burst out laughing when he heard her response, after which he took the document back from

Sonia. “Since you are a scaredy-cat, let me do the honors for you.”

“Aren’t you my doctor? You would have seen the result earlier, so why don’t you spill the beans? Why
do we have to bother with the file?” Sonia rubbed her cheeks in mild frustration.

Tim was noncommittal. “That’s true. But it’s such a waste that you didn’t look at the results yourself. So,
although I have seen the results, it just isn’t the same. Anyway, I’m walking you through the process
now. Alright, take a seat.”

She nodded and forced herself to sit down.

However, he didn’t join her. Instead, he stood opposite her and opened the document to reveal the

Sonia’s eyes never left his face as she observed his expression. Alas, he had such a poker face that
she couldn’t decipher the truth no matter how hard her eyes bore holes into him.

It left her somewhat disappointed.

After he took the test result out, he immediately flipped to the last page and gazed at it. Nevertheless,
he did not initially inform Sonia of the result, but he suddenly asked, “Before I reveal the truth, I need to
know about your thoughts on pregnancy.”

“My thoughts?” Sonia was taken aback.

Tim grunted before he continued, “Yeah, because pregnancy is a huge deal. I need to know whether

you are prepared and willing to have a kid with Toby.”

“I’ve never thought about it. Didn’t you already mention that I should avoid pregnancy for the next two
years? Even the possibility of being infertile has crossed my mind. Heck, I never once considered that
I’ll be pregnant within these two years.” She rubbed her temple as she gave a truthful reply.

Once again, he nodded. “That works. Now, look at this from a different point of view. Would you be
willing to deliver a child for him, then?”

Sonia grinned. “What do you think? Since I’ve already accepted him, of course, I’m willing to deliver a
child for him. I mean, it’s a different story now. I didn’t know that the father was Toby during my last
pregnancy. So, even if I did, I’d never have chosen to keep the child because I’d already divorced him. I
was so against him that I wouldn’t even entertain such a possibility. That was why I chose to abort the
fetus. Even though I now know what had happened, I would still make the same decision. Even if Carl
hadn’t poisoned me, I still wouldn’t have kept the child because I never thought that I’ll reconcile with

As a result, Sonia never regretted her decision to abort her first child, but she felt that she owed that
child terribly.

For this reason, she lied to everyone and offered prayers at the local church for the child. She even
donated to the church every month because she wanted to make amends to that child. Although it was
superstitious, she did all that in the hopes that her child would be reborn in a better family and under far
better circumstances.

She was never one to put stock in such ridiculous notions, but she was more than willing to do it for her
unborn child.

It was because she genuinely owed the child.

“So, you don’t intend on aborting the child if you are pregnant this time. In fact, you’ll carry it to full term.
Am I right?” Tim pushed his glasses up his nose bridge.

Sonia looked at him as though he was asking a moronic question. “Duh. I’ve already aborted one child,
so I won’t do it again. That’s too cruel of me. Even I found myself heartless by making that decision the
first time around. The most important thing is that I know my body well. My body suffered from the first
abortion, so if I didn’t keep this child, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to conceive another one for the rest of
my life. My heart is set. If I’m pregnant this time, I’ll deliver it.”

“Then, why did you look like you wanted to get pregnant but also looked apprehensive of that fact?”
Tim was bewildered by her attitude.

Sonia took a sip of the water and answered candidly, “I’m worried. Didn’t you say that I won’t be able to
conceive within these two years? So, if I were to deliver a child now, would the child be healthy? Also,
I’ve been in the hospital in and out and taken various medications after being rescued from the factory
fire. Let’s just say that I’m unsure whether that child should be born if I’m pregnant. What if all those
drugs harm my baby? Wouldn’t I just be bringing my child into this world to suffer? I’m worried about
this hence my expression earlier.”

She was actually genuinely concerned about this, and it was enough that her heart felt torn at the
possibility that she had harmed the fetus due to her poor health.

He chuckled before finally saying, “Then, you have nothing to worry about. The fetus is doing just fine
and hasn’t been affected by all of the medications you’ve received.”

“Really?” There was joy on her face before her eyes widened in shock. It was as if she understood
something. “What did you say? The fetus? I… Am I really pregnant?”

He laughed. “Yup. You are pregnant.”

Sonia’s mind was blank. The words ‘You are pregnant’ continuously rang in her head, reminding her
that she was a mother-to-be.

When Tim saw that she was in such a dazed state and didn’t even respond to his questions, he started
waving a hand right in front of her face as he snarked, “Hey, snap out of it. It’s just being pregnant. Why
are you acting so weird?”

“I-I’m just shocked.” Her eyes flickered as she returned to her senses, after which she cautiously felt
her belly. A mixture of emotions danced on her face—joy and fright. “I’m really pregnant?!”

She couldn’t believe what she had heard.

“Dr. Lancaster.” Sonia suddenly remembered something and desperately grabbed hold of Tim. “Didn’t
you say that I can’t fall pregnant within these two years? Or the possibility that I might not be able to get
pregnant? So, what’s going on now?”

When Tim saw that she was becoming agitated, he patted her to signal her to calm down. Finally, he
answered, “Yes, I have said such words before, but that’s because your uterus was injured. So, I
figured it would need about two years to recuperate. That’s why I suggested not getting pregnant within
these two years and that there was a chance you might not even be able to conceive during this period.
If you have a child with an injured uterus, the environment might not be suitable for fertilization.

However, I did emphasize something. Maybe. That is to say; there are exceptions to every rule. Clearly,
you’re such an exception. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that this is a miracle baby you’re carrying.”
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Okay, so my case is just a matter of probabilities.

There was a slight chance of the impossible, and she was lucky to have been accorded that slim

In short, Lady Luck shone on her. Had Sonia known about it, she would have purchased a lottery ticket.
Maybe I’d have struck first prize?

Sonia pointed to her belly. “In that case, my child… How did I get pregnant? Is it—”

As Tim knew what she wanted to express, he waved away her guesses. “Nope, your uterus is not fully
recovered yet, but it’s close. Since your recovery is going well, it is capable of supporting your decision
to keep the child. Still, I have to warn you that safely delivering the child would require a lot of sacrifice
at your end thereon.”

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