Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455

Chapter 1355

Similarly, he had not forgotten that her condition disallowed her to be pregnant during these two years.
That was why he was more worried than unhappy about not getting his benefits after hearing that she
was pregnant, hence the lack of excitement expected from Sonia.

Was Toby unhappy about her pregnancy?

Of course, not.

On the contrary, he was elated because that was their child, the product of their loving relationship.

However, the baby did not come at the right time and might even bring harm to the carrier. Just the
thought of that made him unable to feel easy.

“Don’t worry. I’ve mentioned all your worries to Tim.” Sonia looked at his nervous state and felt touched.
Then, she told him what Tim promised.

At that, Toby finally felt assured when hearing that she had only gotten pregnant three days after they
were rescued from the fire and that the baby was healthy. Also, Tim would help her recuperate her
health and ensure that she could safely give birth to the child.

“That’s great.” He finally felt relieved.”I didn’t expect it’s only half a month old.” He caressed Sonia’s
belly with surprise.

Our child is so tiny!

Meanwhile, Sonia was also looking at her belly. “That’s right. I never expected I’d get pregnant now or
be told such great news after two weeks. With today’s technological advancements, we can determine
if a woman’s pregnant in ten to fourteen days.”

“The baby has a great sense of time because it chose to attach to your womb after two days. If it had
been two days earlier, perhaps…” We might not be able to keep this baby.

Sonia had gone through BAL during those two days and ate all kinds of prescription drugs, so they
certainly could not keep the child if she had been pregnant then.

That was why Toby said their child had great timing and chose to come to them after that period.

She smiled. “Yeah. The baby knew Mommy was not strong enough to handle them yet, so they chose
to be patient for another two days.”

“As I would expect of my child—smart.” Toby raised his chin, revealing his proud expression.

Laughing, she retorted, “That’s my baby too, not just yours. Why don’t you say my child takes after my

“Yes, of course. Baby takes after you. No matter whom the baby takes after, they’re still ours.” After
saying that, Toby grabbed Sonia’s hand and kissed the back of her hand.

She lay in his embrace and suggested, “How about we break the good news to Grandma during
Christmas? She would love the news!”

“Sure.” He nodded in agreement. “But before that, we have something important to do.”

“What’s that?”

“Getting married.” While looking at her, Toby explained, “I know you were unwilling to marry me
because you haven’t gotten your revenge, and I respect your decision. I’m willing to wait until you get
your revenge before getting married, but the situation is different now. We have a child, so we should
get married and provide the child a legal identity.” His eyes were filled with anticipation when he said

Sonia moved her lips, feeling somewhat touched.

What he said was true. Had she not found out she was pregnant, she would have insisted on waiting
until she got her revenge before getting married.

However, a sudden change hindered her plans because she was now pregnant. So, even if she was
not doing this for herself, she still had to change her plans to not let her baby be born with the title of an
illegitimate child.

If they had planned to marry later, the public would still think of their child as illegitimate. After all, it was
known to all how viciously people nowadays spoke.

“We can register our marriage first and hold a wedding afterward. It takes time to organize one, so it
wouldn’t be too late to hold our wedding after you’ve gotten your revenge.” Toby clutched Sonia’s hand
with a suggestion.

She stared at him for a while before slowly nodding. “Okay.”

“You said yes!”

“Yes.” She nodded again.

He was elated. “That’s great. You agreed. You finally agreed.”

Seeing how excited he was, she was worried his heart might not be able to withstand his excitement,
so she stopped him. “Alright, alright. Don’t get too excited. What’s there to be so excited about me
marrying you? Where’s that same excitement when I told you I’m pregnant?”

“You agreeing to marry me again is exceptional news, so of course, I’m happy. Also, isn’t this double
the good news?” Toby tightened his grip on both her hands and was reluctant to let go.

Sonia found his actions funny and shook her head.

“How about we register tomorrow?” he asked.

Surprised, she replied, “Tomorrow? Won’t that be too quick? What’s more, you can’t even get out of the
hospital. Are you going to apply for leave tomorrow? If you do, you won’t be able to return home during

“I won’t be taking leave. I’ll get Tom to bring the personnel involved to come here.” He shook his head
and proffered his plan.

Feeling her lips twitching, she gave in. “Fine. I wouldn’t expect any less from you.”

It seemed like her thoughts were somewhat limited as she did not think of the possibility of bringing the
personnel over here. What an eye-opener.

“So, does that mean you agree?” In the end, Toby confirmed with her once again.

Sonia laughed. “Would you listen if I have any objections?”

“As long as it’s reasonable, of course, I would.”

“Sure. Tomorrow is too soon, and I wanna wait a while longer. How about two days later?”

“No!” He immediately rejected grimly.

He set the time for tomorrow because he was worried that she might change her mind, so he decided
to get registered earlier so that he could rest assured.

How could he let her consider it for a few more days?

The idea of getting remarried had been in his mind for ages, so why did he need to hesitate when she
finally agreed? Of course, he wished for them to marry as soon as possible and without a minute’s

Looking at the man’s determined face, Sonia rolled her eyes resignedly. “See? What’s the point of
asking me? That’s the only objection I have, and you’ve rejected it.”

“You can mention something else but not that. For example, the clothes you wanna wear tomorrow and

how you’d like your makeup done. I can arrange for that.”

Hearing that, she thought the situation was becoming weirder. “We’re only registering our marriage.
The way you’re putting it sounds like we’re getting ready for our wedding ceremony.”

As soon as she said that, Toby was stunned but then realized he had gone a little overboard. However,
he did not mind and considered it a basic idea for their ceremony later.

Sonia was at a loss for how to react. Following that, she followed the man’s suggestion and told him
what she wanted to wear tomorrow.

While she spoke, he listed them out and sent his notes to Tom, asking him to contact a stylist and the
Civil Affairs Bureau to send someone over tomorrow.

Of course, he did not forget the most important thing—reminding Tom to buy a set of rings.

Meanwhile, Tom was about to go to bed when he received the message. Then, he immediately sprang
up while looking at his phone in disbelief and rereading the whole text.
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After doing so, he drew a sharp breath. “Damn! I’m not seeing things. President Fuller and Miss Reed
are going to get married!”

The news was so huge and shocking that he no longer felt tired. Wasn’t Miss Reed unwilling to remarry
President Fuller? Why did she change her mind? What did President Fuller do to make her agree?

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