Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1457

Chapter 1457

Chapter 1357

The stylist Tom arranged for Sonia was already waiting inside the room and was currently arranging her
makeup products and tools.

When she heard the door open, she quickly turned around and bowed. “Miss Reed.”

“Hello.” Sonia smiled at the stylist as a greeting.

The stylist then pulled out the chair before the dressing table. “Miss Reed, please take a seat while I do
your hair and makeup. Once we’re done with that, I’ll help you change into your dress.”
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“Sure.” As Sonia also knew the steps that she needed to get ready, she instantly agreed and put her
dress down before walking over to take a seat.

Subsequently, the stylist studied her face and praised her. “Miss Reed, you have such great skin. I
can’t even see your pores. It looks like you’ll only need a light layer of foundation.”

No one disliked being complimented, so Sonia naturally felt flattered by it. She smiled sheepishly. “I’m
already twenty-eight. How good can it be?”

“It’s great, and twenty-eight isn’t that old. You’re still very young.” The stylist flattered her while
beginning the pre-makeup skincare process.

Suddenly, Sonia was reminded of something and grabbed the stylist’s hand. “Wait a minute.”

“What’s the matter?” The stylist looked at her in confusion.

Without any hesitation, Sonia asked, “It’s like this. I’m pregnant, so are your skincare and makeup
products suitable for pregnant women?”

Hearing that, the stylist smiled. “Don’t worry, Miss Reed. We usually have pregnant customers too. So,
all the products we use are suitable for both pregnant and ordinary women because we don’t want any
trouble. You can rest assured that this is perfectly safe.”

After listening to her explanation, Sonia felt relieved and let go of her. “That’s great. My apologies. I
was too nervous.”

“It’s fine. It’s normal for a soon-to-be mom to protect her child. Also, I haven’t congratulated you and
President Fuller on having a baby.” She sounded sincere.

Smiling, Sonia said, “Thank you. You may continue.”

“Sure thing.”

Then, Sonia closed her eyes and let the stylist work her magic.

As the stylist was proficient in her craft, she did a quick job with Sonia’s hair and makeup. The hairdo
complemented the dress perfectly, radiating an air of grace and beauty.

Sonia loved it the moment she saw it and could not find any flaws after looking at it.

When the stylist saw how much Sonia adored her work, she felt relieved. It seems like I don’t need to
change anything.

“Miss Reed, let’s get you changed.” The stylist then brought over Sonia’s dress.

Sonia did not feel embarrassed as they were both women, so she took off her clothes before the stylist
and changed into the dress.

In the meantime, the stylist stood beside her and helped her with the zipper and silhouettes.

“Whoa! Miss Reed, you look so pretty.” The stylist was surprised at the final look.

Sonia smiled shyly as she changed into high heels. “You must be exaggerating.”

“I’m not. I’m speaking the truth. You’re the prettiest bride I’ve ever seen. The dress you’re wearing is
perfect for you. I can’t imagine how beautiful your wedding gown would be.” The stylist began
envisioning the scene.

While touching her burning cheek, Sonia replied, “It’s too early to talk about our wedding, but thank you
for your compliment.”

“Miss Reed, you don’t have to be so modest. I’m just stating facts.” The stylist waved her hand.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, and Toby’s voice rang from outside. “Little Leaf, are you

“Yes,” Sonia replied and went over to open the door.

At that instant, both of them were surprised.

When he saw the beautifully dressed bride, who looked like a goddess, his eyes were glued onto her.

At the same time, Sonia’s eyes lit up when she saw him wearing a retro suit that decreased his cold
and domineering temperament, adding a trace of intellectual aura.

“You’re so handsome.”

“You’re so beautiful!”

Both spoke in unison and startled each other.

As they realized the situation, they looked at each other and laughed. Does this mean we’re telepathic?

“Come on, Mrs. Fuller.” Toby sat in his wheelchair and reached for her.

Sonia hummed a reply and stretched her hand to place it in his palm.

As he was afraid that she might take her hand back, he grasped her hand tightly as soon as he could.

To that, she was powerless. Gosh! I’ve already agreed to marry him. Since I’ve given him my word, I
won’t regret my decision. Still, his actions make it look like I’m going to regret my decision at any

“Let’s go, Mr. Fuller.” That endearment made his heart flutter.

The two walked over to the lounge hand in hand, ready to receive their marriage certificate.

On their way there, Toby felt a little sorry for her. “I’m sorry I can’t walk with you on such an important
day. Gosh, this wheelchair.”

Sonia patted his shoulder. “It’s nothing. You didn’t choose this. Once you’re all healed, we’ll have our
ceremony, and you can walk me down the aisle.”

“I will make sure of that.” He clutched her hand in his and promised.

When the couple arrived at the lounge together, the crowd generously complimented them as those
two looked exceptional after dressing up; they were a match made in heaven.

Hearing the crowd compliment them left Toby happy that the smile on his face never disappeared,
which showed how much he enjoyed getting praised for their perfect chemistry.

After exchanging some courteous remarks, they finally began the process of registering their marriage.

The two presented their identification documents before filling up all sorts of forms and having their
picture taken. Then, they received their certificate and exchanged their vows, all in one concession.

Now that he had gotten the anticipated certificate, Toby beamed for the very first time. Following that,
he pulled Sonia into his arms and spoke very excitedly, “This feels great. You’re finally married to me

She gently hugged him back. “Are you going to treat me well this time?”

“Yes, I will.” The man nodded without hesitating. “If I can’t, let the universe—”

Before he could finish, she had sealed his lips with her finger. “Don’t say that. Today’s a happy day. Do
not spoil the mood by saying that.”

He looked at her and said, “Although I know these vows are fake and can’t be trusted or made real, I
mean it when I say I won’t live a good life if I don’t treat you well.”

“I believe you.” She closed her eyes, and the two hugged each other.

Meanwhile, the personnel and Tom watched the two from the side without any intention of interrupting
the newly registered couple.

It was until they broke the hug that the crowd began to applaud.

“Congratulations, President Fuller and Miss Reed. Congratulations on becoming husband and wife.”

“Thank you.” Sonia thanked them, while Toby was more straightforward and asked Toby to distribute
envelopes filled with money.

He had prepared these monetary gifts in advance, and every envelope was filled generously.

As the personnel did not expect to receive such a gift, they were all shocked and happy, but they
worked for the government, so they did not dare to accept the gifts.

In the end, they felt reassured and accepted the envelopes after Toby told them he had mentioned this

to their superior.

After receiving the monetary gifts, they were delighted because each envelope had about fifteen
hundred bucks, twice their monthly salary.

As one would expect from the generous and rich President Fuller! Besides monetary gifts, they also
received goody bags and tokens of appreciation. This trip was well worth it.

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