Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1458

Chapter 1458

Chapter 1358

After receiving their monetary gifts and goody bags, all the personnel left happily, leaving only Toby,
Sonia, and Tom inside the lounge.

Toby gave Tom an envelope too. “This is yours.”

Tom’s eyes lit up, asking, “Me too?”

Sonia smiled as she answered him, “You’re Toby’s assistant. How could we not give you one when we
gave the others? Your envelope has more than theirs.”

Although the envelope seemed flatter and less bulky than the others, it was a check inside.

Tom joyously received the envelope. “Thank you, President Fuller and Miss Reed.”

“You don’t have to thank me first. There are still things that I need you to do. You have to prepare some
benefits and goody bags for the employees at Fuller Group and Paradigm Co..”

Since he and Sonia had gotten married, as their boss, he should give his employees some benefits.
That was how it should be done.

Not only was he doing that to get everyone’s blessing, but he was also aiming to make his marriage a
smooth sail.

“Sure, President Fuller. I’ll arrange for that.” Tom nodded and thought of something before asking,

“Should I get them to post the news of you and Miss Reed on the Internet?”

Toby looked at Sonia with eyes filled with anticipation. He was hoping to announce their marriage
because he wanted everyone to know about it.

On the other hand, she could not bear to see him disappointed. Also, things like this should be shared
with others and not kept a secret, so there was no reason to object to that idea.

“You can do whatever you want,” she told Toby.

He was instantly delighted and gazed at Tom. “Announce it and create some kind of lucky draw so that
the netizens can share the joy.”

“Yes, President Fuller.” Tom nodded again but did not head out immediately. Instead, he looked at the
two and hesitated to speak.

Frowning in satisfaction, Toby asked, “Is there anything else?”

Tom laughed sheepishly. “President Fuller, when you told me you and Miss Reed were going to
remarry, I was so shocked that I couldn’t sleep. So, I was wondering why you two suddenly decided to
get married again.”

It turned out he wanted to know the reason.

Then, Sonia smiled and touched her belly, while Toby pulled her into his embrace and raised his chin
slightly, announcing proudly, “It’s because we have a baby.”

“A baby?” Tom was shocked but then realized something and looked at her in disbelief.

She hummed in response, confirming what Toby said was true.

After hearing the news, Tom had his mouth agape in surprise. It took him some time to realize what had
happened he started laughing excitedly. “So, that’s why. That’s great news. President Fuller, Miss
Reed, congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Sonia happily accepted his congratulations.

However, Toby waved his hand in displeasure. “Alright, do whatever you need to do. Also, don’t
announce her pregnancy for the moment.”

Not only was there still Connor to deal with, but he also had other business rivals. It would be bad if any
of them knew Sonia was pregnant and decided to target her to get to him.

Since Tom also knew to weigh the situation, he nodded sternly. “Don’t worry, President Fuller. I
understand. I’ll be off now.”

“Good,” Toby responded firmly.

Then, Tom nodded at Sonia before he left. He had just taken a few steps when Toby suddenly thought
of something and reminded him, “Don’t address her as Miss Reed anymore. It’s Mrs. Fuller.”

The title of Mrs. Fuller did make Sonia a little embarrassed and shy, but she did not stop him because
she knew she had to go through this phase sooner or later. Therefore, she had to start getting used to


Meanwhile, Tom patted his forehead and agreed, “Yes, you’re right, President Fuller. I should change
the way I address her. Thank you for the reminder.” While he spoke, he glanced at Sonia apologetically.
“My apologies, Mrs. Fuller. I wasn’t able to react in time, so please forgive me.”

With pink cheeks, she shook her head. “It’s nothing.”

“Well, now you know. You’d better pay more attention to this. You may go now.” Toby waved his hand.

Tom withdrew his gaze and finally left.

Once he was gone, Toby suddenly snatched the marriage certificate from Sonia’s hand.

When she realized what had happened, she looked at him in confusion. “What was that?”

“I’ll be keeping this.” He carefully stacked the certificates together and folded them before placing them
inside his suit pocket. She found it comical that he was acting like someone would steal those

“Is there a need for that?” She shook her head resignedly.

He explained to her with a stern expression, “Of course. This is the proof of our marriage, so we must
keep it safe.”

“If you put it that way, I can keep my copy. Why did you take mine?” She looked at him with a smile.

While patting the pocket with the certificates, he argued, “That’s a different situation. I feel more
assured if I’m the one keeping them, but you’re right. It’s not safe to keep them on me. I’ll get Tom to
buy a safe.”

He put on a serious face, obviously thinking about whether he should do that.

Sonia hurriedly stopped him. “It’s just a marriage certificate. Why get a safe for it? Since you want to
keep them yourself, you can have both of them, Mr. Head of the House.” With a smile, she cupped his
face and rubbed it.

Toby nodded and promised. “I will keep it safe.”
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She felt touched because he valued those marriage certificates immensely. “So, what are we—”

Before she finished her words, footsteps came from outside the lounge, followed by Tim’s confused
voice, asking, “What are you guys doing? I heard the nurses talking about you guys inviting a crowd
over. What’s going on? Are you having a party?”

Sonia burst out laughing when Tim called it a party.

Meanwhile, Toby was too lazy to argue with him because today was his and Little Leaf’s big day, so he
decided to be generous for once and not argue with such side characters.

At that moment, Tim entered the room and was about to ask them what they were doing in the lounge
instead of lying in bed at such an early hour when he saw them all dressed up.

“What’s this?” He cast a suspicious look. “Why are you two all dressed up? Are you planning on

holding a party in the ward?”

She shook her head. “No, we were—”

“Just getting married.” Toby cut her off and took out the marriage certificates before showing them to

The certificates were so eye-catching that it was impossible to ignore.

Stunned, Tim stammered, “You guys…”

“Yes, we’re married.” While Toby spoke, he shook the certificates again. The proud look on his face
was genuine and obvious.

Yet, the woman shook her head powerlessly. Is this guy planning on showing everyone who comes into
this room our marriage certificate? It does seem like something he would do.

Tim raised an eyebrow. “So, the two of you dressed up and called a bunch of people here just so you
can get your marriage certificate?”

Toby answered in a firm tone, “That’s right.”

“Jeez! What am I to say about you two? You guys are probably the first to do so here.” Tim rolled his

Then, Toby put down the certificates and took out his phone to take two pictures.

“What are you up to?” she asked.

“His arrival reminded me of one thing,” Toby spoke while pointing at Tim. “Getting married is a big deal,
so we have to share it with all our friends and family. What if they get angry at us for not telling them?
So, the first one I’m telling is Charles. Zane is okay too.”

As he spoke, he scrolled to locate Charles’ contact number on his phone.

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