Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460

Chapter 1360

Lenny stared at Douglas in astonishment. “Young Master Douglas, who taught you that?”

It was shocking to hear a kid speaking so eloquently about adult relationships. Douglas blinked
innocently at him. “No one! You learn that from TV shows!”

Lenny was speechless at the answer. Douglas added, “Lenny, let’s go. Leave Uncle Zane alone. He
deserved it. If only he had been braver and gone after Aunt Sonia, he might have stood a chance, but
he did nothing. So, that’s a hundred percent chance of failing! Crying over it only makes him look like a

“You’re right.” Lenny lifted the kid into his arms. “Young Master Zane is a coward. Had he been braver,
he wouldn’t be crying now. Let’s leave him alone.”

The two ignored Zane and silently left.

All of these happened outside of Sonia and Toby’s knowledge. When Toby received no further
communications from Charles and Zane, he kept his phone away in satisfaction.

By then, the news of their marriage had spread across the Internet. The netizens were taken aback
because the news came out of nowhere. Everyone was wondering if something had happened,
triggering the sudden decision.

The guesses and gossip stopped for a while when Fuller Group announced its lucky draw event. The
netizens flocked to the event because they were eyeing the luxurious gifts, which included houses,

cars, laptops, bags, and even cash.

Some netizens concluded that the Fuller Group had spent at least fifteen million to celebrate their
CEO’s marriage as a way to share the joy with everyone. Everyone hurriedly shared the event in hopes
of winning something from their entries. Even if one could not win a house, winning the second prize
Mercedes-Benz would still be awesome!

As such, the netizens were busy sharing the wedding announcement and left their congratulations on
Fuller Group’s website or either Toby’s or Sonia’s personal social media pages. They hoped that their
nicely written congratulatory messages might increase their chances of hitting the jackpot.

While the netizens celebrated, the employees at Fuller Group and Paradigm Co. were equally joyous,
for they received money and goody bags following the wedding announcement. Tens of thousands of
employees each received a hundred bucks, an amount that only Toby Fuller could afford. If it were
other bosses, the employees might have to count themselves lucky to even receive anything.

Back at the Fuller Residence, Rose heard the news of Sonia and Toby’s remarriage from Mary. Filled
with excitement, she skipped her nap and called the couple instead to ask them about the sudden
wedding announcement. After all, she recalled Toby mentioning that Sonia, who wished to focus on
getting her revenge, had no plans to marry him.

Now, the plan had changed, and they would get married before Sonia got her revenge. Rose could not
help but wonder if Toby had forced Sonia to change her mind.

When Rose called him, Sonia found their conversation funny and felt sorry for Toby. She took the
phone from him and offered a quick explanation to the old lady, telling her that the sudden change of

plan did not involve coercion from Toby. Rose finally believed them and stopped badgering her

Later, Rose invited them to have dinner at the Fuller Residence. Although Sonia and Toby did not plan
to hold a ceremony, Rose thought it would only be appropriate to at least celebrate the marriage with a
family dinner. However, Sonia politely turned down the invitation with the excuse that she wanted some
private time with Toby tonight.

Technically, the couple was enjoying their time in the hospital room. Still, Rose did not know that and
pictured a romantic candlelight dinner instead, which was why she readily accepted Sonia’s rejection.

Sonia also promised the old lady that they would be back to the Fuller Residence on New Year’s Day to
have dinner with her, adding that they would bring some good news.

Rose was overjoyed to hear that. Although she had no clue about the good news, she was happy
enough to hear that they would spend New Year’s at home.

Sonia chatted with Rose for a little while before hanging up. Soon after, her phone buzzed with a call
from Tyler. She was surprised to see the caller ID.

Ever since he went abroad for the U-17 World Junior Basketball Championships, he had not visited
home for half a year. He rarely had the time to contact family and friends due to his tight schedule.
Therefore, his call came as a surprise.

“Take it.” She handed her phone to Toby, who shook his head. “He called you. You should take it.”

She had no choice but to pick up the call. “Hello?”

“Sonia.” She jumped a little when she heard Tyler’s croaky voice. Is his voice still changing? He sounds

Toby heard his brother’s voice and turned his head in disgust. He was reluctant to admit that Tyler was
his sibling.

“Sonia, are you ignoring me?” The cheerful teen sounded rather pitiful when he received no response.
She rubbed her temples and answered, “Hey, sorry, I was a little shocked by your voice. I thought it
was a duck quacking. Took me some time to realize that it was you.”

“Sonia!” Tyler sounded even more miserable. He pouted. “I’m not a duck! My voice is still changing.
That’s why it’s a little unpleasant. Still, you shouldn’t say I sound like a duck!”
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She chortled. “I’m sorry. I was fooling around. What’s up?”

“I’m done with the championships and will come home tonight.” He grinned. “I saw the news of your
remarriage when I got my phone back. This is the first thing I do—calling you to check if it’s true.”

“Toby’s company released a statement on the news. What do you think?” She rolled her eyes.

Tyler laughed. “That’s great! Thanks for being my sister-in-law the second time. Toby’s probably dying
of happiness now, is he?”

She raised a brow. “He’s right beside me. If you want to check if he’s alive, you should talk to him.”
Then, she handed her phone to Toby.

That prompted objections from Tyler, who was shaking like a scaredy cat. “No! Sonia! I don’t want to
talk to him. He’s going to ask me about my studies. The last thing I need is his nagging.”

“Sorry, but I heard you.” He could hear Toby’s icy tone from the other end and gasp. Damn it, how did
he hear me?

He scrunched up his face. “Toby, it’s my fault.”

“And what did you do wrong?” Toby squinted.

Tyler frantically chuckled. “Hehe. I should not hate my studies, and I should not complain about your

“Hmph!” Toby grunted expressionlessly. “When you’re home, I will interrogate you about your studies. I
need to know if you’re catching up with homework during your competitions. If your grades fall, you will
not join the NBA pre-draft assessments after the new year.”

“No! Toby!” Tyler panicked, and his voice went one pitch higher, which was incredibly jarring. “Toby, I
am good at my studies! Trust me.”

“There’s no point telling me over the phone. I’ll have to see it for myself. That’s enough for today. Sonia
needs to rest and doesn’t have time to chat with you. Get home soon. I’ll have Tom pick you up from
the airport tonight. Bye.”

With that, Toby ended the call.

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