Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1461

Chapter 1461

Chapter 1361

Sonia laughed. “Why did you bring up his studies before he’s even home? That poor boy might not
want to come home after this.”

“He won’t.” Toby returned the phone to her. “He’s mentally strong, so he won’t run away. I bet he
understands he can’t neglect his studies for the championships. Otherwise, I might force him to give up
on the competition and come home for school. That’s why he must have studied hard over there. Well,
the results might not be the best, but he must be confident enough to show off to me.”

“Grandma would be happy this year. Everyone’s back to celebrate the new year with her.” She leaned
against him.

He caressed her abdomen and replied, “Yes. We also have an extra member here.”


Her phone buzzed again. It was a call from Grace, which was not unexpected. She and Toby registered
their marriage without giving anyone a heads-up, after which they spread the news online. That was
akin to dropping a bomb on those who knew them personally, so it was understandable for them to call
and inquire.

Therefore, Sonia had mentally prepared herself for the influx of calls. She did not look surprised and
simply picked up the calls that came in. Toby was understanding and did not interrupt her phone

Similarly, he received a lot of questions and congratulations on his end. Most were happy for him, while
only a few were unwilling to accept the news, including Lynette and Anya.

Lynette, now in detention, got the news from the TV in the center. Coincidentally, she overheard the
news coverage of Sonia and Toby’s marriage on a public channel, which prompted her to flip the table
in a fit. She bawled and wailed, saying that the news could not be true and that she found it

What else could she do, though? Under detention, she was unable to make a move. Not only that, she
got a warning and a solitary confinement punishment for acting out.

Meanwhile, Anya swept the cosmetic products off her dressing table in a fury and stared at the
marriage certificate photo on her screen with resentment. Even though she knew she stood no chance
with Toby and harbored a deep hatred for the couple, she could not stop herself from feeling despair
and envy when she heard the news. After all, she had once loved him with all her heart.

“Why? Are you throwing a useless tantrum because they’re married?” Connor inched into the room with
his crutches and sneered when he saw the mess on the floor.

She stood up and rolled her fists. “Why did they suddenly get married? There was no news about it
earlier! Why?”

He stood in front of her. “Do you think I have the answer to that? I bet they decided to get married on a
whim. That’s why there were no leaks. Anyway, it is good news. At least now I know Toby Fuller is truly
in love with that woman.”

Not only was Toby willing to throw himself into the fire for her, but he was also willing to die with her.
Their touching relationship was eye-opening for Connor.

Indeed, Connor had gotten to the truth behind the fire at Paradigm Co.’s factory. Although Toby’s men
covered up the incident well, Connor still dug up some clues after a thorough investigation. Too bad,
the useless Asher failed to burn the couple alive with the arson as they emerged hurt but alive.

Still, Connor did not return empty-handed from his investigation. At the very least, he understood the
depth of Toby’s love for Sonia, which meant that he could use her to destroy Toby next.

Anya was clueless about Connor’s plan. She was burning in rage the moment she heard him saying
Toby loved Sonia. She failed to understand why Toby would be attracted to Sonia.

She believed her looks and family background were on par with Sonia’s. Despite that, Toby only had
eyes for that woman. Even when Anya pulled some tricks, she never got Toby to love her. That was
both infuriating and humiliating for her. I will never let this slide. Ever!

She blamed her situation today on them and vowed to let them experience a pain she felt a
thousandfold. Staring at the mirror with her eyes ablaze, she let go of her emotions even if her
expressions were ugly.
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Connor squinted at her, and a malicious gleam appeared in his eyes. Go on, hate them. The more you
hate them, the better of a tool you are.

Eventually, he smiled and left.

The next day, people started going on holiday because it was Christmas Eve soon. Sonia went to Tim,

hoping that he could sign an approval form for temporary leave.

He knew that Toby and Sonia had to leave the hospital to celebrate the holidays at home, so he signed
the paper to excuse them without much fuss.

Sonia returned to Toby’s room with Tim’s signed approval and buried herself in work. She needed to
prepare since she would spend the holidays with Rose at home. She planned to buy some gifts for her
and the entire Lane Family.

It was a busy day for her. Even when Toby suggested having someone else prepare the gifts, she
turned down the idea because she wanted to make thoughtful purchases, especially for gifts she would
give to close family and friends.

He gave in and let her be. Still, he tried to help her by taking up some easy tasks, such as preparing
monetary gifts. She decided to withdraw some cash to give to the kids. Tyler should also receive one.

The Lanes were a huge family, especially after they included Grace’s family members. Sonia
remembered that Grace asked her family, the Huntingtons, to help source the supplements for Toby’s
arm injury. Grateful, she would like to show her appreciation by sending gifts to the kids in the
Huntington Family.

There were more than ten kids from the Huntingtons’ extended family. Now, the task of wrapping the
monetary gifts fell on Toby. However, he did not complain because he wanted to help her out.

Time flew by, and New Year’s Eve arrived. After some hectic days, Sonia finally wrapped up her holiday
preparations and visited the Fuller Residence with Toby feeling much relieved.

When they arrived, she immediately spotted Tyler from afar. He was standing at the entrance, waving
at their car. After parking, she got out of the car, and her jaw fell at the sight of the boy. Is this Tyler?
How is he so tanned?

She stared agape at him for a while. Similarly, Toby jumped at the sight of Tyler’s extremely tanned
skin. When Tyler smiled, the vast contrast between his sparkling white teeth and tan skin was rather

Tyler had no idea that Toby and Sonia were shocked at his tan skin and giggled like a fool. “Toby!
Sonia! You’re finally here. I waited so long for you.”

She took Toby’s arm and smiled at Tyler. “You must be tired.”

“No, I’m not! It’s been a while since I came home, and I realized nothing has changed.” Tyler waved at

Toby gave him a side-eye. “What did you expect? It’s only been half a year. Alright. Start moving and
help us to get some stuff from the trunk.”

“Roger that,” Tyler replied and skipped to the car.

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