Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1462

Chapter 1462

Chapter 1362

In the meantime, Tom was busy taking out the presents in the car trunk. Those were gifts to the family
from Sonia and Toby. The sheer number of items took up much space on the ground.

When Tyler walked up to him, Tom was astonished at the sight of his tan skin. What has he been
through? He was pale before he went abroad, but he’s multiple shades darker now.

Though he noticed that change, he did not say a word about it for fear of embarrassing the kid.

“Hey, Tom. Are these all that need to be carried into the house?” Tyler stood there grinning, oblivious
that Tom was shocked by his change.

Tom looked away and nodded. “Yes, Mrs. Fuller bought gifts for everyone. We need to carry them into
the house.”

“Okay.” Tyler started lifting packages of all sizes from the ground. Since he was tall, stocky, and strong,
he lifted the items without difficulty.

Tom was more relaxed with the extra help. Subsequently, he took out the last item from the trunk—
Toby’s wheelchair. When Tyler laid his eyes on it, he thought it was Sonia’s gift for his grandma. In the
end, Tom had to explain that the wheelchair belonged to Toby and not Rose.

Tyler was stunned to hear that and turned to his brother. “Toby, since when have you been using a

He accidentally interrupted Toby and Sonia’s conversation with his scream and earned an impatient
glare from him. “I need it because I’m ill. What’s wrong?”

“No, Toby.” Tyler sounded worried. “Look, I’m not the smartest, but I’m not that dumb either. Not
everyone needs a wheelchair. Even if you’re sick, I don’t think you’re at the point where you need one. I
thought you were always healthy. How did you fall sick?”

Tyler was vividly concerned. Sonia helped Toby into the wheelchair and explained, “He’s gone through
surgery not long ago and hasn’t fully recovered. That’s why he needs one.”

“A surgery?” Tyler froze and asked again, “Sonia, what’s the surgery? Was it dangerous?”

She stole a glance at Toby because she was unsure how to reply to Tyler. Looking across, Toby pursed
his lips. “That’s enough questions. Let’s head in.”

Tyler scoffed unhappily. “I was worried about you, but you seem annoyed at me.” Then, he mumbled,
“What a waste of my sympathy.”

Toby overheard that and narrowed his eyes. “What did you say?”

“Nothing.” Tyler shook his head hastily and craftily denied any badmouthing because he did not want to
be lectured.

On the other hand, Toby was tired of nagging his younger brother, so he played along when Tyler
denied saying anything. He gently patted the back of Sonia’s hand and whispered, “Darling, let’s go.”

“Sure.” She nodded and wheeled him toward the entrance of the house.

Ever since they registered their marriage, he had started calling her ‘darling’ instead of Little Leaf. She
found it unfamiliar and rather embarrassing, but the thick-skinned Toby insisted on calling her so now
and then.

To her surprise, she adjusted to the term of endearment after two days. From there, she learned that
change mostly happened when one was forced into a situation or given a push by someone else.
Otherwise, she would probably not get used to their new relationship status.

She wheeled him over, leaving Tom and Tyler far behind them while they carried the gifts. During the
walk, Tyler was talkative and bombarded Tom with questions about Toby and Sonia’s relationship in the
six months he was abroad.

Tom reluctantly entertained him with some casual facts he cherry-picked, only because Tyler was his
employer’s brother.

Thankfully, Tyler was simple-minded and easily entertained. Even when he heard unimportant details
from Tom, he would listen intently and gasp here and there.

Tom was dumbfounded by his reaction. He wondered why Tyler would be shocked by some
inconsequential events or details of Toby’s relationship. If I told you everything that had happened
between them, you’d be screaming by now.

Soon, they arrived at the main hall, where Rose had been waiting for them.

She had wanted to welcome the couple at the entrance but was talked out of it by Mary, who worried

that the cold would further affect the old lady’s poor health. In the end, Rose had to suppress her
anticipation and sit patiently in the main hall.

Jean, too, was waiting with her, but she was initially reluctant to do so. She would willingly wait for
Toby’s arrival but not Sonia’s.

Still, she was aware that she had to rely on Sonia for the sake of their family because Tyler was not
great at managing business. With that in mind, she had to put aside any unwillingness when dealing
with her.

“They’re here.” Mary’s eyes lit up when she heard the footsteps from the outside. “Old Mrs. Fuller, that
must be Young Master Toby and Young Mistress Sonia.”

At that moment, Mary reverted to the old way she addressed Sonia. Truthfully, she was dying to
address Sonia the way she did in the past, but that was inappropriate after Toby’s divorce. As a result,
she had to address Sonia as Miss Reed for a while.

Now that Sonia and Toby were married again, she could finally address Sonia as the young mistress.

“Is that true? That’s great.” Rose was overjoyed when she heard Mary’s remark and had Mary lead her
to the door to wait. Since it was a short walk, Mary agreed and helped her.

Beside them, Jean rolled her eyes at the scene. She could not understand Rose’s affection for Sonia,
to the point that the old lady would rise to welcome the young woman. How annoying.
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Despite her silent complaints, she stood up and followed Rose to the door. It would be inappropriate for
her to sit around if her mother-in-law went to welcome the guests.

“They’re indeed here!” A smile blossomed on Rose’s wrinkled face when she saw the four figures
walking toward her. However, her smile faded when she saw Toby. “Mary, do you also see Toby in a

Mary nodded. “You’re right. Young Master Toby is in a wheelchair. What happened?”

Both women were in disbelief.

Sonia spotted Rose and Mary at the door, but she felt extremely anxious at the thought of meeting the
family. She had no idea how she would explain to Rose and Mary when they saw Toby’s condition, and
she was unsure if they would be mad at her.

I think they will be angry at me. I’m the reason their precious Toby is in a wheelchair.

Sensing Sonia’s distress, Toby reached backward to caress her hand. “Don’t worry. I got your back.”

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