Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1463

Chapter 1463

Chapter 1363

Sonia forced a smile as a response, and the couple came up to Rose and Mary. Before they could
greet the elders, Jean shrieked, “Oh, Toby! What happened? Why are you in a wheelchair? Are you

Sonia’s grip tightened around the handle, whereas Rose and Mary cast their dubious gaze onto Toby.

His gaze dimmed. “We can talk about this later. Let’s head in first. It’s cold outside.”

“Yes, he’s right.” Rose nodded in agreement. “Sonia, push him in. Don’t stay out here for too long.”

“Okay.” She nodded and pushed Toby into the main hall.

Mary supported Rose as they trailed behind the couple, but Jean waited outside for Tyler. It pained her
to see his hands full of packages. “Gosh, why did you take it all upon yourself? You’re back from a
tournament not long ago. You should be resting. What a fool. Why did you go out to bring so many
things with you? Isn’t it heavy?”

She grumbled and rolled up her sleeves to offer him help. Tyler could finally wipe off the sweat on his
forehead, grinning. “Mom, I’m fine. It’s as light as a feather.”

She snorted and gave him an eye roll. “Then, why are you dripping sweat? Geez. Why can’t you ask a
maid to take them with you? Stubborn boy.”

“It’s not many, anyway.” He did not mind.

Jean became frustrated as her foolish son did not understand her. “Fine, fine. Let’s get over this. Say,
what happened to Toby? Why is he in a wheelchair?” she questioned with an undertone.

Out of worry that he might be asked the same question, Tom quickly slid by their side. She glanced at
him before facing Tyler again. “Hurry. Tell me.”

“What is there to say? Don’t you know he underwent surgery recently?” It was Tyler’s turn to be
surprised now.

She shook her head. “No, we didn’t hear anything about that.”

“Huh? He didn’t inform you guys?”

Jean pouted. “He only has eyes on Sonia ever since they got together. He has forgotten about his

“Don’t say that. I guess he didn’t want to make you guys worry.” Tyler shrugged his shoulders.

A vexed Jean tapped his head. “Rather, I think he just didn’t want to tell us. We’re merely outsiders to

“Mom, cut it out.” His patience was running out. “I know you don’t like Sonia, but you can’t blame
everything on her. If you keep this act up, you might not be able to get along with her. And allow me to
remind you that she’s not the old Sonia; she’s a whole new person now. If you go against her, you’ll be
the one in the loss.”

He then caught up with Tom, leaving Jean behind. Now that no one cared about her, she stomped her
foot out of frustration. “Foolish! He’s just another simp of that girl!”

Back in the hall, Sonia quickly passed out the presents to everyone upon seeing Tom and Tyler
bringing in the stuff.

Clothes and supplements were for Rose and Mary, while workout attires, sneakers, and a basketball
were Tyler’s gifts.

That pair of trainers had been to his liking because it had his idol’s signature. He had always wanted
one, but he could not meet his idol and the signed sneakers in the market were sold out as well. Even if
he was the second son of the Fuller Family, he failed to snap it up from the competitive sale. Receiving
them from Sonia was totally beyond his expectation.

It was a coincidence that she was able to get her hands on it too. Her friend from the same university
happened to be selling them due to the dire need for money.

She saw the post by chance and purchased them, thinking Tyler might love them. His exhilarating
expression proved that she had made the right decision.

Besides Tyler, Jean received a set of jewelry too. Due to Sonia’s dislike for her, the ordinary present
was purchased from a random jewelry store. It was neither expensive nor cheap, leaving Jean no
openings to be finicky even if she did not like it.

In truth, she genuinely did not like it. First of all, its price was disappointing. She figured that Sonia had
bought her a cheap set of jewelry because Sonia looked down upon her.

Secondly, she could tell how little Sonia cared about choosing the gift from the designs. The designs
were meant for youngsters, not someone of her age. It would be weird for her to wear them.

Sonia did not like Jean, so she did not exercise much effort in choosing the present. Still, Jean kept her
emotion to herself because no one would take her side if she expressed displeasure. Instead, they
would criticize her for being fussy.

Sonia had the Fuller Family wrapped in her fingers now and everything was no longer the same.
Therefore, she had a happy and surprised face while thanking Sonia profusely.

Despite knowing Jean’s facade, Sonia could not care less about exposing the woman. Since she had
decided to see Jean as a mere relative, presents were a must during such an important festival.
Therefore, Jean’s inner thoughts would never affect her one bit.

After that, Sonia gave Tom a present. He pointed at himself in surprise. “I have one too?”

“Yeah. You’re one of us, so you should have one when everyone does.” She proffered the present to

He glanced at Toby, who did not stop her and accepted the gift with joy. “Thank you, Young Mistress

“My pleasure.” She smiled before delivering the final gift to Toby.

He raised his brow. “There’s one for me?”

“Of course. Even if I forgot about Mrs. Fuller’s present, I would remember yours.” She shot a glance at

The way she addressed Jean confirmed her stance that she would never get along with Jean in the
future. However, everyone could understand that. After all, Jean had crossed the line during those six
years, so they did not blame her for not calling Jean ‘Mother’.

At the same time, Jean’s expression darkened. What does she mean by that? Even if she forgot about
my present, she would remember Toby’s, huh? Does that mean she didn’t wish to give me anything
from the start?

Frustration bubbled in her in split seconds. Everyone could see that she was enraged, but no one
comforted her as they reveled in their presents.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” While holding the nicely wrapped gift, Toby could not smother the smile
across his lips.

Sonia laughed. “Presents are surprises, and surprises are meant to be kept as a secret first.”

“What did you buy me?” He stared at her.
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She moved her finger left and right. “It’s a secret. You should open it yourself, but I advise you to do it
in the room later.”

“Alright.” He nodded as a promise.

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