Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464

Chapter 1364

It was a new year’s gift from his wife; Toby would open it in the room where the others were not around.

Tyler rolled his eyes upon noticing Toby’s petty attitude, whereas Rose and Mary shook their head as
they found it hilarious.
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Everyone was celebrating over their harmonious, nuptial relationship, but the irked Jean pouted. Still,
she kept silent because she knew her place in the family.

After Sonia distributed the presents, Tom excused himself to avoid bothering the family’s gathering, but
in vain because Rose asked him to stay.

The Fuller Family fostered the orphan since he was young; he was all alone in his family. Thus, what
fun would it be if he returned to being alone on such a happy occasion?

The more, the merrier—that was why she asked him to stay. No one minded an extra companion
either, so Tom stayed, and Tyler dragged him out to play crackers. Despite his reluctance, Tom could
not withstand Tyler’s persistence and went along with it.

Jean excused herself and returned to her room due to her reluctance to share the same space with

Rose was happy over Jean’s absence because she frowned at that unwanted long face. Waving her
hand, she gestured for Jean to leave when the latter voiced her request.

Now that Rose, Mary, Toby, and Sonia were the only ones in the main hall, liveliness warmed up the
atmosphere under the heaters’ help.

Yet, Sonia felt the chill because she knew what awaited ahead.

“So, aren’t you going to tell us what happened to you?” Rose looked at Toby while asking in a low

He knew that there was no escaping from that question. Besides, the couple intended to level with the
family. So, he did not hesitate to answer upon hearing that question. “Grandma, I received a heart
transplant again.”

Both Rose and Mary’s expressions fell while Sonia’s heart was palpitating. She dropped her guilty and
remorseful gaze onto the floor.

“Again? Why?” A trembling Rose approached Toby to hold his hands tightly. “The surgery a few years
was a success, wasn’t it? The doctor claimed you can lead a peaceful life until old age, so why?”

“Yeah. What happened, Young Master Toby?” Mary asked concernedly.

Sonia rose from her seat, intending to admit her fault. However, Toby suddenly pulled her back to her
seat as he did not want her to say anything. “Grandma, I didn’t tell you about this, but something went
wrong with my heart because of that car accident.”

“What?” Rose was shocked to the core. “You mean that one which happened a couple of months ago?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

Sonia gawked at him in disbelief. What does he mean by that? Why is he blaming everything on that
accident? His heart went wrong because he saved me. It has nothing to do with that accident. Why is
he claiming that the accident is the cause of everything? Is it because he didn’t want Grandma to
blame me?

She bit her lower lip as bitterness churned in her. She wished she could tell Rose the truth and take the
blame upon herself, but the man kept holding her thigh. Rose and Mary did not notice his careful
actions either.

“That’s impossible.” Rose displayed a shadow of a doubt. “I followed up on your condition the whole
time and didn’t hear anything going wrong with your heart.”

“Yeah. Neither did I!”

Toby lowered his gaze and smiled faintly. “That’s because Tom was worried that you might not be able
to take it. So, we kept it from you guys. The doctor promised to keep it a secret too. I had been
searching for a suitable heart and finally found one a few days ago. The surgery was a success.”

“Is it true?” Rose stared at him in an attempt to see through him.

The man looked straight into her eyes, adding credibility to his claims via his genuine eyes. At long last,
she believed in his words as she patted his shoulder out of frustration. “You, silly boy. How dare you
keep me in the dark. It’s such an important matter!”

“I just thought it was too much for you to take in,” cooed Toby gently as he pulled her hands.

She snorted. “Then, why are you telling me about it now?”

He shook his head. “Now’s the right time because I’ve fully recovered, and there’s no problem with the
surgery. That’s why I feel comfortable telling you now. I don’t have to worry that you’ll faint or

“You think too weak of your grandmother.” She tightened her clasp on her stick. “Even if you told me
the truth back then, I wouldn’t collapse. Do not forget that I survived the war.”

“I know.” He nodded. “I know you’re strong as ever, Grandma, but I can’t take the risk. If we turn back
the time, I will still choose to keep it from you and tell you only once it’s over.”

“Turn back time and suffer again?” Rose slammed him. “Once is enough. Do you think you’re a sort of
machine? That you’ll be fine after simply changing some components?”

Her remarks tickled Toby and Mary’s bones. Mary took Rose’s side by saying, “Yes, Young Master
Toby, you should refrain from saying such a thing.”

“Okay. I promise I won’t.” He nodded. “All in all, I have a young and healthy heart now. As long as I’m
away from danger, I can live a long, healthy life. So, don’t you worry, Grandma.”

“You’re only telling me after the surgery. There’s no use worrying about you.” Rose shot a glare at him.
“I know you did that out of love, but I hope you won’t do the same in the future. Just tell me.
Sometimes, it won’t do me good if you keep me in the dark. I don’t wanna be the last person to know
about your condition. Okay?”

“Okay, Grandma. There’ll be no more next time.” He nodded.

She sighed. “If only you keep your promise. Look at my age. My sole wish is for you guys to be safe
and sound.”

“We will. We will always be safe and healthy.” He held her hands tight. “I’m still hoping that you can
attend our wedding.”

He looked back at Sonia, who forced a smile. “So do I, Grandma.”

Rose chuckled and nodded. “Of course, I will. Don’t underestimate me. I’m not in the best health, but I
know I still have a long way to go. I’m sure I’ll be able to wait for that day to come, but when will you
hold the wedding? The registration is completed, so I assume we can bring the wedding forward?”

“Yup. That is for sure. After Little Leaf settles the score with them, we will hold the wedding right away.
Titus won’t be able to hold on any much longer. I bet it won’t be long before you see us walk down the
aisle.” Toby assured.

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