Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1467

Chapter 1467

Chapter 1367

Delighted, Sonia took the box from the man’s hand. “I saw you didn’t prepare any presents for
everyone, so I thought…”

“Why did you think so?” The man smiled at her. “I planned to distribute the presents tomorrow. It’s the
first day of the new year, so it’s the best time to give out presents. However, I thought about it and
decided to give yours to you right now. You’ve prepared mine, so I’d look bad if I didn’t give you
anything today.”

“You’re good at this.” She shook her head. “Even if you didn’t prepare me anything, I wouldn’t be upset
at all. After all, you’re always buying me stuff even when there isn’t any special occasion.”

“That’s different.” Toby kissed her hand. “Those don’t count as part of the festive. It’s the new year this
time, so this is a present for you to usher in the new year.”

“I’ll gladly accept it, then.” Sonia stood up and started to unwrap the present. She asked, “What’s

“You’ll find out once you open it.” He did not answer her question and merely told her to take a look for

She stopped it at that and opened the box happily.

Inside the box revealed an exquisite lady’s watch, prompting her to exclaim, “This is the latest edition
watch from Patek Philippe’s collection this year, isn’t it?” Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Toby was vague. “Yeah. I think it suits you, so I got someone to buy it.” As he spoke, he took the watch
in his hand and grabbed her left wrist to put it on for her. “The present I gave you isn’t as meaningful as
the one you got me, but it’s a limited edition, so it can be considered a unique present, I guess. I hope
you’ll find it to your liking.”

At that moment, Sonia glanced at the wristwatch, which was worth more than ten million, and said with
a torn expression, “Are you kidding me? I’d be ungrateful to say I dislike it.”

“Do you like it, then?” He rolled down her sleeves.

She nodded. “Yes!”

It would be hard to find anyone in this world who would dislike an expensive watch like this.

“I’m glad you do. When I saw it in a magazine back then, I knew it was perfect for you. Now that I’ve
seen this on you, I was right.” He praised her as he stroked her slender wrist.

She smiled in response. “How did I not catch you buying this?”

“I ordered it a month ago, and it just arrived two days ago,” said Toby.

Sonia nodded without pursuing the topic any further. Subsequently, she steered him toward the
bathroom to take a shower.

As usual, she waited for him outside.

Nowadays, many enjoyed sending monetary gifts to each other through electronic wallets. Sonia was
also one of them, so she received a lot of good wishes for the year as well as some monetary gifts in
her e-wallet. She also received some from Charles, Zane, and Grace.

Naturally, she accepted them all graciously.

In return, she sent them monetary gifts through their e-wallets and all of them accepted her gift
graciously. After all, everyone reciprocated the other’s kind thoughts, so it might upset the other party
and also seem unkind if they rejected one’s gift.

Besides, their action of sending gifts to each other was to spread joy.

If one party rejected it, the other party would naturally have to stop mentioning well wishes to them
because it would make them look bad for collecting monetary gifts from the rejected party without
returning anything.

That was why everyone happily accepted the monetary gifts. In reality, the act of reciprocating was fun,
and everyone was delighted.

After Toby came out of the shower, he noticed Sonia was full of smiles. He lifted his brows and asked,
“What’s so funny? You seem happy.”

She did not attempt to hide anything and explained with a smile, “I’m just sending money to Charles
and the others while they reciprocate, and we’ve got a game going on too. It’s really fun.”

“How fun can that be?” He pursed his thin lips with a note of jealousy.

Sonia smiled in response before tapping her screen several times with her finger.

Ping! Toby immediately heard the notification on his phone, so he fished it out to have a look. He
noticed that she had sent him some money to his e-wallet. Perplexed, he lifted his head to look at her.

In response, she mentioned, “I’ve sent it to everyone, and as my husband, I wouldn’t forget about you!
Don’t worry. Yours is the most unique and biggest one.”

“Is that true?” His eyes sparkled.

She did not reveal much.

Immediately, he tapped to open the gift and the figure that popped up was meaningful to him. Elated,
he knew the meaning behind the figure, which signified forever love, despite not being familiar with the
popular slang on the Internet.

“Are you happy now?” Sonia looked at Toby.

He coughed lightly. “It’s acceptable. I’ll send you one too.” With that, he tapped swiftly on the screen
with his fingers.

Soon, she received a figure signifying eternal love. Compared to her confession of love, his was way
more. She shook her head with a faint smile. “Thanks, honey.”

“Say that again.” Toby’s expression became excited upon hearing that. Undeniably, he liked this

After all, her addressing him as ‘honey’ was an indication that she had fully accepted him as her

Sonia looked at his eager expression and could not help but smile resignedly. Next, she fulfilled his
request and called out sweetly again.

His breathing became hitched, and his voice turned hoarse. “Say that again.”


“One more time.”

This time, she rolled her eyes in annoyance. “I’m not a broken record! That’s enough for now.” Then,
she turned around and left.

Nonetheless, Toby confirmed that she was shy because the tips of her ears had turned red. He trailed
after her while maneuvering his wheelchair. “Darling.” He kept repeating that.

Since she refused to ‘honey’ him any longer, he took over and address her as ‘darling’.

As such, he stuck to Sonia and trailed after her wherever she went. He called out to her until her face
flushed with pink, thoroughly embarrassed.

Despite that, she did not get him to shut up at all. If that’s what he likes, I’ll let him do that. It’s fine as
long as he’s happy.

With this thought in mind, Sonia allowed him to continue. After some time, she no longer felt shy about
that and was used to it.

“Darling.” After she tidied the place and lay on the bed, Toby suddenly came closer and buried his face
in her neck. He spoke in an extremely low and hoarse voice and did not bother to hide his seduction.

Again… It’s happening again. She rolled her eyes and gently pushed him. “No, don’t even think about
it. You’re not fully recovered, so you’d better forget about those dirty thoughts. It’s still a no even if you
recover because I’m pregnant. You’re not allowed to touch me.”

Meanwhile, Toby heard her words but did not plan to back off. He hugged her tighter. “I get it. It’s just
that I can’t contain my urges. Can you help me?”

“No.” She blushed and rejected him.

He continued to stare at her, and she felt bad upon seeing his pleading eyes. She was nearly about to
give in because he rarely made such a request.

Perhaps she would have said yes if it was any other request, but she could not find it in herself to agree
to this.

“Darling.” Toby noticed that Sonia was still hesitant, so he immediately buried his head into her chest
and whined.

Stunned by the intense visual impact of seeing a bloke whine in front of her, she felt her mind spin.
Without even realizing it, she nodded instinctively and agreed.

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