Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468

Chapter 1368

It was too late when Sonia came to her senses and realized her mistake. He grabbed her hand firmly,
and she could no longer back out.

Exasperated, she was annoyed with the dirty dog at this point. Gosh! He has once again dazzled me
with his hot looks. I wouldn’t have agreed to his request in a dazed state otherwise!

That night, Toby was contented, but Sonia’s hands were not. She was so tempted to kick him out of
bed upon seeing him sound asleep after being satiated. Despite her thoughts, she would never actually
do that to him.

He was recuperating, so if she did that to him, she would ultimately feel pained. There is no point in
doing that.

She pouted slightly and lay down. However, she turned her back to him and did not even bother to cast
eyes on him.

Toby seemed to sense it, so he inched over and took her into his arms from the back as soon as she
lay down.

At that point, Sonia was exhausted, so she fell into a deep sleep after curling up in his arms for a short

The originally asleep man suddenly widened his eyes. He did not seem sleepy at all, judging by the
bright look in his eyes.

In actuality, he had been awake the entire time earlier. His sleepy look was a mere act.

Indeed, he was pretending to be asleep.

He knew she was generally shy, so after getting his urges satiated, he immediately pretended he had
fallen asleep to give her a moment to regain her senses. Otherwise, she would surely find it hard to
look him in the eyes.

As such, he put on an act and remained asleep the whole time. After he ensured that she was resting,
he was finally at ease by that and roused.

“Thanks so much, darling.” Toby hugged the woman in his arms tightly and leaned forward to kiss her
on her cheeks. At last, he closed his eyes contentedly.

It was the first day of the new year.

After Sonia changed into new clothes and freshened up, she wheeled Toby to the dining hall for some
breakfast. Then, she received monetary gifts from the elders too.

Rose and Mary gave the couple envelopes filled with money, respectively. The bulging envelope
indicated its amount.

Besides them, Jean also gave Sonia one.

Nonetheless, Sonia was well aware that Jean did not give it willingly; instead, she had no choice.

After all, everyone distributed gifts to Sonia, so Jean would look bad as an elder if she did not do
anything. Regardless of how reluctant she was, she had no choice but to give Sonia an envelope with

Sonia accepted the gift and regarded that as a reciprocation from Jean for the jewelry she gave her

Besides, she was more than happy to accept the gift upon seeing Jean’s disgruntled expression. It was
particularly amusing while she was facing her.

After breakfast, the couple bid farewell to the others because Toby was not supposed to stay out for too
long in his current condition. In reality, he should have returned to the hospital after the dinner
gathering last night.

However, he and Sonia agreed and felt that it was rare to have the chance to keep the elders company
during the new year. As a result, they specifically called and informed Tim that they would only return to
the hospital today.

Due to the delay, Toby had to undergo a thorough body check to find out whether there was anything
wrong with his body during the extended period he was away.

Although Rose was reluctant to part with him, she knew his condition well, so despite her reluctance,
she agreed for them to return to the hospital.

She also brought up that they would go over to the hospital to keep him company at night. Therefore,
they could all gather at the same place without being apart.

As soon as Toby returned to the hospital, he was instantly whisked off by the hospital staff for a
thorough body check.

As for Sonia and Tom, they waited patiently outside.

After more than an hour, a nurse wheeled Toby out of the room. Sonia hurriedly went forward and took
over the nurse’s role. Subsequently, she asked the nurse, “Is everything fine with my husband?”

The nurse smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Fuller. President Fuller is in great condition, and
everything’s fine.”

She finally felt at ease upon hearing that. “That’s great.”

“While you were out of the hospital, he followed the doctor’s instruction and avoided food that he
shouldn’t take. Plus, there was no major event that triggered his emotions. As such, President Fuller is
in perfect condition.”

“Of course. We paid a lot of attention.” Sonia lowered her head and smiled as she looked at the man in
the wheelchair.

He patted the back of her hand as an indication for her to relax.

At that moment, Tim came out of the diagnostic room. He lifted his brows quizzically upon seeing
everyone. “What’s wrong? Why is everyone gathered here? Why aren’t you back in your room?”

“We’ll return to our room shortly,” Sonia replied. Then, she recalled something and took out several

envelopes with money from her bag.

She handed over the largest envelope to Tim.
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Slightly perplexed, he took it from her. “What is this?”

With a smile, she replied, “It’s your new year’s gift from Grandma.”

“For me?” He pointed at himself with slight shock.

She affirmed, “Yes. Grandma has found out about me and Toby’s condition, so she was thankful for
your care toward us. As such, she prepared this specifically for you and wanted us to hand it to you.
Don’t take this the wrong way. This is purely just a new year’s gift from an elder, and it signifies her kind
thoughts. It’s not money to thank you for your efforts, so please accept this.”

After Sonia said that, she did not wait to find out Tim’s reaction and quickly distributed the other smaller
but still significantly thick envelopes in her hands to the other doctors and nurses. “These are new year
gifts for you guys too. They are the same as Dr. Lancaster’s, so I hope you guys accept this.”

“Director Lancaster.” The other staff did not accept the gifts but looked questioningly at Tim.

Although they knew this was a new year’s gift from Sonia, it was monetary after all. As medical
personnel, they were forbidden from accepting monetary offerings randomly. If some malicious person
discovered this and made use of this information, they would end up being charged with bribery.

Naturally, Tim knew why they looked at him. Everyone’s waiting for me to say yes.

Frankly, this was the second time he had received an envelope with money.

The first time was right after Sonia and Toby’s ROM, and it was a token from the newlyweds. This time,
it was a new year’s gift from their grandmother.

He felt differently about those two times, but he found both experiences similarly refreshing with an
inexplicable sense of happiness.

Finally, he nodded. “You guys can keep it, but don’t let a word of this get out. Keep it to yourselves.”

The other medical personnel immediately perked up and nodded happily. As they took the envelopes
from Sonia, they repeatedly expressed thanks to the couple.

It was their first time receiving such a large envelope with money. The rich are indeed generous!

“Okay, that’s all. Get back to work now.” Tim noticed that everyone had received their envelopes, so he
sent them away to avoid crowding the hallway.

Sonia wanted Toby to get some rest too, so she nodded and wheeled him back to their room.

Tom trailed after her as he had some important matter to report to Toby.

It was a brand-new day and the start of a new year, so a lot of pending work awaited them.

Fortunately, Tom was aware that Toby needed rest, so he did not take much time with the reporting.
Work conveyed was mainly documents that needed Toby’s signature or matters that required his
assistance. Tom handled everything else on his own accord without reporting back to Toby because he

wanted his boss to rest well and recover.

After sorting out work, Tom left the hospital.

Although Sonia told Toby to take a nap, he ended up taking out the workbook and going through
Management Studies with her since he was not sleepy.

Five months later, she would be attending the entrance exam to further her studies abroad, so she
needed to maximize her time and study well. Otherwise, it would be catastrophic if she failed the exam.

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