Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 1470

Chapter 1470

Chapter 1370

Curtis could not help feeling disappointed. The last time Toby was here, he enjoyed his chat with him.

Although he was a businessman, he showed a keen interest in chess and other information that
increased his knowledge. In his spare time, he enjoyed learning new things.

In other words, he knew a little bit of everything despite not being an expert in one. So, whenever he
chatted with other business owners, he would naturally wander off the subject as the conversation

The other business owners were great at the business side of things and clinching deals, but they were
unprepared to discuss anything else. Curtis usually became the only one talking, while the others were
utterly clueless. Oftentimes, it ended up in an awkward setting.

However, things were different with Toby. Though he was young, he was highly knowledgeable like
Curtis and knew about various fields. Besides, Toby was well-informed and was not merely skimming
the surface of things.

That was also why Curtis enjoyed chatting with him tremendously. After all, there was finally someone
whom he could chatter away with. He would no longer be talking to himself—like how things were in
the past—since no one responded to him.

He knew that Sonia would be coming over today the previous night, so he assumed that Toby would be
joining her. Truth be told, he even planned some topics in mind to share with Toby!

Unexpectedly, he was absent.

At that moment, Sonia saw the disappointed look in Curtis’ eyes and realized what was going on. With
a smile, she assured him, “Mr. Lane, don’t be upset. Once Toby is recovered, I’ll come over with him to
spend some time with you. Alright?”

Instantly, his eyes sparkled, and he nodded earnestly. “That’d be great.”

“That’s a date!” She chuckled.

At that, Charles rolled his eyes and cursed Toby in his head. That guy has not only taken away the
precious childhood sweetheart I doted on since young but also won the affection of Mom and Dad! I
must be enemies with that guy in my past life, so that’s why he’s here in this lifetime to go against me.

Naturally, no one cared about Charles’ feelings since Sonia was happily engrossed in conversation with
Grace and Curtis at that moment.

Grace asked Sonia about her recent life, while Curtis listened by her side, full of smiles. Occasionally,
he would join in the conversation.

The atmosphere was warm and pleasant.

Suddenly, the servant came over and reminded everyone that lunch was ready.

It was then that Grace ended the conversation and led Sonia by the hand affectionately toward the
dining hall.

Lunch was lavish, and quite a few of Toby’s favorite dishes were served. Grace had specifically
prepared those for him, so it was unfortunate that he was absent today.

Subsequently, Sonia took photos of the dishes and sent them to Toby to tell him about Grace’s kind

Since he was not taking a nap, he promptly responded by placing a video call to thank Grace for her

After all, she had him in mind when she prepared those dishes. Therefore, he knew he had to express
his gratitude.

In the end, Sonia’s phone was passed to Curtis from Grace’s hand.

He was the happiest amongst them to talk to Toby via video call. Finally, he could chat with Toby again!

With that, Curtis conversed happily with him while enjoying his meal. From time to time, he would burst
into laughter upon mentioning something funny.

Grace and Curtis had a great relationship, so she could not contain her beaming smile upon seeing him
in such high spirits.

As for Charles, he sat by the side and ate silently while rolling his eyes again. Indeed, Toby’s here in
this lifetime to make my life hellish. It’s the new year, yet he’s here to ruin the atmosphere at our place.
This is too much! The way Mom and Dad look at him as if he’s precious makes me wonder—is he their
son? It would appear so to the outsiders!

In the end, Charles was the only one at the table who did not enjoy the meal. Everyone else was in
great spirits, especially Curtis. Had the nurse not shown up to remind Toby it was time for a nap, the
video call would have gone on endlessly.

Curtis was in high spirits as he chatted with Toby, so he drank a substantial amount of wine. After
ending the call, he felt slightly tipsy.

At last, Grace helped him up the stairs to get some rest.

As such, Sonia and Charles were the only ones left in the villa’s living room.

She hesitated for some time before finally making up her mind to have a good chat with him. She got
up and stood before him. “Charles, can we go for a walk in the garden?”

Currently engrossed with his phone, he instantly put it down and turned to look at her upon hearing
that. “What’s wrong? Why so sudden? Are you interested to see the flowers in bloom? It’s unfortunate
because it’s winter right now, so you can’t see them in our garden. Our flowers only bloom during
summer because they are used to the warmer climate. There are none in bloom during winter.”

“No.” She shook her head. “I’m not interested in flowers. I need to talk with you.”

He blinked in response. “With me?”

“Yup,” she affirmed.

At that point, Charles was confused. “What is it? You can talk about it right now. Why do we have to

talk in the garden? It’s so cold out there.”

“It’s inconvenient to talk in here.” Sonia glanced up the stairs.

She was worried that Grace would come downstairs while they were speaking. Plus, the conversation
might not be the most pleasant to overhear.

He caught on to her meaning and put his phone away to stand up. “In that case, let’s head over to the
garden. Come on. I’ll get the servants to unlock the conservatory.”

She hummed in response.

Subsequently, they walked in a single file and headed over to the garden.

There was a glass conservatory with a heating system inside. It was specifically used to heat some of
the more delicate greenery that could not withstand the harsh winter weather.

The two of them had their conversation inside, so they were able to get out of the cold.

There was also a tiny table with two chairs inside the conservatory, so it was a nice spot to sit down
and chat.

Sonia entered the space first and took a seat after Charles came in.
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Since he was behind her, he brought a tray of tea set with him. “Mrs. Saunders just brewed some tea.
It’s nice to enjoy some warm drinks with the heater on here. Would you like some?”

“Sure.” She gladly accepted with a smile.

Subsequently, he poured her a cup, which she then took a whiff of. The fragrant tea leaves blended
perfectly with the milk; the two ingredients complemented each other well, and she enjoyed the

She took a sip, and the smooth-tasting liquid coated her throat immediately. She closed her eyes
slightly in enjoyment. “It’s been ages since I tasted Mrs. Saunders’ tea. It’s as good as before.”

“I’ll get Mrs. Saunders to write down the recipe for you since you enjoy it. Bring it home and explore the
recipe yourself. Perhaps then, you’ll be able to recreate the same thing.” The grinning Charles took a
sip as well.

Instantly, her eyes sparkled, and she was interested in his suggestion. “You’re right. I can get Mrs.
Saunders to teach me. I’ve made up my mind! Before I leave, I’ll seek help from her.” She clapped her
hand in enlightenment.

In response, he shook his head and revealed an amused expression. “I requested Mrs. Saunders to
make us some tea because I knew you would enjoy it. After all, you’ve got a sweet tooth and enjoy
desserts as well as sweetened drinks.”

“Thanks, Charles.”

“You’re welcome.” He put down his teacup and shook his head before asking, “What did you want to
discuss with me? You’ve never behaved so seriously and warily. You’d always go straight to the point
with me without being concerned about the surrounding. It must be something major for you to
purposely lead me here to avoid my parents overhearing us.”

Sonia stared intently at him for some time before finally nodding her head. “That’s right. It is a major
matter. Furthermore, right now, I’m not too sure whether to let Mr. and Mrs. Lane know about this.
That’s why I decided to talk to you in here after some thoughts.”

“So, what’s the matter?” he asked once again.

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