Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 149

Chapter 149

Chapter 149,Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again!

“O-Okay.” Tyler quickly opened the front door. Once he did so, the gang took Tina out quietly and went
to the turf club. They tossed the sack on the ground, then Sonia went up to her, opened the bottle, and
poured the water on the sack. When she felt the cold water drenching her, Tina shivered and woke up.

She realized she was in a claustrophobic spot, and she couldn’t see anything. When she rummaged
around and realized she was covered by something rough, she knew she was in a sack. Her anger
flared, and she tried to struggle free. “You worked with Sonia to kidnap me, Tyler?” she growled. Tina
was no idiot. There weren’t that many residents in the villa, and only Sonia and her gang would do this
to her. At the same time, Tyler was standing beside Sonia. “How did she find out I’m working with you
guys?” he asked Sonia in a lowered voice. “She’d be an idiot if she didn’t.” Charles smacked his head,
so Tyler tried to kick him back, but he failed

Charles stuck his tongue out and ran away in case he got kicked again. Tyler was a basketball player
after all, so he was taller than Charles even though the boy was a lot younger. If that kick connects, I’d
be in bed for days. “Alright, cut it out.” Sonia stopped them before they could make a ruckus.

The boys stopped obediently, not unlike students following their teacher’s orders. Tina’s face contorted
with rage when she heard Sonia’s voice. “So it is you, Sonia. How dare you do this to me?” What kind
of sack is this? I can’t get out of it. “Why wouldn’t I?” Sonia sneered. “You tried to kill me multiple
times.This is just a mild counterattack.” Tina thought she had a point, but she wouldn’t let that get to
her. “What if Toby finds out about this? Aren’t you worried?” “Why should I? He’s not even my friend.”
Sonia rolled her eyes. “Laugh all you can.” Tina snorted. “Toby will only hate you more once he finds
out about this.” So what?” Sonia asked calmly. Charles pouted. “Hey Gray, you think that’ll rile Sonia
up. You can’t be thinking that she still likes Toby, can you? I told you she fell out of love with him a long
time ago. She doesn’t care what he thinks.” The news was shocking to Tina. “Impossible!”

She doesn’t like Toby? That’s a joke. Everyone knows how much she has liked him since
their uni years. That’s why she endured his family’s humiliation for six whole years. She can’t have
fallen out of love with him. “Look, I don’t care even if you don’t believe it. Let’s do it, guys.” Charles was
getting impatient, so he wanted everyone to start.

Tina’s heart sank, and her voice trembled. “W-What are you guys trying to do?” “You’ll know soon
enough.” Zane rubbed his hands while chuckling evilly. He looked just like a common goon, and that
made Rebecca roll her eyes. Everyone surrounded Tina and started beating her up. She was a woman
though, so they didn’t use much strength, though it was enough to cause her pain. The pain was one
thing for Tina, but the humiliation was unbearable. Since she was in the sack, she had no way of
knowing where the attacks came from. All she could do was block her face with her arms, and she bit
her lip, refusing to even cry out in pain.

I won’t forget this. I’m making all of you pay sooner or later. Sonia told everyone to stop after they had
beaten Tina up for a few minutes. Charles swung his hands. “That was satisfying.” “The feeling is
mutual.” Tyler nodded. Zane rubbed his chin, looking unsatisfied. “She managed to hold it in though.

That must have hurt, but she didn’t scream. Not satisfying enough for me.” “Who cares? As long as we
get to get back at her,” Rebecca retorted. “True that,” Zane answered. “Alright. Untie the rope and let’s
go home,” Sonia said. At that, Charles went over to unravel the rope. “Take a look at her.”

Sonia pointed at Tina. “Sure.” Charles opened the sack, and Zane turned his flashlight on so everyone
could see the state Tina was in easily. She was still curled up, but apparently, she passed out, for her
eyes were tightly shut. Her face and arms were bruised, obviously because she was abused. “It’s

Just minor injuries. She’ll be okay after a few days.” Rebecca went down to check up on her. Zane
arched his eyebrow. “You’re a doctor?” Rebecca stood up and answered calmly, “No. I used to be a
bodyguard, so getting hurt was part of my job. I got used to it, so I know some basics.”

On the other hand, Sonia thought Rebecca’s true identity was more of a mystery now. She first thought
Rebecca was a rich family’s young lady who came to work at Paradigm Co. disguised as a normal girl.
After all, she did help out when Sonia was getting back at the Stryders, and she had to be powerful to
pull that off. But after Rebecca said she used to be a bodyguard, Sonia’s first assumption was

No matter who she was though, the most important thing was Rebecca was on her side. “You used to
be a bodyguard, Miss Harper?” Tyler looked at Rebecca, his eyes gleaming. Rebecca glanced at him.
“Why? Any problem with that?” “Nope. Just wanna ask if you know any martial arts?” Tyler asked.
Rebecca nodded.

“Technically, yes.” Her answer excited him. “Can you teach me then?” Boys loved martial arts, after all.
“No.” Rebecca refused without any hesitation. Tyler was crestfallen, but only for a moment. He then
quickly picked himself up. “Can you be my master then?” “I don’t take disciples.”
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“But you can still teach me, right? Tell me how.” “No, I won’t. Just give up.” “Aw… Pretty please?” They
slowly left Tina behind on the field. When they were out of sight, Tina suddenly opened her eyes and
sat up. She glared at the air, her gaze filled with venom and hatred. “Sonia… Charles… Zane… Tyler…
Just you wait!”

she mumbled menacingly, then she stood up despite the pain and hobbled back to the villa. When Tina
came back, Sonia and the others had gone back to their rooms. There wasn’t anyone in the living
room, so Tina went to the coffee table and poured two glasses of water. Once she was done, she took
a deep breath and splashed herself with the water.

After she got her face and hair wet, Tina messed her hair up and tore her clothes, making herself look
more injured. Then, she went upstairs and put on a crying face as she knocked on Toby’s door.

“Toby… Toby…” Toby woke up the moment he heard the voice. He sat up and massaged his temples,
looking confused. A moment earlier, he had a dream about Sonia and her child.

In that dream, Sonia gave birth to the child successfully. It was a boy, and it was his son. He was
delighted, but when he was just about to name the child, he heard Tina’s voice. Is this a dream as well?

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