Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 466

Chapter 466

Chapter 466 Already Dead

“367 minutes!” Sonia cried out, her hands trembling as she held the phone. No wonder the phone was
out of battery. Last night, she and Toby actually talked on the phone for over 300 minutes, which was

Sonia’s lips moved, but she didn’t even know what to say. She had thought it was a dream, yet now it
was confirmed that it was reality. Most importantly, she actually didn’t remember having picked up the
phone at all!

“Baby.” At this time, Charles’ voice came again at the door. “Are you still not ready? Breakfast is getting

Sonia took a deep breath and calmed down for the time being. “I will be ready soon.”

“Hurry up.” Charles urged.

Sonia answered, “Okay.”

Hearing her reply, Charles left again.

Then, Sonia took her phone and went to the washroom. While walking, she dialed Toby’s number. But
when the phone call went through, she realized that the other party’s phone was switched off.

Switched off? His phone is dead too. It was because of the long call that it had run out of power and
automatically shut down, right?

It was probably not a coincidence, so Sonia had to think of it this way. Whatever. I’ll wait for his phone to
be switched on again, and I’ll ask him what we talked about last night.

She had little memory of answering the phone last night, so she was also afraid she had said something
nonsensical. Putting away the phone, Sonia patted her cheeks, calmed down a little, and started
washing up. Ten minutes later, she finished washing up, changed her clothes, and walked out of the
room to the dining room.

Seeing her, Charles put down the fork in his hand and pointed to the chair opposite him. “Baby, sit down.
Today’s breakfast tastes delicious.”

Sonia looked down at breakfast on the table and thought that it was indeed quite a good spread.

“The village chief’s wife used to run a breakfast joint, so her food naturally needs no further introduction.”
Sonia pulled out a chair and sat down.

Charles handed her a glass of juice. “So, she’s a chef. No wonder this tastes so good.”

“You are quite smart to go to the village head’s house to buy breakfast.” Sonia took the glass and drank
the juice.

Hearing that, Charles laughed. “Right. When I bought fish yesterday, I asked in passing where I could
buy breakfast, and the village head said he sells some. So, I went there as soon as I got up today. Baby,
eat up. The food is getting cold.”

“Mmm.” Sonia nodded.

Charles took a bite of a bun and said, “Baby, when are we going back today?”

“After breakfast, we’ll pack up and leave,” Sonia replied. She couldn’t stay here for too long because the
notes still had to be mailed, and her company’s affairs needed to be taken care of. There was also Toby,
whom she had to take care of, so she had to leave as early as possible.

After breakfast, the two locked the door, left the place, and drove back to Seafield. At 1.30 PM, the two
arrived. Sonia mailed the notes and returned to the car to dial Leonard’s phone number. Since Leonard
had not been to the tombs during this period of time, Sonia’s phone call got through easily, and the old
man’s kind voice came. “Sonia.”

“Grandpa, I have sent your notes to you. It is estimated that they will arrive in four or five days.” Sonia
spoke as she fastened her seatbelt.

The old man smiled happily. “That’s great. Thank you, Sonia.”

“You’re too kind, Grandpa.” Sonia also smiled.

“Baby, the photo.” Next to her, Charles, who was driving, suddenly reminded her. Only then did she
remember the photo she saw last night, and the smile on her face slowly disappeared. Biting her lip for a
few seconds, she still mustered up the courage to speak.

“Um… Grandpa, can I ask you about something?”

“What is it?” the old man asked.

Sonia squeezed her palms. “Yesterday, when I found the notes, I also saw a photo album. The album
contains a baby’s growth record from one to four or five months. May I know who that baby is?”

At the other end of the phone, the old man sitting in front of the computer did not expect the question,
and the kindness on his face disappeared, leaving a look full of shock and complexity.

He was shocked that she had found the photo album, and he felt complicated because that child was…

“Grandpa?” As the old man was hesitant to speak, Sonia squeezed the phone tight. “Grandpa, why are
you quiet? Is the identity of that baby very unusual?”

“No.” The muscles on the old man’s face twitched, and he regained his kind expression. “That child is
just a relative’s child, so there is no need for you to care about her.”

“Is she really a relative’s child?” Sonia narrowed her eyes.

Although Charles had also asked his mother, who had also said that the baby Charles saw for the first
time in the Reed Family back then was a relative’s child. Although Sonia believed it, she always felt that
something was off. The most important thing was that she inexplicably cared about that baby and about
its identity. She did not believe that the baby was really just a relative’s child. Why would her grandfather
treasure the photo album so much if it was a relative’s child?

This obviously makes no sense.

“Of course, who else’s baby could it be?” The old man’s eyes behind his glasses flashed, and he smiled

Biting her lip, Sonia asked, “Then will you tell me whose child exactly it is? I want to get to know her
because we have the same birthday. Maybe we can even get along well.”

Once Leonard heard her words, he knew she did not believe him, so he could not help but sigh. “Sonia,
it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but this child has already passed away, so—”

“Passed away?” Sonia’s eyes widened in surprise.

Charles turned his head and looked at her. “Baby, who passed away?”

Sonia ignored him as she gripped the phone and asked, “Grandpa, that baby passed away?”

“Yes.” The old man’s face was full of sadness, but his voice was as natural as possible. “That child was
not well, and it passed away before it was five months old.”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“I see…” Sonia also sighed. “No wonder the photos in the photo album are only up until the baby’s four
months or so of age. It’s because she has—”

“That child had a bad fate. Perhaps, it should not have come into the world from the beginning.
Otherwise, her mother wouldn’t have… Forget it. It’s all in the past.” The old man took off his old-
fashioned glasses, wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, and put them back on, smiling amiably

“Sonia, I have to hang up, as I have some things to do here. If there is anything else, you can contact me

“Okay.” Sonia nodded and hung up.

Charles asked again, “Baby, did you just say that that child died?”

“Well, that’s what Grandpa said, and I could hear that his voice was a little choked up, so it should be
true,” Sonia put the phone into her bag and replied emotionally.

The baby was only four months old or so when it left the world. How regrettable. Besides, Grandpa also
mentioned the baby’s mother.

Sonia guessed her grandfather was trying to say that the baby’s death had dismayed its mother so much
that something bad happened to her as well.

“Tch, this is really saddening.” Charles sighed.

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