Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 468

Chapter 468

Chapter 468 A Huge Misunderstanding

Sonia averted her gaze, refusing to look into his scary-looking eyes. Her gut told her that she absolutely
mustn’t meet his gaze, or she might fall into a bottomless abyss.

Seeing that Sonia looked away, Toby let out a slight sigh before changing the topic. “Right, you called me
this morning, didn’t you?”

Hearing him mention this, Sonia hastily nodded. “Yes.”

“Sorry, my phone was turned off this morning,” Toby replied.

Sonia looked at him. “I know. I just wanted to ask what we talked about last night? How did the call go on
for more than 300 minutes?”

“Nothing much. You fell asleep.” His clarification was rather short and simple.

However, she didn’t seem to be convinced, frowning at his reply. “What do you mean? Are you saying
that after I answered the call, I didn’t say anything to you and went straight to sleep?”

“Yes.” Toby nodded. “When I called you, you answered, murmured something, then stopped responding.”

Only now did Sonia get the picture of the situation. They hadn’t said anything at all over the phone last
night, and she had merely slept throughout the phone call. “President Fuller, why didn’t you just hang
up? Why did you just let the call go on like that?” Her lips twitched a little as she stated what seemed to
be common sense.

Toby smiled, but he didn’t reply. He couldn’t tell her that he did it just to listen to her breathing and
imagine that she was sleeping right beside him. Because he knew that if he said such things, she would
think that he was crazy.

Seeing how Toby just smiled silently, Sonia was puzzled and couldn’t understand what was on his mind.

However, seeing how Toby behaved, Sonia knew he didn’t want to share. This was why she gave up
pursuing the topic. Instead, she simply asked about his reason for calling her.

“Nothing much. I just wanted to ask when exactly you’d be back today. I never thought that you’d be
asleep by the time I called.” Toby took a glass of water sitting on the bedside table and took a sip from it.

Sonia’s red lips parted as she was about to say something, but just then, a knock on the door interrupted
her, and Tom’s voice sounded from outside. “President Fuller, I got the lunch you asked for.”

“I’ll get the door.” Without waiting for Toby to respond, Sonia stood up almost instantly.

After all, the food is meant for me. If I don’t take it myself, who would? Certainly not Toby.

Sonia walked over and opened the door.

Tom wasn’t surprised to see her. He simply passed the food to Sonia. “Miss Reed, President Fuller
asked me to get this for you.”

Toby just had his lunch, so Tom knew that he wouldn’t want to eat right now. So, this lunch was obviously
meant for Sonia. “Thank you, Mr. Brown. Sorry for the trouble.” Sonia took the bag of food.

“Don’t worry. I was just following orders.” With that, Tom closed the door.

Sonia stared at the door, then shrugged helplessly. Tom’s behavior toward her had changed from a few
days ago, where he would glare at her for no reason, but now he was extra cold when he talked to her.

Still, this was a consequence she had to shoulder. I caused his superior’s injury, after all.

Sonia lowered her gaze and smiled, then turned around and went back to the bed. Toby was doing
something on his tablet. When he saw her return, he looked up. “Eat up. I have a favor to ask from you

when you’re done.”

“Do you need help with anything?” Sonia blinked as she asked.

Toby smiled faintly. “I’ll tell you after you’ve eaten.”

“All right.” Seeing how he refused to tell, Sonia didn’t prod any further and sat down to eat. As Sonia ate,
no words were exchanged between them as they busied themselves with their respective tasks.

While Sonia had her lunch, Toby read the reports. The huge ward was silent save for the chewing and
breathing. After about half an hour, Sonia finished her meal, gathered the trash, then disposed of it

When Sonia came back, she was walking too fast, so she didn’t notice where she was going. She
stubbed her toe against the bed frame and lost her balance, after which she fell forward.

Seeing that, Toby tensed up, tossing his tablet away as he moved to pull her arm.

However, it was too late. Toby didn’t manage to save Sonia, and the latter fell onto his bed, her upper
body buried in the blanket.

“Are you okay?” Toby lowered his head and pulled away the blanket, asking in a low voice.

Sonia rubbed her nose. “I’m fine. The blanket caught my fall, so I didn’t knock against anything hard.
What about you?”
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His legs were right under the blanket, so she had actually fallen onto his legs. She wasn’t sure whether
this affected his injury. However, Toby shook his head. “I’m all right too.”

With the blanket as a shield, his legs were saved from the sudden pressure. He did feel some weight on
his legs, but there wasn’t any pain.

Seeing his serious expression, Sonia decided that he wasn’t lying to her. Then, she finally sighed in relief
and moved to get up.

However, right at that moment, the door opened, and a care worker walked in holding Toby’s
examination report. Her eyes instantly went wide when she was about to relay the results but saw Toby
and Sonia in a weird position on the bed.

What am I seeing?! Miss Reed is sprawled in between Mr. Fuller’s legs… They… they’re doing such
things in the ward in broad daylight—

The care worker couldn’t think any further. She was blushing madly as she covered her eyes and backed
away. “Um… Pardon the intrusion. I never saw anything, really. I’m leaving now. Please don’t mind me;
go on!”

With that, the care worker hastily closed the door and left.

As Sonia and Toby heard the door slam shut, they exchanged curious glances.

What did the care worker mean? She never saw what? What are we supposed to go on with?

However, the two soon realized what the care worker’s words meant.

The instant Sonia got up, she found that they were in a bizarre position just now, and it was too easily

Sonia was lying down in between Toby’s legs, so when the care worker looked in from the door, she
would think that Sonia was…

It was no wonder the care worker thought she came at the wrong time. Anyone would misunderstand
under these circumstances.

At that thought, Sonia felt her face immediately grow red, and even her neck was no exception. She
quickly got up and took two steps backward. Then, she covered her face with her hands, for she was too
embarrassed to look at anyone, especially Toby.

However, Toby looked at her with a half-smile on his face. To be honest, he didn’t expect her to fall down
in such a fashion, and she had coincidentally just fallen on his bed.

Still, he was quite amused by how embarrassed she got. He had seen so much of her calm and
nonchalant attitude, and he only occasionally witnessed her other expressions. It really was rare for her
to be bashful, not to mention how flushed her cheeks were.

At that thought, Toby suddenly took his phone and opened the camera app. Click! He didn’t think twice
before taking a photo of her. Her expression was such a rare sight it’d be a waste not to have a photo of
it taken.

The photo was saved.

Hearing the click of the shutter, Sonia put down her hands and stared at Toby. She managed to catch
sight of Toby saving the photo. She widened her eyes. “President Fuller, you were taking photos of me?”

Toby nodded, admitting to his actions. He even raised his phone to show her the photo taken just now.
“Not bad, right?”

In the photo, even if her face was covered, her red ears and neck were a dead giveaway to what her
expression must have looked like.

Sonia looked at her own photo and was stunned for a while, plunging into an agitated state the second
after. “President Fuller, why did you take such a photo? Please delete it!”

“No.” Toby put down his phone and declined.

Sonia’s eyes grew wider. “Why?”

“It looks good,” Toby replied.

Sonia was speechless.

Good? Which part of it? You can’t even see my face.

Sonia pursed her lips. “President Fuller, you’re really not deleting it?”

Toby nodded. “Yup.”

“You can’t do that. You took my photo without my permission, so it’s a violation of my privacy. You have
to delete it.” With that, Sonia moved to snatch his phone.

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