Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 469

Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Looking for a Companion

Toby raised his phone as high as he could. He was sitting on the bed, so he was naturally in a higher
position compared to Sonia. With a raise of his hand, the phone went completely out of reach.

Sonia couldn’t even touch his hand, much less grab the phone. In the end, she was out of options, so
she could only jump up to snatch the phone.

However, Toby already knew she would do that. When she jumped up, he straightened his back and
raised the phone once again.

This time, Sonia touched the phone, but only barely with her fingertips, losing her balance again and
falling into Toby’s arms.

Toby looked down at the woman sprawled on his chest. The look in his eyes darkened slightly, and his
voice was a little hoarse as he said, “Sonia, are you giving out free hugs?”

Hearing that, Sonia seemed irked as she hastily raised her head. “Of course not!”
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Toby didn’t say anything, merely lowered his gaze as a means of a hint.

Sonia followed his gaze and looked down to realize that she was snug in his arms, and her hands were
even resting on his chest.

Due to her movements, his patient gown was slightly lifted, so a part of his toned abs was exposed

The dissipated blush on Sonia’s cheeks came back right away. In lightning speed, she withdrew her
hands from Toby’s chest, then bolted upright and moved away from him.

Sonia was going too fast and tripped a little.

Noticing that, Toby quickly said, “Careful.”

Thanks to the reminder, Sonia turned to look behind her and managed to grab hold of the chair she sat
on. Then, she finally stabilized herself.

Whew. I almost fell again.

Seeing that Sonia had steadied herself, Toby relaxed, then pursed his lips and complained, “How are you
so clumsy?”

Sonia guiltily averted her gaze.

I didn’t want to get this clumsy; you’re the one who made me fall.

If he had passed his phone to her, she wouldn’t fall into his arms after a failed attempt to snatch the
phone, and she also wouldn’t have had to endure him joking about free hugs.

When Sonia thought of the scene just moments ago, her face went hot. She reached up and put her cool
hands to her hot face, trying to reduce the high temperature.

She never thought that she would fall suggestively on Toby twice in such a short amount of time. And the
caregiver even misunderstood them the first time.

Even though no one saw them the second time, the embarrassment she felt wasn’t much different from
the first time. Also, the first time was an accident. Albeit a little awkward, she could get a hold of herself
fairly quickly. The current situation, however, was different. This time, she ended up actually falling onto
him because of her phone.

So, Sonia felt that she needed to find a place to calm herself.

“Um… I… I need to go to the bathroom.” With that, Sonia hastily turned around and went into the
bathroom, closing the door behind her.

In the closed-off space, Sonia leaned against the door and slowly slid down. Then, she buried her head
between her knees.

Ugh! I wanna disappear!

Also, she was surprised at the fact that she actually did something so unlike her. She wasn’t the sort of
person who would snatch someone’s phone just because she was denied access.

However, she acted differently this time, and her attempt to grab the phone turned into an accidental

No, this makes no sense. Why am I even anxious?

Sonia bit her lip, a perplexed look in her eyes.

Back in the ward, when Toby heard the bathroom door slam shut, his thin lips curved into a smile. Of
course, he knew Sonia was only using the bathroom as an excuse to avoid him.

Guess Sonia can get embarrassed, after all.

Toby chuckled and looked away, not having any intention of calling for her. He knew very well that if he
did, she would get even more uncomfortable.

He decided to leave her alone in the bathroom for a while to cool down. When she had adjusted herself,
she would come out eventually.

Thinking of that, Toby lowered his head and continued his work on his tablet.

About half an hour later, the bathroom door opened, and Sonia emerged from within. Hearing the
movement, Toby put down his tablet and looked over at her.

Her face wasn’t red anymore, but her eyes were still wavering, betraying the fact that she hadn’t
completely calmed down inside. Other than that, she seemed to have recovered enough.

“President Fuller.” After a deep breath, Sonia lowered her gaze and said, “Um… You said something
about a favor, right?”

“Yes, about that. I’d like to ask a favor of you.” Toby nodded.

The two said nothing about what happened moments ago, pretending that it never happened.

Hence, Sonia managed to relax completely and gather enough courage to look straight at Toby. “So,
what can I help you with?”

“Two days from now, a few important people from overseas are coming over to Seafield, so when the
time comes, I’m hoping that you could be my companion when I attend the meeting. Is that all right?”
Toby looked at her.

Sonia was dumbfounded. “Companion?”

“Yes.” Toby nodded.

Sonia pursed her lips. “Do you really have to get a companion for this meeting?”

“Sometimes companions are necessary for business meetings.” Toby parted his thin lips as he spoke.

Sonia didn’t say anything else. She lowered her gaze and contemplated the request. It was true that
some meetings required one to have a companion.

However, if she went, it wouldn’t be appropriate. After all, companions are usually spouses or lovers.

Sonia didn’t have anything to do with Toby. If she went with him, the others would get the idea that they
were in a relationship. Seeing that Sonia was biting her lip and hesitant to answer, Toby closed his eyes
for a second. “It’s okay if you don’t want to. I’ll find someone else.”

“Who are you going to ask?” Sonia looked up and asked subconsciously.

Toby looked at her in surprise.

Is she sensitive to the fact that I might be looking for another companion? If not, why would she react like

Toby was overjoyed at that thought, and his grip on his tablet tightened. With a hoarse voice, he said
gingerly, “Sonia, you mean…”

Sonia also came to her senses and realized that her reaction just now was slightly inappropriate,
considering their relationship.

Also, seeing how excited Toby looked, he obviously had misunderstood. Sonia hastily explained, “Sorry,
President Fuller. What I meant was, you’re free to ask anyone you like, but if you’re really out of options,
I can introduce some to you.”

Hearing that, Toby immediately quelled his joy and excitement. Instead, gloom took over as he clenched
his fists tightly and said, “Introduce? How generous you are, Sonia!”

She wanted to pair him up with other women!

He thought she had feelings for him, but it all turned out to be just him and his wishful thinking.

Seeing Toby’s stony expression and pursed lips, Sonia knew then that she had angered him. She also
slightly regretted her words, so she tucked some hair behind her ear as she said apologetically, “Um… If

you don’t like it, I won’t introduce anyone. What’s the worst that could happen? I guess I could accept
your request. ”

Toby stared at her in surprise. “You agreed to it?”

“Yes.” Sonia nodded. “And also… sorry for just now.”

Toby smiled. “It’s fine. But I don’t want to see it happen again. You do know that you’re the only one in
my heart, so I was really saddened by your words just now.”

Sonia lowered her head and turned around. “No, it won’t happen again. I don’t have time to make
introductions either.”

“That’s good, then.” Toby looked at her. “I’ll tell you the venue in two days. They haven’t decided on it

“Okay,” Sonia replied.

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