Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 475

Chapter 475

Chapter 475 If You Want to Go After Her, Do It

“Conflict?” Sonia frowned puzzledly. “No.”

“Are you sure?” Zane clearly refused to believe her, but she nodded solemnly. “Of course not. But why
the question?”

“It’s because of Toby’s attitude just now. It was too out of the norm.” Zane stared at the private dining
room of the restaurant that Toby was dining at, squinted his eyes with a perplexed expression.
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Sonia looked in the same direction. “Yeah, he was acting a little weird.”

“Right?” Zane caressed his chin, looking like a pensive detective. “Normally, if he sees me walking close
to you, he’d show up and wreak havoc around us because he wouldn’t allow you to be with any other
man. He didn’t do that today. By the looks of it, he seemed happy to see us together.”

Sonia remained silent but bit her lower lip anxiously, for she had observed everything Zane told her, and
it made her uneasy.

“Is that why you guessed that there was a conflict between me and him?” she questioned as she
clenched her fists.

He nodded. “That’s right. If not, I can’t explain why Toby would act in such a way.”

“That’s because he has let go,” Sonia looked at the ground as she muttered.

Zane was taken aback. “Let go?”

“I said Toby has given up on me. He won’t pursue me again.” She clenched her fists even tighter.

At her reply, Zane’s jaw almost dropped to the floor. “Are you serious?”

“Yes,” Sonia answered curtly.

By now, Zane’s mouth was wide open in shock. “How is that possible? Toby loves you so much. He’s
also pretty aggressive. Once he sets his eyes on something, he will never give up on it.”

“It’s definitely possible. He told me in person.” Sonia stared at him.

Toby had told her the truth on the day he woke up from the coma. He said that he would not pursue her
and ask her to be with him anymore.

For some reason, Sonia recalled his words vividly. She should have been elated when the man she
hated decided to stop bugging her, yet she did not feel happy at all. In reality, she even felt a little
depressed, accompanied by some bitterness and a hint of inexplicable emotions.

Upon seeing the serious look in Sonia’s eyes, Zane finally believed that Toby had given up. However, the
truth was more unbelievable and shocking for him.

“Did Toby really… give up? That’s…” His mouth opened and closed intermittently. Even after a while, he
could not calm down at all.

He had a hunch that something must have happened for Toby to do something as impossible as giving
up on Sonia.

“Alright, Zane, it’s late now. Gotta go.” She lifted her wrist to check the time on the watch.

Zane tried to put aside the shock and beamed at her. “I’ll send you home.”

“It’s okay. I’ll hail a cab. You’re heading in a different direction. If you send me home, it’d be too much
trouble for you.”

After that, she walked to the side of the road and hailed a cab. She went into the cab and waved at him.

Her movement was quick and fluid, giving him no chance to object.

In the end, Zane could only sigh in defeat. “Goodbye then.”

Sonia rolled up her windows. “Let’s go.”

“Sure.” The cab driver shifted gears and cruised down the road.

Standing by the road and staring at the disappearing cab, Zane frowned as he fell into unreadable

A moment later, he took out his phone and dialed Toby’s number.

“What’s up?” Toby’s deep voice came from the other end.

Zane went back to his car and asked while he leaned on the car door, “Toby, did anything happen to

“What do you mean?” Toby had changed into the striped patient robe in navy and white. He was seated
on the sofa in his room and fired back the question with a frown.

Zane inhaled deeply. “I mean… Sonia told me you don’t plan to pursue her anymore. Is that true?”

“Yeah.” Toby nodded, admitting that he had made the statement before.

Zane tightened his grip on his phone. “But Toby, this is not you at all. You’re not the type to give up
easily. That’s why I asked you if anything has happened to you that forced you to give her up?”

“Do these questions even matter?” Toby pursed his lips, and a mocking look flashed across his eyes. “I
remember that you’re into her, so you should be happy that I have given her up. Why are you
interrogating me now? Do you want me to not give her up?”

“Of course not. I am glad you backed out because that means one less rival. My chances of winning her
heart would be higher. But, Toby, you’re my friend. You giving Sonia up, and my concern for you are two
separate events. You can’t put the two together. I understand you very well. You wouldn’t have given up
unless something had happened. Tell me, what has happened to you?” Zane urged him with furrowed

Toby looked at his feet and muttered gently, “Nothing in particular happened. It’s just that I’ve had
enough, so I wanted to let go. Go ahead, and go after her if you love her. I won’t get between you two.”

With that, he hung up on Zane.

“Hello?! Hello?!” Zane yelled at his phone. When he received no reply, he checked his phone again only
to realize that he was staring at his home screen. He almost jumped in anger. “Why is he always so

Zane clawed at his hair impatiently and put his phone down, after which he got in his car. It took a while
for him to digest the situation and make sense of things, but his brows remained knitted as he seemed to
ponder on some matters.

I have a hunch that things are not as simple as it seems. Something tells me that something bad must
have happened to Toby. Hmm…

He unlocked his phone to make another call, after which came the voice of a sleepy person yawning.
“Mr. Coleman, are you looking for me?”

“Yes, I have something that I need you to look into,” Zane explained with a straight face.

The man could sense the gravity of the matter from his voice. He sobered up and replied in a serious
tone, “Please go ahead.”

“I want you to secretly probe into what’s happening to Toby lately,” Zane requested.

As a sign of agreement, the man nodded. “Sure, Mr. Coleman. I’ll come back with the results in two

“Okay.” Zane ended the call.

In the hospital, Toby threw his phone aside and leaned into the sofa, after which he covered his eyes
with his right arm.

The room was thick with the air of loneliness because no one knew how much it pained him to talk about
letting go of Sonia to Zane.

Had it not been for his heart issues, he would not have pushed the woman he loved into the arms of
another man.

“President Fuller.” At that moment, Tom pushed the door open and entered.

Toby took his hand off his eyes and sat up to look at him. “Has everything been taken care of?”

“Yes.” Tom nodded.

Toby nodded approvingly as well. Next, he stood up. “Take care of my discharge procedure after this.”

“What?” Tom was taken aback and gave him an astonished stare. “President Fuller, are you leaving the

“Yeah.” He walked to the patient’s bed, and Tom followed nervously behind him. “But why? Your wound is
not fully healed yet. It’s not the time to leave.”

“Home recovery makes no difference.” He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed his forehead. “Most
importantly, I don’t want Sonia to take care of me anymore.”

“Why?” Tom had many questions in mind.

From the start, President Fuller was happy when Miss Reed had promised to take care of him because
he could have more time with her.

Why did he change his mind now?

Toby pursed his lips and explained coolly, “I have let go of her. Of course, I should stop being too close to

Hearing that, Tom immediately understood what was going on as he silently lamented the couple’s fate.

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