Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 477

Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Where Are Your Manners?

Sonia felt an urge to roll her eyes upward at Julia.

What’s Julia talking about? It’s not like I’m going to go easy on the Gray Family either.

“Is there anything you’d like to say? Because if there isn’t, I suppose I should get going right now,” Sonia
coldly replied and raised her hand, using it to deflect Julia’s finger that was pointing at her.

Nonetheless, Julia reacted as if her hand was stained by some filth, desperately reaching for her
handkerchief to wipe her hand while angrily berating Sonia. “How dare you touch me with your filthy

“Oh really? I can’t agree more with you, Mrs. Gray. I shouldn’t have made my hand dirty by touching you.
Oh gosh, what was wrong with me?” Sonia asked sarcastically with a glacial look on her face.

“You?! Did you just say I’m dirty?” Julia paused, staring at Sonia in disbelief.

“Yup, you’re dirty, indeed.” Sonia nodded, producing a handkerchief from her purse with a disgusted look
on her face. Her revolted expression intensified as she rubbed her finger harder and harder, like she was
trying to remove a stubborn stain from her hand. In contrast to Julia’s gentler movement, Sonia’s rapid
gesture implied that Julia’s hand was dirtier than hers.

As soon as Julia caught on to Sonia’s hint, she angrily refuted her. “You! You have no manners at all!”

“I have no manners?!” Sonia found Julia’s words somewhat amusing. “Well, let’s not talk about me
because it seems to me that you’re the one who is lacking in manners. After all, you were the one who
insulted me before I returned the favor, yet you’re now pointing your finger at me for my bad manners.
How is that fair?! You need to understand that people won’t always go easy on you like I do when they
talk back!”

Julia couldn’t help but feel ashamed of what she did upon hearing Sonia’s accusation. It was indeed she
who started the quarrel first. “Well, even though that might have been true, I’m still older than you, so
shouldn’t you…?”

“Come on, stop kidding me! Age is just a number!” Before Julia could finish her sentence, Sonia stepped
closer and cut her short in an intimidating manner. “Miss Gray, do you know what I hate the most?
People who are so above themselves that they think everybody should respect them just because
they’re older. You and I are not related at all, but you won’t feel ashamed of preaching to me as if you’re
my mother. More ironically, you failed at parenting your own kids, so who are you to lecture others?
Honestly speaking, I’m impressed that you were capable of giving birth to two daughters who are
basically the devil’s incarnation.”

Due to Titus and Julia’s distorted world views, Tina grew up in a toxic upbringing that subsequently
shaped her wicked and malicious character, which was not surprising because birds of a feather flock

On the other hand, Taylor was raised by someone else in a different family throughout her whole life. So,
even when she revealed her evil nature upon returning to the Gray Family, Sonia reckoned it was
because the Gray Family had been unrighteous and wicked for generations.

“Are you saying we have bad genes?!” Julia’s eyes turned red when she heard how Sonia described her
two daughters. She then shivered and said, “How dare you insult my daughters!”

With her eyes on Julia’s hand, Sonia squinted and caught her wrist in the air before squeezing it with her

“Ah! Let me go!” Julia let out a scream.

“And then what?” Sonia coldly mocked, “Let you hit me as you like?”

Julia didn’t say a single word while only fixing her eyes on Sonia with a piercing gaze, as if she wanted to
drill a hole through her with her eyes.

Meanwhile, Sonia somehow had a bitter feeling deep down when she saw through Julia’s hatred.
However, that feeling quickly dissipated as she curled her lips upward and replied, “It seems that you’re
extremely unhappy, Mrs. Gray, but I guess I can feel you because which woman wouldn’t when she fails
to hit someone she hates?”

“Sonia, I’m warning you to release me now, or I’m going to call the security!” Julia futilely struggled to
break free from Sonia’s restraint, only to see her effort fail due to the latter’s firm grip. In that instant, she
quickly understood that she was no match for Sonia in a battle of physical. She immediately realized it
would be unwise for her to take Sonia head-on, or she would lose terribly.
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“Are you sure you want me to let you go? Alright then.” Sonia finished her sentence and nudged Julia
forward before letting go of her hand.

The next moment, Julia lost her balance and collapsed onto the ground on her backside in a trance.
Did… Sonia just pushed me to the ground?

While Julia was still caught in a trance, Sonia crouched down and stared at the woman with her glacial
eyes. “Honestly, I really wish I could give you two slaps in the face for what Tina did to me with a stick,
Mrs. Gray. After all, you’re her mother, which makes it reasonable for you to bear the consequences in
her place. Nonetheless, you’re lucky that I’m someone who respects the elderly, which is why I decided
to hold in my urge and take the moral high ground. Therefore, I want you to behave yourself and treasure
all the time you have in these last three months because they will be your final peaceful moments; but if
you decide to ignore my advice, I’ll be forced to do my worst and strip you of those peaceful moments.”
Sonia patted Julia’s face when she finished her sentence.

Julia snapped out of her trance and seized Sonia’s arm as she gritted her teeth and asked, “What are
you talking about? What do you mean by the last three months? Tell me what you mean.”

“You’ll know when three months are up.” Sonia squinted with a smile, acting all mysterious to play on
Julia’s anxiety. Then, she shook off her hand and stood up, walking away without looking back at her.

In the meantime, the impact sent Julia’s hands toward the floor as she scraped her palms, which caused
her to hiss in pain. Nonetheless, she couldn’t care less about that while looking at Sonia’s back,
shouting, “Come back here! You’d better start explaining what those last three months are about?
What’re you up to?” Julia had a bad feeling that something terrible was about to happen, so she became
determined to find out what was going on.

However, Sonia simply just robbed Julia of her chance to ask her more by stepping forward as if she
didn’t hear anything. As Sonia slowly disappeared from sight, Julia angrily patted the floor but soon
helplessly suppressed her anger and stood up. After that, she scurried toward the hospital, planning to
tell Titus what she had just learned because she thought he might know a thing or two about Sonia’s

I need to inform Titus so he can make preparations before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Sonia drove toward the Fuller Group upon leaving the hospital. Forty minutes later, she
arrived and parked her car, whereupon she got out of the vehicle with her thermal flash and walked
toward the building.

“Hello.” Sonia approached the front desk.

The receptionist politely smiled. “Hello, miss.”

“I’m here to see Toby Fuller.” Sonia stated her purpose of visit.

When the receptionist heard Toby’s name, the smile on her face stiffened and faded. At the same time,
she sized up Sonia, thinking she was just another woman who simply wanted to marry Toby and make
him her husband. Thus, she told herself that she should just find an excuse to brush her off, but despite
the thought of that, she politely asked, “Do you have an appointment with him?”

“No.” Sonia shook her head. “But you can tell him that Sonia Reed is here to see him, and I believe he
will want to see me as well.” Denying that her words sounded narcissistic, Sonia reckoned Toby would
surely want to see her for the sake of his love for her.

Upon hearing Sonia’s self-introduction, the receptionist appeared to be surprised. “You’re Miss Reed?”

“Yes, I am.” Sonia nodded.

The receptionist didn’t dare to look down on Sonia ever again as she decided to forget her gossipy
thoughts about her. After all, she knew Sonia was the woman Toby loved because she could still
remember her name when she overheard Tom mentioning Sonia in the car park.

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