Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 481

Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Not the Real Daughter

“And have you found any tutors for Tyler?” Toby massaged his temples, looking exhausted.

Tom answered, “Yes, and they’re the cream of the crop in their fields. Once Master Tyler’s tournament is
done, they can start their work.”

Toby nodded. “Good. You may leave.”

“Yes.” Tom nodded and left the office.

Toby unlocked his phone and looked at Sonia’s picture, which he had set as his wallpaper. Then, he
touched her face with his thumb. “This is as far as I can take you,” he mumbled.

At the same time, Sonia had arrived at Charles’ place after getting a gift for Grace.

Grace came out to welcome her when she heard the hum of the engine outside. “You’re finally here,

“We meet again, Grace.” Sonia looked at her and hugged her happily.

After a while, Grace let go of Sonia and held her face with both hands. “Let me take a look.” She looked
closely at Sonia. “It hasn’t even been too long since we last met. Did you get thinner again? And you look
exhausted. Did you not sleep well?”

Sonia’s heart skipped a beat, but she nodded. “Yeah. I’ve been busy.” She wouldn’t tell Grace about
what she had gone through, or Grace might collapse in shock.

Grace felt sad to hear that Sonia was overworking herself, and she held Sonia’s hand tightly. “I know
you’re busy, but you still have to rest. Don’t overwork yourself. You’re still young, and you have a long
road ahead of you.”

“I know. Thanks for your concern, Grace.” Sonia was touched that Grace cared so much for her, and she

Then, Charles went to the trunk and took out the clothes Sonia bought for Grace. “Don’t just stand there.
Get in.”

“Oh my. I almost forgot.” Grace smacked her forehead lightly. “I was just too happy to see Sonia and
didn’t notice that we were still standing outside. Come. Let’s go in.”

She took Sonia and went into the villa, while Charles followed behind, holding the gifts.

When they came to the living room, Sonia told Charles to cut up some fruits and brew some tea after he
gave her the gifts.

The ladies sat on the couch and unwrapped the presents. A pair of simple and elegant earrings slept in
the box. It was perfect for women around Grace’s age, and Grace loved it the moment she saw it. “It’s so
beautiful. Thank you, Sonia.” Her eyes lit up.

“I’m glad you like it.” She smiled.

“Of course I do.” She nodded happily. “I love everything you give me. Here, put it on for me.”

“Sure,” Sonia agreed. She stood up and took Grace’s earrings off before replacing them with the ones
she bought.

Once Grace wore the new earrings, she shook her head to feel how comfy the new earrings were, then
she looked at Sonia. “How do I look, Sonia?”

“Beautiful. You’re beautiful no matter what you wear, Grace,” she praised.

Delighted, Grace touched the earrings. “You’re so sweet. My husband and the boy never praise me this
way. They’d be really stupid and say all earrings are the same. So unromantic.”
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Sonia was about to say something, but Charles beat her to it. “Hey, that’s a lie, mom. I am not that kind
of guy. You always ask me if you look nice in your jewelry, and I praise you everytime. Dad’s the one who
said the other thing.” He came over and put the fruit platter in front of Sonia. “Have some fruits, babe.”

“Sure. Thank you.” Sonia nodded and took a cherry.

Grace put her original earrings in the earring box Sonia bought, then she rolled her eyes. “I did not. You
might have praised me, but you say the same thing every time. That’s not so different from what your
father tells me every time.”

“Um…” Charles’ eyelids twitched, and he had no good comebacks. You can never win against
experience. She hits me where it hurts the most. Charles never did say that all earrings were the same,
but since he never changed his praise, it was the same thing anyway. He and his father were just trying
to avoid the conversation.

Sonia chuckled with delight after Charles got shut down by his mother.

Charles laughed as well when Sonia laughed.

Grace noticed the change in him. She shook her head imperceptibly and sighed in silence. He’s still the
same kid. Still scared of making a confession. Sheesh. Just tell her you like her if you really do. Don’t be
afraid of rejection, and don’t be scared that you’ll never be friends anymore. Just convey your feelings.
You might succeed, right?

However, Charles never took her advice to heart. Maybe he did, but he was too much of a scaredy cat to
act on it. All he could do was love Sonia in silence. Because of that, Sonia never knew Charles loved her.

He brought this on himself. Just go for it and be brave for love. Don’t just stand there and do nothing. You
can’t expect the lady to make the first move.

The more she thought about it, the more annoyed she was at Charles. In the end, Grace shot him a
glare. “Don’t just stand there. Tell the cook to prepare dinner right now, and call your father. Tell him to
come back home on time for dinner.”

“Huh?” Charles was surprised.

“Don’t ‘huh’ me. Go!” Grace urged him impatiently.

“Oh, okay,” Charles said. “Right away.” He got up and went to the kitchen again. At the same time, he
thought, Did I do something wrong? Why did she look at me like I was a piece of worthless trash?

After he left, only Grace and Sonia were left in the living room. Sonia put her glass down and asked,
“Grace, you told Charles that you wanted to see me when I have time because you have something to
tell me. What is it?”

After Sonia asked that, Grace’s smile slowly faded away, and it was replaced by a somber look.

When Sonia saw that, her heart skipped a beat. “What is it, Grace?”

Grace shook her head and smiled again. “Nothing. I was just thinking if it’s the right time to tell you this.”

“Tell me what?” Sonia was curious.

Grace said nothing, but she bent over to take out a small box from the drawer of the coffee table, then
handed it to Sonia. “Your mother told me to keep this for her before she passed. She wanted you to have
it once you found out your real identity.”

“What are you talking about, Grace? What do you mean by my real identity? What is all that about?” She
suddenly gripped the box tightly and had a nervous look on her face. At the same time, she was getting

Grace didn’t want to tell her, seeing as she was terrified, but in the end, she said, “Actually… you’re not
the real daughter of your parents.”

The revelation came as nothing less than a colossal shock for Sonia. Everything started spinning around
her, while the world as she knew it started coming apart. Sonia took a while to calm down, then she
looked at Grace in a daze. “I’m not my parents’ daughter?” she asked hoarsely.

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